Top 10 BEST Day Trips from Pisa (Italy)


Find out what are the best day trips from Pisa you can take after exploring and visiting some of the top tourist attraction of this marvelous Italian city!

When it comes to Pisa, its leaning tower is the first thing that comes to mind. Well, this significant bell tower is not the only monument that holds the top attraction in this beautiful Tuscan city. An exceptional architectural marvel, the Piazza del Duomo houses the well-known Miracles square, Campo Dei Miracoli, the principal religious monument in the town, as well as the Cathedral, the Tower, and a graveyard, the Campo Santo.

However, Pisa is more than just about the square. You may want to move a bit to explore the artistic beauty, which makes Pisa one of the liveliest cities in Italy. The monuments, buildings, and museums had still kept the memory alive when the Maritime Republic was the undoubted ruler of the Mediterranean Sea.

Pisa is still known as the Queen of Studies, and it has got this title from Florence. Pisa is a very dynamic, lively, and young city in the world. Here are some of the best day trips from Pisa!


Top Day Trips from Pisa, Italy

top day trips from pisa italy florence


The homeland of the Renaissance and the capital of Tuscany, Florence is famed across the world for its delightful landscapes and inimitable architecture. It is recommended to have at least a few days to explore this amazing city to the fullest. But if you have no time, you should have at least a day.

You can start your journey by a train labeled Regionale Veloce, which takes one hour for a ride for day trips from Pisa to Florence. You can also pick the same train for a day trip to Pisa from Florence. The journey costs around 10 Euros per head. You can easily navigate the free highway to the city if you go by road.

You can even choose to either explore it with your walking tour of just a whiz through the leading museums by going ahead with time to explore the streets and for some shopping.

Another solution is to skip going through the long routes because it is often confusing. Rely on a qualified guide, who can take you through the fantastic tourist attractions of the city, and you can also have time to feel the excitement. You may take a guided tour on your day trip from Pisa to Florence.

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Check out this tour in Florence: Florence Walking Tour of Historical Center

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top day trips from pisa italy lucca


Lucca is a beautiful and charming city and even more amazing than Pisa. The intact city walls cover the lovely houses, bustling cobbled streets, and towers in each corner. You can even bike or walk on city walls. Also, visit the Guinigi Tower and the serene cathedral, which is topped with centuries-old olive trees. If you are confused between Lucca and Pisa to stay in Tuscany, go with Lucca because it is very enchanting and less crowded by tourists.

You can quickly get in this captivating and laid-back small town in 40 minutes as there are frequent trains to travel between Lucca and Pisa, and it costs only 5 Euros.

Lucca has a breathtaking landscape as it is the origin of some of the best wines of Tuscany, its famous olive oil, and a lot of scenic views. You can choose from different organized tours from Pisa to taste the delicious wine of Lucca and explore the fairytale lands of Barga and Garfagnana around Lucca.

You may visit the age-old, yet classic churches, which were essential to the pilgrims who visited Via Francigena, or you may stroll over the massive brick wall which secures the citizens. Lucca is more than just a convenient day trip.

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top day trips from pisa italy san miniato

San Miniato

This small town is just 35 minutes away with its exit point off the main highway, which is connecting Pisa and Florence. There is no lack of tourist attractions here, especially the truffle festival, which is held in November, as well as its pristine skyline to catch your attention when you drive past the age-old hamlet.

San Miniato is pretty, and it sits high and beckons tourists to come and visit the secluded and quiet streets and to explore its secret corners. It is the ideal diversion for a field trip of a half-day to enjoy your accommodations in and around Pisa.

Where to stay: Best hotels in San Miniato

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top day trips from pisa italy chianti region

Chianti region

There is no lack of wine regions in Tuscany, and all of them are truly exciting. If you want to taste wine and the charm of the countryside in Tuscany without going too far, Chianti is your go-to region in the proximity to Florence. It is your best bet and is just 30 minutes of a drive south of the city.

However, it is located in the proximity to Florence due to which it is very crowded by the tourists as compared to other regions. You will see a lot of vineyards in small towns like Montespertoli, San Casciano, Panzano, and Gaiole. You can have full lunch and wine on a guided tour and visit some of these vineyards or farms.

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top day trips from pisa italy montecatini


Within just 40 minutes, you can comfortably lounge in some of the most famous thermal water spas here. Montecatini is one of the best places in Tuscany as it has attracted the rich and the famous for hundreds of years to its pristine gardens and pools.

In a historical landscape, Montecatini offers some cutting-edge services for the ones looking to enjoy some ultimate relaxation. If you are getting here, catch the cable car to the medieval borgo and have a quick walk, especially for the authentic experience of a small town and delightful meal in the square.

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top day trips from pisa italy cinque terre manarola

Cinque Terre

It is true that Cinque Terre doesn’t lie in Tuscany. But no one can resist the urge of visiting the small and sleepy fishing towns, which are dotted over the coast of Massa Carrara.

Take a day trip from Pisa to Cinque Terre to have a phenomenal experience to get insight into the site listed as UNESCO World Heritage. You can get the best experience in a private minivan. Along with wine tasting, it is limited to just eight persons in each tour.

Check out this tour in Cinque Terre: Join a small group tour,  explore and admire the breathtaking coast of Liguaria, and the brightly colored houses of 5 villages in Cinque Terre.

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top day trips from pisa italy archiginnasio anatomy theater


Most of us never seem to agree when we love cities in Italy. Everyone may be fond of Bologna. Bologna’s name has always been linked with Bolognese spaghetti. But for the tourists, it offers something different from a firm and medieval feel.

The city of Bologna is a city of the university at its core with the longest-running university in the world built in the year 1088. You will find the real contrast to the city in Bologna during your day trip to Florence. It is effortless to have a day trip out of Tuscany and Florence with a train trip of only 35 minutes.

An anatomical center and library with a vast range of coat of frescos and arms are available in the courtyards in the university buildings, including Archiginnasio of Bologna. A favorite meeting place here is the sensitive Neptune fountain in the grand buildings.

The Two Towers of the city are iconic landmarks of Bologna and some of the last towers remaining in Bologna. The town gets confined and intense feel in the undercover portico arcades, which line most of the Bologna streets.

Where to stay: Best hotels in Bologna

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top day trips from pisa italy san gimignano towers

San Gimignano

It is a beautiful and medieval walled city known for its excellent art and captivating towers. You can easily visit this small city as a day trip from Florence and Siena. At night, it has a different atmosphere, which many travelers love to feel.

There is no train station at the medieval San Gimignano, but you can get there by taking a train ride to Poggibonsi (Poggibonsi-S.G) and a bus from Poggibonsi station to San Gimignano. The bus ride costs 3.6 Euros on each route, available in every 30 to 40 minutes. You can get information about tickets and schedules at the tourist office located ahead to the right when walking off the train station.

San Gimignano can be seen from the bends of the highway. It is so valuable that it has been announced as the UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can plunge into the Middle Ages and get the feel of the same old-world charm that it had over 700 years ago while having a quick walk in the Old City.

Enclosed with the walls of the 13th century, the Old City is enclosed and accessed by main streets, which connect well to have two exotic piazzas. The House-Towers and Towers belonged to financier aristocracy and the old merchants who built their huge towers while comparing others.

Where to stay: Best hotels in San Gimignano

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top day trips from pisa italy portovenere


It is another historic town in Liguria, which is easily accessible from the well-known place of Cinque Terre. It is the most exotic location in the Gulf of Poets and is recognized as the UNESCO World Heritage Site. But it still flocked by millions of tourists visiting Cinque Terre.

If you visit Portovenere by boat, you will fall in love with this ancient fishermen’s village when visiting the picture-perfect harbor covered by the colorful landscapes.

It has an exotic location overlooking the nearest Palmaria Island. It is a great destination to grab a drink and have lunch in its café. Just relax and sit back while enjoying the exotic view of boats.

Where to stay: Best hotels in Portovenere

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