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Europe in November: Top 10 Best Destinations to Visit

Getting in Europe during the offseason has its perks. The best thing is that you won’t find many crowds and everything is cheaper in Europe in November, from hotel rooms to train tickets, tours, and flights.

If you are a culture vulture, fall brings the season of arts in Europe. In short, you may expect to get the taste of everything, from Italian pasta, French pastries, to the charm of cold mornings and historic architecture.

Though the well-known cities of Paris and London never miss the crowds, there are certain best places to visit in November in Europe. That is almost free from long queues for flight tickets and selfie-stick attacks during the offseason.

What is the weather in Europe in November?

Well, the only concern when visiting Europe in November is that it gets colder sooner than the US and it could be wet and chilly most of the time. According to the European region or country you are visiting, the weather varies in Europe in November. On average, the temperature goes high up to 40 to 60 F and lowers than 30 to 50 F.

Expect freezing temperatures and snow in November in northern countries like Germany, Poland, and Scandinavia. If you have to visit Europe during this month and you don’t like chilly November, consider touring Southern Europe, where it is quite mild.

For example, the temperature goes up to 68 F (20°C) and down to 56 F (13°C) every day in November at Crete Island of Greece. You may also visit France, Southern Portugal, Spain, Croatia, and Italy in November as the temperature is relatively fine there.

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Europe in November: Top 10 Best Destinations to Visit

1. Warsaw, Poland

If you have got around Poland, you may know that Warsaw has something different. Instead of being based on the old market square, the capital city is stretched over a vast area with rich architecture, modern steel, and glass, and a restored communist Gothic center.

This jumble is a sign of the rich history of the city. Warsaw has had the worst history and survived. It was almost destructed at the end of the Second World War.

Hence, it is a rich collection of landmarks, castles, and neighborhoods. Its excellent museums tell its complex story from the pleasures of Chopin’s music to the tragedy of the ghetto of the Jewish era.

Well, it is not all about history. The entertainment and restaurant scene in Warsaw is the best in Europe in November. You can dine affordably here on dishes from different parts of the world, and you can get around its lively bars and pubs.

Old Town Warsaw Poland

2. Riga, Latvia

Riga in Latvia blends the ultimate cool and timeless tradition as the biggest metropolitan city in the Baltics. So, drop in and be energized in a town that has no lack of surprises on every rooftop and road. There is so much to offer in this Baltic blonde with a fiery soul.

You can find the signs of everyone from Swedish Kings to German knights and Soviet commissars over the past 800 turbulent years. The capital city is a lively European metropolis at the crossroads of northern and Eastern Europe.

As the timeless Gothic spires of Old Town mingle with serene facades of the luxurious Art Nouveau on the mighty boulevards, the astonishing skyline of Riga tells the story.

Riga is truly a UNESCO World Heritage site full of serene river views and cobblestones. It is also known as the Wi-Fi capital of Europe as it has around 1000 Wi-Fi spots to stay connected to the rest of the world for free.

Riga always welcomes the foodies as well. Central Market offers the trove of cheese, earthy sausages, smoked fish, black bread, and even more. Taste the goodness of those cuisines on a picnic in one of the serene parks of Riga, or savor the hearty meal in most of the cafes and bistro.

City Hall Square Old Town of Riga Lativia

3. Stockholm, Sweden

It is one of the best places to visit in November in Europe. It is well regarded as the ‘beauty on water’ by the locals for a reason. It is dynamic, modern, and ever-growing, despite being a well-preserved historic attraction. It is not all about museums.

Getting to Stockholm is very easy in all ways. It is stretched over 14 different islands, but it is still very compact. You can easily cover the city while walking. Bridges connect most of the islands, and the rest of them are connected by the tunnelbana metro and ferries.

The public transport in this city is smooth, safe, and efficient, covering every corner of the town and its rustic surroundings. It is even accessible for wheelchair travel. Almost all signs are carved in English and Swedish. Almost every local here speaks near-perfect English.

Stockholm is also legendary in its sense of style. Spectacular fashion design is no longer a luxury here. Even a small coffee shop owner has excellent design sense, from designing its bowls, cups, and cutlery.

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Old Town architecture in Stockholm Sweden

4. Porto, Portugal

Located on the banks of Rio Douro, Porto in Portugal is truly edgy yet opulent with its delicious food, rich history, and enticing wine, and friendly locals. Porto is well known for its subtle charms as well as nuances of its old port.

You will remember its calm moments of reflections and scenery of daily life for years to come. Porto’s skyline is flooded with distinctive stamps left by the modern architects along with the precious historic heart.

Porto is a truly vibrant and fascinating city that is becoming one of the well-regarded places to visit in Europe in November. The city is rich in impressive tourist attractions, vast history, fantastic tourist facilities, and lively nightlife. You can find a lot to see and do in this city, and the city will be appealing to a huge range of visitors.

Porto is a diverse and historic city, stretched from the narrow streets towards the historic Ribeira district to the mighty plazas. It is well regarded for making Port wine, which is still matured and stored in the huge cellars on the Douro River banks.

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Porto is a unique place to visit in Europe in November.

5. Sardinia, Italy

With its out-of-the-world beaches, wild hinterland, and amazing incredibleness, Sardinia in Italy is very captivating. The prehistoric puzzles, thrilling coastal drives, and four million sheep cover the roads. You don’t have to step off the European shores as it has some spectacular beaches. The sea is the bluest and sand is the whitest in hues.

Drop your anchor in the scalloped bays of Costa Smeralda where supermodels and celebs frolic in rich emerald waters, find seclusion in sheer cliffs, and play castaway on the coves of Golfo di Orosei, or sail along with the granite island clusters of La Maddalena.

Whether you lounge on the silky smooth bays of Costa del Sud or walk barefoot on the dunes of Costa Verde, it is sure that you will never like to go back.

Whether you choose country or coast, go fast or slow, Sardinia is one of the best European destinations in November for island adventures. The sea is honestly alluring, and divers can find impeccable shipwrecks while diving off the Cagliari’s coast.

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Medieval town of Castelsardo Province of Sassari Sardinia Italy

6. Liechtenstein

The Principality of Liechtenstein is an alpine, small German-speaking nation sandwiched between Austria and Switzerland. It is the last ruin of the Holy Roman Empire and an independent country that has very close connections to Switzerland.

It houses some of the amazingly beautiful hilly scenery and a very high living standard. Vaduz, the capital of the principality, is a modern city and a leading center of international finance and commerce.

It is set amidst the hilly ranges which are rugged and rise steeply above the Rhine. It is one of the richest and smallest countries in the world and has its novelty value.

Liechtenstein is purely a fairy tale nation governed by the monarch, crowned by the castles, and embedded in the Alps deeply.

When it comes to its broadest point, it is just 12 km wide and 25 km long. You can get to this tiniest country by local bus from Austria or Switzerland as it doesn’t have any international airport. The most populated and western side of the nation is relatively flat in the Rhine Valley, and it is hilly in the east.

Liechtenstein is a unique place to visit in Europe in November.

Liechtenstein is a unique place to visit in Europe in November.

7. Innsbruck, Austria

The Tyrol’s capital, Innsbruck in Austria, is truly a sight to behold. The Nordkette range here is well known for the jagged rock spires which are 2000m above sea level.

And are too close to travel from the heart of the city and its alpine pastures. Some visitors just take a peek at Innsbruck before visiting the hills with lots of winter and summer activities.

The capital of the Alps is genuinely excellent and picturesque on the pulse of the city and nature at the same time. Located on the banks of River Inn, Innsbruck is a truly refreshing and vibrant city that combines urban, alpine, and historical elements differently and offers plenty of possibilities for travelers.

With the tranquility of nature all around, the city fascinates visitors with its long-back history and rich traditions are interwoven with gourmet restaurants, castles, and leading architects. It became the cultural and political hub in the 15th century.

Innsbruck, Austria

8. Nice, France

If you believe Nice is best to visit in summer, you are wrong. Winters go adorable on the French Riviera. Nice is such a great winter resort and a perfect getaway from the dull winters anywhere else in Europe. You can enjoy a delicious lunch at Lido Plage, Beau Rivage, and Blue Beach.

They serve delicious food with Instagram-worthy views to make your friends jealous when they would like your vacation posts at their home.

Nice is full of locals rather than tourists, pleasant markets and museums. Italian hot chocolate is so thick you can enjoy it with a spoon, a cup of hot and spicy wine on the Ferris Wheel, and the waves in the winter storm. If you love skiing, you can take the Skibus to Valberg or different ski resorts to ski in various resorts every weekend.

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Europe in November: Visit Nice, France!

Europe in November: Visit Nice, France!

9. Bratislava, Slovakia

Bratislava will never let you down if you are getting there during winters as you will always come across a calm layer of snow and cold winds blow.

Early sunsets, plunging temperatures, and cold winds are the signs that you will get the complete flair of the holiday season.

No other time of the year sparkles with good cheer and traditions like Christmas. As the days shorten, the Christmas stalls make their presence felt in all of the central squares of Bratislava, to keep up with the age-old traditions.

Visitors to the capital city of Slovakia will find locals and tourists enjoying a bite of something sweet and mulled wine as they hear up for holidays. It has become the custom for office workers in Bratislava to enjoy lunch at market stalls at Christmas.

Here, you can meet the locals while tasting several local specialties to warm up your empty stomachs in the crisp air of winter. Some of the best cuisines you should try are the famous potato pancakes, lokse, prepared in various sweet and salty varieties.

And you can also try their hamburger-styled fried steak, cigánska pečienka served in bread folded pocket, with plenty of onion and mustard if you like.

Europe in November, Bratislava.

Bratislava is indeed one of the sweetest places you can visit in Europe in November.

10. Sofia, Bulgaria

Sofia in Bulgaria is a cool city you should visit in both summers and winters. Indeed, you will never be bored with different activities and things to do in the cold winter. The Weihnachtsmarkt is the cool Christmas market in Sofia that brings a smile to any visitor’s face. It will make you happy.

You can enjoy a lot of sweets, tasty drinks, and German wurst, along with many Christmas accessories and decorations. The Borisova Garden is well regarded as the largest open ice skating rink of the Balkans.

It is covered in fabric and is well placed in a very accessible and central place in Sofia. It is a great spot to have some fun with friends or family.

Do you know that Sofia is also one of the cheap destinations to visit in Europe?

Alexander Nevski Cathedral Sofia Bulgaria

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