Top 5 BEST Supermarkets in Sweden


Make your traveling more convenient by stocking up with essentials at these supermarkets in Sweden. Here are your top choices for Swedish supermarkets.

We live in a world today where 7 out of 10 people follow a fancy diet plan with odd-sounding names like the pescatarian diet, keto diet, paleo, and whatnot. While these not limited to people that are fitness freaks but religious and cultural beliefs also affect the food choices of people.

For the same reason while traveling abroad, the one thing that greatly daunts us is ”Food choices”, not to mention being a little economical never hurt anyone! Whether you are a student or a traveler on a shoestring budget, buying things at supermarkets in Sweden helps a lot in saving a few bucks. Swedish supermarkets are a mirror of their culture.

While abroad, going on a grocery-shopping trip can be a lot of fun as you can have first-hand experience at learning a thing or two about people’s daily eating habits, and also you get to explore their unique cuisine.

Sweden has a lot to offer when it comes to supermarkets, big cities like Stockholm is dotted with big and small outlets that have a lot to offer whether you follow a particular diet plan or not.

Hitting a supermarket rather than the corner shop also proves to be a lot easier on the wallet. Most of these supermarkets have aisles that are dedicated to not just exotic but also fresh local produce, and they have weekly discounts on specific products.

Here you will find retail chains that are well organized with well-marked sections. Friendly staff and immaculate interiors. Just like Sweden itself. Here are the five most famous supermarkets in Sweden that every travel should know of. You will need them if you are backpacking across the country.


Top 5 BEST Supermarkets in Sweden

Supermarkets in Sweden: Hemköp Sweden
via Wikimedia Commons


Hemköp is a grocery chain founded by a pure wholesaler ”Spik-Olle” in the year 1958. Later it was taken over by Torbjörn Lundin and Hans Stelius in 1990. The supermarket has around 180 stores all across Sweden.

It offers a varied amount of carefully selected products ranging from food items like vegetables, poultry, dairy, bread, and also medicines and beauty products.

They also have a home delivery service. Hemköp is a part of the Axfood, the Swedish retailer. At Hemköp is run on a vision of sustainability, and they put a lot of stress on selling organically grown products. Here you can get a variety of things at a better price.

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 Pressbyrån Sweden
via Wikimedia Commons|Jonnie Nord


This is a Swedish convenience store chain. These are more like the 7/11 stores that are popular in the States. These stores have a fixed opening and closing hours, usually, from 7 am to 11 pm. Hence the name 7/11.

These stores are spread out across the whole of Sweden and can be seen at almost every junction. These stores specialize in providing convenience foods like chips, hotdogs, fries, tea-coffee, and also things like newspapers, magazines, lottery tickets, and much more.

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COOP Sweden
via Wikimedia Commons|Thuresson via Wikimedia Commons|Thuresson


COOP is another famous retail chain in Sweden. COOP lays a lot of stress on selling products that have been grown sustainability and brands itself as the one of Sweden’s ”greenest supermarkets in Sweden.” Because of this reason the things are on the pricier side here.

However, quality-wise you won’t be disappointed. COOP offers all kinds of groceries like milk, eggs, fruits, vegetables, and much more. Additionally, they offer a lot of recipes prepared with their organically-grown seasonal products on their website.

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 ICA sweden
via Wikimedia Commons


ICA or Inköpscentralernas aktiebolag is the most famous retail chain in Sweden. It was found in the year 1938 and presently has as much as 13000 stores scattered all over Sweden. At ICA, you can get access to a lot of products supplied by top-notch suppliers.

In addition to that, you also get a lot of variety in terms of foreign products. However, since you get quality products here, you might have to spend a buck or two extra than usual.

Their products range from grocery to pharmacy to even specially curated recipes made using their seasonal produce like other Swedish supermarkets like COOP and Willys. All of their products can also be bought via their online shop.

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 Willys Helsingborg Sweden
via Flickr|Håkan Dahlström


Willys is one of the popular discount grocery chain supermarkets in Sweden. Among its rivals, Willys it gives tough competition by offering a range of sustainably grown products at a much lower price. They offer big discounts on perishable products.

They do not have a lot of stores (they only have about 300 of them spread across Sweden). However, similar to other Swedish supermarkets, they also stock A-class everyday products like bread, dairy, meat, as well as beauty and skincare products, pet and garden supplies.

Just like Hemköp, Willys is also owned by Axfood. For people that would rather get their purchase home-delivered, Willys also has an e-commerce site.

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Willys Helsingborg Sweden


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