Points of Interest: What to See and Places to Visit in Sweden

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A Nordic beauty, Sweden is a perfect sample how modern life can go along with nature. As the biggest Scandinavian country, it is blessed with long coastal areas, thousands of lakes, vast green forests, and majestic snow-covered mountains, there are so many charming places to visit in Sweden.

When you travel to Sweden, not only will you be captivated by nature, but you will also be mesmerized by the architecture of the cities. Most of the buildings in this country are impressive, but not in a show-off way, somehow representing the Swedish way of life, sophisticated but down-to-earth.

Sweden Points of Interest: What to See and Best Places to Visit in Sweden

How to get to Sweden

Flying is the best way to get to Sweden and Gothenburg or Stockholm as the main entrance. However, if you want to visit Malmö, you can also fly to Copenhagen and travel by train to Malmö, it’ll take you approximately 20 minutes to change countries! How cool is that?

Do you need a visa to enter Sweden?

Speaking of visas for foreign visitors, Sweden is part of the Schengen agreement, thus you must check if your country of origin (or your citizenship) qualifies for either visa on arrival or if you need a visa prior your visit. If you do need a visa, the application and processing can take anywhere between 1 to 3 weeks, hence applying for the visa should be your top priority when it comes to planning your trip.

When is the best time to visit

The best time to travel to Sweden depends on what your plans are. If you wish to explore the green nature, then you should come when the weather is warm, which occurs from May to September. However, if you wish to witness the Northern lights, explore the snowy landscape, or experience Sami culture, February to April will be your best time to visit.

That said, summer and winter are the peak season thus if you’re planning to visit but do not enjoy crowds then it is better to come during Autumn and end of winter or beginning of Spring when there’re fewer tourists.

Hopefully, this list will help you plan your trip to Sweden better! Here are some of the best destinations that will help you plan your itinerary.

Places to visit Kalmar in Sweden


In the southeastern part of Sweden, on the shore of Baltic Sea, lies an impressive city named Kalmar. With its charming Old Town and breathtaking beaches, no wonder Kalmar is one of the top Sweden points of interest and summer attractions.

The Old Town is decorated with cobblestoned streets and old buildings dated from the 17th and 18th century. One of the most iconic building would be the Kalmar Cathedral which is famous for its baroque-style altar.

Kalmar’s greatest pride would be Kalmar Castle. This Renaissance-style castle has a special place in the Nordic history since it was the place where the Kalmar Union, an agreement that unified the Nordic nations, was signed in 1397.

One of Europe’s longest bridge is also found in Kalmar. The 6-kilometer bridge connected Kalmar and Oland, a Baltic island which is also a favorite summer getaway.

Sightseeing in Gammelstad, Sweden


Nestled in Norrbotten County, Gammelstad will charm you with its idyllic Sweden countryside look. The most popular site in Gammelstad would, of course, be Gammelstad Church Town. Listed in UNESCO world heritage site, Gammelstad Church Town features a 15th-century church built of stones. Surrounding the church, you will find around 400 wooden buildings, all of which are well-preserved. Some of them are even still used as open-air museum and accommodation facilities.

Besides sightseeing in Gammelstad, you can join the lantern-guided tours and other interesting activities, such as butter churning, candle making, and blacksmithery.

Ystad medieval city center in Sweden


If you’re wondering where to go in Sweden, Ystad is a charming city located on the south coast of the country. Ystad medieval city center along with its beautiful natural setting gives this romantic atmosphere that will bring you to the past. Klostret i Ystad is one of the most well-known landmarks in Ystad. It is a Franciscan monastery that has been established for centuries. This place also serves as a museum and not far from the monastery, you will find St. Mary’s Church which is distinguished by its silver collection and night watchman horn.

Visit Gothenburg, Sweden


The second largest city in this gorgeous Scandinavian country, Gothenburg should be put in your places to visit in Sweden list. There is an international airport here, so you can take a direct flight to the city from other countries.

This important seaport town will remind you of the Netherlands because of its Dutch-style canals. Trees covering the boulevards of Gothenburg make strolling around the city is very enjoyable.

If you visit Gothenburg in the summer, you have to make a stop at Liseberg, a famous amusement park in the city. Not only famous for its exciting rides, the park is also the venue for many interesting events. You will also enjoy sitting in its landscaped sculpture garden.

Uppsala University in Uppsala, Sweden


One of the best places in Sweden, Uppsala is famously known for its top-rated university, Uppsala University. Founded in 1477, Uppsala University has continuously conducted one of the best education in the world. Gustavianum, the original building of this university now has turned into a museum, displaying Augsburg Art Cabinet.

Not far from this establishment, you will find Carolina Rediviva Library, in which you can see Silver Bible dated from the 6th century. Your next stop should be Uppsala Cathedral which is the resting place of Swedish royals.

If you’re looking for something interesting and wondering what to see in Sweden, there are also a few interesting castles to see in Uppsala that might catch your interest. Two of which were built during the Renaissance period: The Skokloster Castle and The Uppsala Castle.

Visit Malmö in Sweden


A Sweden points of interest, Malmö is the city of architectural wonders. From ancient to modern style, you will find the perfect timeline of architecture history here in Malmö. For a blast from the past, try to visit Sankt Petri Church. This 14th-century church is the perfect sample of Gothic style building made of brick. Or, you can also head to Malmo Castle which was dated from the 1700s.

To witness the greatness of modern architecture and civil engineering, try to cross the Oresund Strait by car or train over the Oresund Bridge. This 7845-meter bridge connects Sweden and Denmark. Turning Torso, a residential building with the shape of a twisted tower, is another modern architecture wonder that you can see in the wonderful city of Malmo, making the city one of the best places to visit in Sweden.

Swedish Lapland in Sweden

Swedish Lapland

Situated in the northernmost area of the country, Swedish Lapland is the Arctic part of Sweden. This area is definitely on the list of what to see in Sweden. Swedish Lapland is the place where you can observe the magical Northern Lights during winter and the amazing Midnight Sun during summer. It is also the perfect spot to experience the Sami culture since it is the home of this Europe indigenous tribe.

Try to stay in Icehotel for a unique Sweden travel experience. All the furniture in this hotel is made of ice, so you can feel what it is like to live in an igloo. Treehotel, with its attached-to-tree rooms, also offer you a different kind of unique experience.

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Stockholm, Sweden


There are a lot of places in Sweden to visit but you certainly cannot miss it’s beautiful capital, of course, one of the most visited Sweden attractions and as well the home of some of the most stylish people on earth. Not to mention, one of the few reigning monarchs! So, if you’re interested in history and the Royals, you must not miss Stockholm Palace and Drottningholm Palace to see the lives of Sweden blue blood.

Other than this, Stockholm is a walkable city and a breeze to visit because of its laid-back city culture that you’ll surely enjoy. Of course, if you’re interested in dwelling deeper into history and culture, try visiting establishments and top attractions such as Vasa Museum – a maritime museum that displays an impressive 17th-century ship and loads of other exhibitions that might be at your liking. Indeed, this marveous city if one of the best places to visit in Sweden.

Go to Luleå in Sweden


A coastal town in the Swedish Lapland, Luleå is one of the beautiful places in Sweden to spend a holiday and is perfect for those seeking something out of the ordinary. Not only is it the home of Gammelstad Church Village, Luleå also has a lot of other historical sites and natural beauty to explore all year round.

Head to Norrbottens Järnvägsmuseum to see its impressive old train collections. You can see steam train locomotive still in its perfect condition there.


To get a closer look of Sweden wilderness, plan a trip to Kosterhavet. Here you will find the one and only Sweden marine national park and if you want to dip yourself in the fresh sea water, you can go to Tjurpannan Naturreservat, a scenic part of this national park.

Visit Gotland Museum in Sweden


This Sweden’s largest island will amaze you with its scenic nature. Lummelunda Cave is a famous spot to go caving. Or if you want something less extreme, you can have a picnic in DBW’s Botanical Garden.

In Gotland, you will find a medieval city wall called Visby City Wall. If the wall does not satisfy your craving for history, then you should visit Gotland Museum which has been around since 1875.

Beautiful fields in Österlend, Sweden

Photo by Timmy_L | CC 2.0


Nicknamed “The Jewel of The South”, Österlen is a peaceful Sweden countryside. The picturesque views make this place a favorite among the tourists. You can experience the farm life on its lush green meadows, or you can also relax on its famous beach.

Besides the scenic countryside, Österlen is also the center of art. Every year, the town hosts “Open Studio Week” event or locals call it Konstrundan. During this week, local artists allow visitors to enter their galleries and shops. So, if you’re interested in arts and calming countryside and still don’t know where to go in Sweden then consider Österlen for your next visit!

The home of Lund University


The home of Lund University, one of the oldest and top-notched universities in Europe, Lund is one of the places in Sweden you must not miss. In the university complex, there is The Lund University Historical Museum that houses impressive historical artifacts, dated as early as from the Stone Age.

In the Old Town, you will find Lund Cathedral standing majestically with its Romanesque architectural style. Kulturen Open Air Museum is located not far from the cathedral.

Marstrand, Sweden


A municipality in Sweden, Marstrand offers you a seaside beauty that is hard to resist during your Sweden travel. Located on the mesmerizing western coast of Sweden, Marstrand holds the prestigious Marstrand Regatta every year.

Having great coastal area, Marstrand is a paradise during the summer. There are so many things to do here within that season. You can go sailing, kayaking, fishing, joining a seal-watching excursion, and much more.

In the town area, you will be impressed by Carlstens Fastning, which is a fortress built in the middle of the 17th century.

Marstrand is without a doubt an island to go and one of the places to see in Sweden.

Visir Skåne, Sweden


One more item from the list of the best places to see in Sweden is Skåne. Besides Malmö, Lund, and Øresund, there are plenty of other Sweden major tourist attractions found here in this county. Be amazed by Ale’s Stones. This ancient stone monument consists of 59 large stones arranged in the shape of a ship.

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#SWEDEN #EUROPE #TRAVEL | Places to visit in Sweden | Things to do in Sweden | Sweden point of interest | Sweden cities | Sweden tourism | What to do in Sweden | Things to do in Stockholm | Travel to Sweden | Trip to Sweden | Sweden landmarks | Sweden destinations | Popular things in Sweden | Sweden scenery | Sweden countryside | Things to do in Malmö | Stockholm points of interest | Beautiful places in Sweden | Places to go in Sweden | Sweden travel guide
#SWEDEN #EUROPE #TRAVEL | Places to visit in Sweden | Things to do in Sweden | Sweden point of interest | Sweden cities | Sweden tourism | What to do in Sweden | Things to do in Stockholm | Travel to Sweden | Trip to Sweden | Sweden landmarks | Sweden destinations | Popular things in Sweden | Sweden scenery | Sweden countryside | Things to do in Malmö | Stockholm points of interest | Beautiful places in Sweden | Places to go in Sweden | Sweden travel guide


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