Top 10 Things to do in Gammelstad (Sweden)


A preserved church town located in Northwest of Sweden, there are things to do in Gammelstad you might want to check out. A world heritage site, you'll find history and architecture in one place.

Gammelstad is the largest and the most preserved church town in Sweden. Gammelstad is a kind of home along with a unique culture. You can see the biggest medieval stone church in Northern Sweden. The church is the largest and well-preserved church town along with 405 cottages in Sweden.

The Gammelstad is also known as “The World Heritage site” that represents the historical buildings, 502 highly protected buildings, streets, archaeological spots, premises, and parish warehouses.

Only a few people know about the city of Luleå has not been where it is now. In the 17th Century, Gammelstad or outside Luleå was the city center, when it was not moved nearby the seaside. After moving, the name changed, as “New City of Luleå (Luleå Nya Stad)” and the older one remain “The Old City of Luleå (Luleå Gamla Stad)”. Sooner, both names were changed and they are now Luleå and Gammelstad, what we know today.

Below are the characteristics that give the world heritage site its outstanding universal value and you find so many things to do in Gammelstad.


Experiences and top things to do in Gammelstad

The Visitor Center

If you are thinking about what to do in Gammelstad, you can start your visit, with the Visitor Center. This place is an awesome place in Gammelstad.

You can enjoy and learn about the Gammelstad exhibition, slide show, gift shop and get the brochures for more information and Gammelstad history.

There is no fee required to enter the exhibition and slide show. The staff of the visitor center is always helping the tourists to assist with the best places to visit in Gammelstad, church town and explain the history of Gammelstad.

The guided tours are also organized by the visitor center all year.

The Exhibition

An exciting exhibition called “Mountain” along with the upstairs and the Gammelstad Visitor Center.

You will enjoy a virtual tour of ancient history, which represents the world heritage appointment throughout the photos, different objects, and old stories.

In addition, there are so many private portraits along with general information.

The Slideshow

There is Slideshow in the showroom, where Gammelstad films are shown to the visitors.

The show called “One year in the church town” is about 10 minutes long and the show’s timing and frequency is weekday by four seasons.

One more new film called “My church cottage – our world heritage” is made with the documentation of the Gammelstad church town history.

The visitors can also enjoy the Church weekend in Norrbotten in the 1930s.

The Nederluleå Church

The Nederluleå Church exists from the middle ages. As per the tradition, on June 29, 1492, it was inaugurated by Archbishop Jakob Ulfsson. The inauguration day is also known as Apostle Petri day.

The natural stones are used to make the masonry along with the window, doorframes and end panels. The church color was white-glued previously; later on, it was colored in red shade.

After some time, in 1954, the plaster material was removed and now the visitors can see the stone material, which is having around 40 varieties of rocks.

Other things to do in Gammesltad

You can enjoy several things apart from Gammelstad sightseeing. The tourists can go on different lantern-guided tours, roaming around the cottage, enjoy the horse ride, know regarding traditional cooking, and Endeavour handicrafts like butter churning, bread baking, candle making, etc.

Savoring the Food of Swedish Lapland

The Swedish food of Gammelstad is prepared to be visually appealing – here a dish of trout and cucumber at the Kaptensgården in Gammelstad is very famous and enjoyable by the tourists.

You can also enjoy live cooking in the Gammelstad church town. The food is grabbed locally and prepared for the guests to watch.

In addition, the food is like a visual treat and every plate decorated with sprigs of herbs or a dash of color-contrasted sauce.

Attractions to see in Gammelstad

The open-air museum Hägnan

If you are looking for top tourist attractions in Gammelstad, the open-air-museum is one of the historical places in Gammelstad to get the knowledge of many things such as the cultural heritage of the Norrbotten coastal country.

There are so many realistic buildings from the 1700s to 1900s in the museum, which shows the pictures of the rowing village.

The open-air-museum has a variety of events for the entire ages. The museum opens for some casual events like handicraft collection, fire parties, and the Christmas market.

The daily opening timings of these events are mainly, summer season, the weekend prior to mid-summer until mid-August.

Display cottage

Display cottage comes under famous things to see in Gammelstad. The original name of the display cottage was “Citizen House” when it was built. It was mainly connected to trade and commerce prior to the Gammelstad.

The peasant merchants used to visit the Gammelstad for stores and church walks. The leather market was very famous and visited by a large number of customers.

The merchant built the cottages as per their status because they were well-to-do and valued folks. The farmer buying man owned several large churches and cottages in Gammestlad. Those houses became church house after growing with the time.

Church village

The church village is one of the biggest best examples among the Gammelstad landmarks. It has 424 wooden buildings and around 555 rooms. It was found in northern Scandinavia.

However, due to big parish areas and different weather, a few factors cause less trip availability for the visitors. As a solution, a village was built around the church for sleeping overnight and conjoins other villagers. The visitors can stay for weekly masses and other church festivals.

Gammelstad Church Town

The visitors can enjoy and explore the historical places of the world’s largest best-preserved church town. The experienced guided can explain the extraordinary history of how the church town built and became an icon of Gammelstad.

Luleå was also founded in this same location when it was small, over time; it grew up from trading place to actual city. You can do hiking through the lovely city and get an awesome experience throughout the tour.

Things to do in Gammelstad


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