The 25 Most Romantic Destinations in Europe to Fall in Love

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Europe is a buzzing place that has a lot to offer to anyone who is seeking something special. For couples, a romantic getaway is a healthy way to spice up the relationship and as well to enjoy a relaxing time away from reality and as well to shut off the stress we get from working life. In short, we need holidays before we go crazy. Anyone who is in the workforce would understand the value of having a proper vacation either alone, with friends or with our partners. I find the latter quite vital and an important aspect if you’re in a relationship with someone. These romantic destinations in Europe are just a few of the many places you can visit when you travel to this beautiful continent.

My partner and I try to go on a holiday together at least once a year at least for a week long. We have a different idea of how a vacation should be but when we are together, we compromise and give each other the opportunity to do what we want. However, if together, a relaxing holiday for couples is usually what we opt for.

We both have four weeks paid holiday in one year from work sans the bank and national holidays (perfect for a weekend getaway in Europe). We both think it is only fair to spend a fraction of that together and we can decide on our own what we want to do with the rest of the vacation time. I’m happy with this compromise because I love traveling on my own or with friends, too. But yes, we do go on short romantic breaks for couples when we can and not necessarily just on our summer holidays! Recently, we spend a long weekend in Tallinn to spice things up. On a side note, we are the lazy kind of couple who enjoys chilling by the pool, strolling by the beach and the nightlife (there’s a reason this blog is not a couples blog) but individually, we are adventurous.

Of course, not all couples are the same and some prefer a much quieter place while some like to have tons of activities to keep them busy. However, for anyone who is looking for a more adventurous activity and enjoys being outdoor then heading out to some of the exciting national parks in Europe is certainly for you and your partner.

Also, not to mention, visiting Europe all year round is possible and though most people prefer to visit during the high season which in summer; winter in Europe is also spectacular beyond words. For instance, winter in Scandinavia is stunning and apart from that you also have the opportunity to see some of the world’s marvels – the aurora borealis or even better, sleep in an igloo hotel and watch it while you sleep! Pretty rad I must say!

That said, romantic city breaks in Europe depends on what you and your partner both love. A weekend romantic getaways are ideal for short breaks in Europe and a good chance to briefly escape your usual routine. With a little research, you and your partner will certainly find the perfect romantic destination!

For the meantime, here’s a long list to keep you inspired!


Most Romantic City Destinations in Europe


Get lost in the small island of Venice with your partner and stumble upon something unexpected while walking on the cobblestone streets of this romantic destination in Europe. Perhaps ride a gondola and cruise along the small canals of this famous romantic destination! Also, Venice is the perfect spot for your next romantic weekend breaks in Europe because it is small enough for you to see the top spots of the city.

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Located in the northwest of Portugal along the coast, you probably know where I’m getting at, right? Porto is the birth city of the fantastic Port Wine! Might as well abuse that while having a romantic dinner in a lovely restaurant overlooking the beautiful sea shore during sunset. How does that sound?

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Most Romantic City Destinations in Europe


How great is it that there’s a lot of romantic destination in Europe you can visit and each one is unique and beautiful on its own. The things to do in Santorini is indeed one of the famous European destination a lot of tourists travel for, either as a couple or just a passing traveler. Nevertheless, the breathtaking view you’ll witness surely will make your hearts weep of happiness from its beauty. Not to mention, there’s a lot of luxury hotels in the city that offers affordable romantic packages for you and your partner. On another note, Milos, Greece is also a good romantic alternative!

Most Romantic City Destinations in Europe


Interested in architecture and perhaps history? London has a diverse choice of activities for you and your partner to enjoy. For instance, visit the Kensington Palace and while in there, pop into the Orangery and have a nice posh high tea with a grandeur of a view. Not to mention, London is beautiful with all of its old vibes and interesting architecture.

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Most Romantic City Destinations in Europe


In my surprise, I didn’t take Budapest as a romantic destination in Europe until I visited in 2016. The architecture, the vibes of the city and as well the vast varieties of affordable restaurants took my breath away. Plus, there are tons of things to in Budapest more than you possibly think. Also, there are many luxury hotels in Budapest where you can stay and relax during your getaway in the city!

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Most Romantic City Destinations in Europe


Stumble upon elegant coffee houses, admire the architecture and inhale the rich culture of Vienna as it makes you of its bewitching beauty. Surely there are tons of things to do in Vienna for couples like visiting the famous imperial palaces and fascinating museums but also the fact that Vienna serves as home to some of the world’s most acclaimed artists during the Romantic era – Beethoven and Mozart to name a few!

Most Romantic City Destinations in Europe


You’re probably not surprised, are you? This can’t be a romantic list of cities without Paris in it! It has been a long known fact that Paris is the city you must visit with your partner. Apart from the romantic vibes you’ll get while in the city; there are also tons of restaurants, museums and other activities for you and your partner to enjoy. You see, there’s tons of things to do in Paris!

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Most Romantic City Destinations in Europe


Slovenia, in general, is a beauty, so there’s no surprise that Lake Bled makes it on the list (since this is about romantic cities in Europe, remember?). The grandeur of nature you’ll encounter in Slovenia will blow you mind for its beauty. If you think you’ve seen beautiful, you haven’t seen Slovenia yet. Just outside of Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, you’ll already stumble upon some of the country’s best-kept jewels such as the Lake Bled and these are just a few kilometers from the capital! Apart from that, Ljubljana is also a beautiful city that has tons of cafe’s, restaurants and activities for you and your partner.

Most Romantic City Destinations in Europe


The first time I saw Tuscany in this film called Under The Tuscan Sun, I knew that I must include it in this list. Not only it is a vibrant city or town, but also nature will impress you with its beauty.

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Most Romantic City Destinations in Europe


Valletta is possibly the smallest city in Europe I’ve been but don’t be fooled because even though it is small, it is also really gorgeous and as well romantic. Plus, there are tons of places to see in Malta and since the whole island is tiny, more places for you and your partner to explore!

Most Romantic City Destinations in Europe


Known for its past achievements and gorgeous baroque buildings, Prague is a romantic destination in Europe that you should not miss. Not only you and your partner get to involve yourselves in a city that have a famous old town which you can stroll around, but you’ll also have the opportunity to witness one of the oldest Astronomical Clock in the world!

Most Romantic City Destinations in Europe


If you’re interested in castles in Europe and as well about history, baroque architecture, and perhaps classical music? Then welcome to Salzburg, the birthplace of Mozart and where the sound of music was filmed!

Most Romantic City Destinations in Europe


For a little fun getaway for couples, Cinque Terre in Italy is the perfect romantic destination for those who are seeking a little something special to do together. For instance, you can go on a wine tasting tour, eat your way through the city, and hike the Cinque Terre to appreciate the area further.

Most Romantic City Destinations in Europe


Perfect for a weekend getaway in Europe or quick city breaks for couples, Bruges is where you’ll get the sweetest finds – the Belgian waffles, quality chocolates, and of course the city itself is gorgeous. Just a short ride from Brussels, you’ll be transported to a place you’ll never forget.

Most Romantic City Destinations in Europe


Ah, the land of romantic men in Europe! Italy is full of sweet talking handsome gentlemen that are for sure but don’t forget that this marvelous city is also considered the city of love (or lust) and despite the history, there are tons of places to see in Rome to feast your eyes. Also, don’t forget to check out some of Rome’s neighborhoods!

Most Romantic City Destinations in Europe


The largest Greek island, what can go wrong during your romantic holiday while in Crete? You have the beach, the beautiful sceneries, good food, good wine, and of course, the friendly locals who can assist you during your stay. Seriously, what can go wrong?

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Mallorca is a small island, and most of the time the city is a popular destination in Europe for families with children or wild teenagers from Scandinavia looking for bartending jobs in Magaluf. However, don’t be disheartened because Mallorca is also a gorgeous city that has tons of beautiful hotels for you and your partner. Plus, the food is great and don’t forget the wine!

Most Romantic City Destinations in Europe


Known for its exceptional architecture combined with the region’s finest local wine, you’ll certainly take yourself for a treat if you visit Bordeaux at any time of the year.

Most Romantic City Destinations in Europe


A resort town near Lisbon, Sintra is yet another romantic city in Europe you must not miss. Not only the area have unique attractions to see like the Pena Castle, but also Portugal is a famous country for good food and wine which you can enjoy as much as you can while visiting the country.

Most Romantic City Destinations in Europe


Explore some of the marvels of Croatia that are located in Split such as the famous landmarks, museums, and hills to hike – Split is indeed a place for the adventurous hearted tourists. Apart from these, you can also enjoy some of the city’s seafood restaurants and if you’re at it, hit the beach when you can!

Most Romantic City Destinations in Europe


Tallinn’s medieval city is just the beginning of your romantic journey in Estonia. In summer, the city burst into color and life like the old times, filled with life. In winter, however, everything turns into this calm and cooling but truly a romantic destination. There are tons of things to do in Tallinn, and some of it are just in the old town itself so keep on strolling around and eat at one of its medieval-themed restaurants and have an experience of a lifetime with your partner in a unique city in Europe.

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Most Romantic City Destinations in Europe


If you’re looking for European romantic honeymoon destinations to either celebrate your relationship together or just to simply explore a new place together with your partner, then you’ll never go wrong about Mykonos in Greece! Sure, it is a well-known fact that the city is known for partying, but it does not mean you can’t have a relaxing couples getaway while in there.

Most Romantic City Destinations in Europe


Nice is located in the coastal area of France by the Mediterranean sea, and I tell you now, be prepared for a chill and relaxed holiday while in this romantic destination in Europe because you will truly love it! It is always hard to go back to work after visiting the French Riviera and Nice is undoubtedly a place for couples to enjoy and have fun. Not only there are tons of things to do in Nice but also the surrounding area are gorgeous and must visit.

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Most Romantic City Destinations in Europe


Looking for the sunshine and tons of an edgy getaway in Europe? Well, here I introduce you to Granada – the place where people dance, eat and enjoy life to the fullest. The city is hip and youthful that you’ll feel alive while dancing your night away with classic Spanish wine on the one hand and your partner on the other.

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Most Romantic City Destinations in Europe


The world has been raving about Iceland for quite a while now, and I don’t blame them, she’s gorgeous. Reykjavik is the capital of Iceland and where usually every journey in the country begins. A lot of people don’t spend so much time in the capital city, but of course, there are tons to see and do there too. But then again, you’d be more interested taking day trips around the island since most of its beauty are around the coastal area to the west.

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