Top 10 Best Day Trips from Venice (Italy)


Are you running out of labyrinths to get lost in Venice? Well, lucky for you that it is beautifully connected to mainland Italy by trains, therefore, going for day trips from Venice is absolutely possible! Check this post out to learn more about its neighboring city.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of travelers get here in Venice to witness its unique architecture and get to learn its history. Venice is one of the legendary mercantile powers of Medieval Europe.

But most of the visitors spend only a few days in the city before they catch high-speed trains to another leading metropolitan landscape of Italy. Due to this reason, most of the tourists miss the valuable opportunity to get one of the best day trips in Venice and explore its hidden gems.

Set on the breathtaking waterways and canals of north Italy, Venice is very charming and stunning. It has well-deserved attractions that shouldn’t be missed during day trips from Venice, including its piazzas and gondolas, intricate artisans, and world-recognized foods.

You will find a lot of attractions on your trips to Venice that will keep you amazed. Even just strolling around its labyrinthine streets will let you discover something new every day. If you are a restless visitor, you will find a lot to explore, which is beyond the canals and waterways.

Got bored of shady streets? There is undoubtedly no lack of options in your day trips from Venice Italy. Here are some of the best day trips from Venice.


Best Day Trips from Venice: Overnight Trips & Excursions (Italy)

top day trips from venice italy bologna


When you are visiting Bologna, expect to witness the rich medieval history and the world’s oldest university, which is still in operation these days. You can observe most of the main tourist attractions in your day trip, including:

  • Asinelli and Garisenda towers – to witness the rich past of Bologna when around 200 towers graced the skyline of the city.
  • Archiginnasio – University of Bologna’s first permanent sea.
  • Sette Chiese or Basilica of Santo Stefano – It was built over the then temple of goddess Isis and later became the complex of seven churches and chapels that are interconnected to one another.
  • Piazza Maggiore – It is lined up well by world-class palaces, including Palazzo d’Accursio as well as the world’s largest cathedral, the Cathedral of St. Petronius.
  • Neptune’s Fountain

You can find a lot of options to witness the best of Italy with day trips from Venice by train. For dining out, there is no better option than the Fat One (La Gorda).

→ Where to stay: Best hotels in Bologna

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top day trips from venice italy florence


The trip to Florence is very accessible, with the arrival of high-speed trains in Venice. Florence has endless treasures for the tourists as it is located only 2 hours away from the city of Venice.

The world-class Uffizi Gallery hosts the memorable act every year, and the Duomo at the city at large offers breathtaking views of the serene and secluded landscape. So, you will find a lot to stay amazed.

If you don’t like marveling at Renaissance sculptures and paintings, you may also wander through the charming streets of Florence, from Ponte Vecchio, the seat of the royal Medici family centuries ago, to the iconic Piazza della Liberta.

→ Where to stay: Best hotels in Florence

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top day trips from venice italy verona


Verona is a fair city located around Lake Garda, which has become popular by Shakespeare, who has maintained its fame through endless beauty and charm.

Verona was the setting for the well-known plays by Shakespeare, such as Romeo and Juliet. You can spot the balcony, which is the center of attraction from which Juliet met Romeo.

Head to the historical center of the city to explore its magnificent piazzas as well as the famous Mazzanti houses, and take a walk or stop by the Duomo of Verona or Basilica to marvel at its world-class architecture.

→ Where to stay: Best hotels in Verona

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top day trips from venice italy mantua palazzo te


Mantua or Mantova is located only 2 and a half hours of the train journey from Venice. Despite being a daunting day trip, you should still go there because its historic city center has long been the World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The 13-year-old Mozart once played a concert at the Teatro Scientifico named “the Rotonda di San Lorenzo.” You can also witness the Duomo of the city. Then, buy a museum ticket to visit the family of Gonzaga with mini imprints.

On the edge of the town, there is the lovely palace of Federico Gonzaga, Palazzo Te, and not to be mentioned, the impressive palace in the heart of the city, Palazzo Gonzaga.

Be sure to prepare at least an hour to tour the massive Palazzo. But if you are running low on time, be sure to visit the well-known frescoes in the Wedding Chamber or camera degli Sposi, by Andrea Mantegna.

Be sure to taste the most exciting cuisine of Mantua if you are there. Mantua will be one of the Capital of Gastronomy in Europe. The food reflects its rich geography with pumpkin tortellini, frog legs, duck, and the mouth-watering risotta alla pilota, rice with some dried sausage.

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top day trips from venice italy padua cappella degli scrovegni


Day trip to Padua is a great option to get there from Venice. It has the hallmarks of Italian landmarks and intrigue of vast open piazzas, stunning architecture, excellent cuisine, and art.

Wandering through the iconic ghetto is one of the most amazing sights to behold. It has Padua’s only Synagogue in history. Another center of attraction here is the Cappella Degli Scrovegni, which houses the most extensive range of 14th-century works of art, including the ones by Giotto.

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top day trips from venice italy trieste castello di miramare


In the closest region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Trieste is located only 2 hours away from Venice. So, it is one of the longer day trips from the city of Venice, and it is worth it. The decade-long James Joyce’s paradise is possibly the best-known neighborhood in the town along with the most amazing cultural attraction of the city of Italy. Slavic, Austro-Hungarian, and Italian influences are spotted in the cuisine, architecture, and language of the town.

Don’t miss the neoclassical Austrian district and the juxtaposition in the ancient old city. Also, visit the Castello di Miramare (Look at the Sea Castle) at the top of Archduke Ferdinand Maximilian for the most amazing views of the city.

Besides, you can also taste the excellent coffee at the unofficial coffee capital, Trieste in Italy, and the Mediterranean port of coffee. Wait for the dusk and witness the lights of the buildings which are turned on at Piazza Unita d’Italia. The city will captivate your senses.

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top day trips from venice italy prosecco region

Prosecco region

Prosecco is the must-visit city as one of the most notable exports of Italy. The scenic attractions on the trip are jaw-dropping from an hour’s drive from Venice city. Taste the crisp and refreshing bubbles on arrival.

At the Prosecco valley, the hills are the best location to know the whole wine-making process, starting from hand-picking the right grapes, to pressing, fermenting, and finally bottling the finished goods. You can also explore the well-stocked cellars and pick the tipple to enjoy with your favorite lunch.

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top day trips from venice italy siena piazza del campo


Located only 3 hours’ drive from Venice, the medieval town of Sienna is a gem of the Tuscans and is home to the well known Palio Horse Race. Here, you can explore something beyond the main square. You can get yourself lost at Piazza del Campo, a cathedral that dates back to the 12th century, and several cobbled streets.

The gothic architecture of Siena has the feel of grandeur in even the dullest days. If there is nothing else for you to explore, you can taste Italy’s specialty, gelato, and laze yourself in the piazza.

→ Where to stay: Best hotels in Siena

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top day trips from venice italy ljubljana slovenia

Ljubljana, Slovenia

There are no tourist attractions in Ljubljana, Slovenia, but it is also a plus point in itself. You will never need to hop around, cross the checklist, and take pictures. You only have to enjoy the city and stroll around.

The center of the city has a lot of sponsored events, including workshops for children and public playgrounds when streets are closed for traffic, off-beat street performances by Trnfest, as well as musical concerts of various genres.

It displays the academic attractions in autumn as it is filled by students of the largest university in the state where the city owes most of the youthful feature. Thousands of lights and decorations were done by the local artists and drinks and street foods sold on the Ljubljana River banks warm the chilling December days. After surviving the dreary winter, the spring flowers add to the appeal of the city, planted on the crossroads and streets.

→ Where to stay: Best hotels in Ljubljana, Slovenia

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top day trips from venice italy lake garda

Lake Garda

Lake Garda is the prominent tourist attraction in the Dolomite Mountains of the north of Italy. It is Italy’s largest lake at only 50km long. It has a 350m deep point. By the end of World War 1, the north of the lake belonged to Austria. Before Italy’s unification in 1870, the whole lake was the territory of Austria.

Located across Lake Garda, you can visit several small resort towns. The north of the lake is narrow, and mountains cover it well. It is Italy’s largest lake, which is known for its several outdoor sports and activities. When you start your day trips from Venice to Lake Garda, there is no lack of choices, including kite surfing, sailing, mountain biking, windsurfing, climbing, and hiking. It is more extensive from the south and has gently rolling hills.

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