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Top 10 BEST Hikes in Sweden for Outdoor Lovers

From rugged mountains in the north to the never-ending forests in the south, Sweden is a country that will have you hooked to its natural beauty the moment you set your foot here. The country, with its various well-marked hiking trails, is truly a hiker’s paradise.

Sweden is home to a lot of world-famous national parks that strive to protect the delicate ecology, which allows visitors to explore the landscape through the hikes in Sweden. A lot of hiking trails run through these parks. These trails are suited for people of all skill levels, whether beginner or pro.

Even if those week-long hikes get a little bit tedious in between, the breathtaking view on the way truly makes up for it. When you are hiking in Sweden, you can be well assured that it will be an experience that won’t be easily forgotten.

All of the current 400 hiking trails that crisscross the whole of Sweden are separated into various segments. If a trail feels too tedious, you can switch right in the middle and catch another one to suit your level and vice versa. These hiking trails are well marked, so there is no question of getting lost in there.

One thing to take into serious consideration when you decide to go hiking in Sweden is that the weather conditions can be a little fickle sometimes, especially in the northern part, which is notorious for it. Therefore it is imperative to dress accordingly.

Let’s take a look at some of the best hiking trails that take you a bit closer to Sweden’s natural beauty, and those endorphins pumping.

Top 10 BEST Hikes in Sweden for Outdoor Lovers


Hiking in the Helags mountains is a whole new experience for the body and the soul. It is home to a 600m long and 50m deep glacier, which now, due to global warming, is shrinking at a fast rate.

The Helags is the highest mountain peak among the mountains down south of the Arctic Circle. In terms of the challenge, it is an easy one day hike to the summit.

From the closest village, Ljungdalen/Kläppen Helags is about 15 kilometers away. The base, which is 1000 meters above sea level, has a Helags mountain station that serves as a stopover for climbers as well as visitors on their way to enjoy the Arctic Fox safari.

The summit sits at 1,796 meters above sea level, and it takes around 4 hours to get past the rugged terrain to get to the top. It is safe to say that the hike is not at all strenuous and can be done even by kids and the elderly.


The Upplandsleden Trail takes you on a beautiful outdoor journey along Uppsala, which is the capital of the Uppsala precinct. The trail is 248 miles long and takes about four days to complete. Even though this is a fairly challenging hike still you do not need any special gear, just a pair of sturdy hiking shoes is all you need.

During summers, when it rains, it is necessary to bring a durable rain jacket and rubber boots along. The trail takes you through vast wetlands and crystal clear streams that have been covered with boardwalks for ease.

The trail takes you through the mining sites in Vällnora and Bennebol, crossing that you reach Lake Skysjön, bustling with the cacophony of fishermen. The highlight of this hike is the amazing lake Gisslaren and its surrounding areas.

Kuststigen Bohuslän

The Kuststigen hiking trail is one of the most famous and scenic one in Sweden, it starts from the beautiful island of Tjörn in the south. It takes you on a rocky path towards the western coast of Norway. The nature of the hike is moderate, and so it is perfect for a day trip.

The duration is 4-5 hours, and the length of the trail is 10 kilometers. The trail is well marked for easy navigation. It gives you a fantastic view of the scenic deciduous forests, the Lapiz blue sea, among other things.


Vålådalen trail in Jämtland county of central Sweden is the starting point of some of its most famous hikes, both long and short. The hike starts and ends at Vålådalens Fjällstation.

The entire hiking trails go through the Vålådalen Nature Reserve; the trail is divided into different sections with 2 to 15-kilometer legs daily. The trail takes you along vast marshlands, birch forests, streams, and beautiful lakes. The nature of this hike is moderate, and it can be covered in 4 days.


Most of the hikes in Sweden are concentrated in the northern mountain region; however, the southern coastal areas also provide some amazing options. The Skåneleden trail is located in the southernmost county in Sweden; it is an amalgamation of several trails well suited for those that are looking for a week-long hike or a day trip.

The total length of the trail is 1,162 kilometers. The trail gives a panoramic view of fishing villages, lakes, gorges, and due to the deciduous forests falling along the way, it is perfect for those that are into birdwatching.

These deciduous forests are home to a lot of different species of birds, making your hiking in Sweden a lot more exciting activities such as birdwatching, wildlife exploration, etc.


Stretching from the Abisko Mountain Station, the Kungsleden hiking trail is one of the most iconic ones in Sweden. The Kungsleden or The King’s Trail is a 440 kilometers long trail.

It takes hikers on an amazing journey starting from the Abisko Mountain station and all the way to the southeast village of Hemavan, bordering the Norwegian border.

The entire trek takes about a month to complete and hence not an easy task to complete. However, it is divided into different sections that can be opted for according to your skill level.

The trail is one of Sweden’s most famous, and it takes you through the breathtaking alpine landscapes, deep forests, and river valleys. Dotted with rustic cabins along the way where hikers can take refuge for the night, this trail is truly a dream come true for those who want a little bit of adventure.


The Kebnekaise takes the title of Sweden’s highest mountain. It stands at 2,106 meters above sea level and is one of the most diverse hiking trails in Sweden.

The entire trip from the base to the summit and back might sound a bit intimidating, but it is a doable hike for most. Even those with moderate skill levels can easily embark on this 18-kilometer hike and witness the natural beauty of Sweden, from daunting gorges, lush valleys to settlements of the Sami people, this trail helps you experience nature at its best.

The Arctic Trail

The Arctic Trail or Nordkalottruta is a hiking trail that lies along the border of the three Nordic countries, Norway, Sweden, and Finland. The stunning trail allows you to tread through international borders and experience the arctic natural beauty at its best.

The trail takes you through steep mountains, lush green valleys, to wind-swept plateaus. The well-marked trails start from Norway and end in either Sweden itself or Norway.

The total length of the trail is 800 kilometers, which explains why this hike is not for beginners. Out of the 800 kilometers, almost a chunk lies in Norway than Sweden and Finland in that order. The trail was inaugurated in the year 1977 through a collaboration between trekking alliances of the three countries.

Höga Kustenleden

Marked with its sharp granite cliffs and rock-strewn islands, Höga Kusten or the High coast is a coastal area that falls in the Ångermanland precinct of northeastern Sweden. Due to its distinctive picturesque landscape and its unique Nordingrå granite cliffs and rocks, the High Coast has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Starting from Hornöberget in the south leading up to the north and ending in Örnsköldsvik, this trail gives you a unique experience of the scenic coastline.

These primeval forests are brimming with rich flora and fauna, along with sandy beaches and a national park. The 129-kilometer trail encompasses the entire World Heritage Site with which it shares its name. The trail is separated into different sections, so whether you are a beginner or a pro, these sections will cater to your particular skill level.


The Finnskogleden is a 214-kilometer hiking trail that runs across the quaint region of Finnskogen and definitely one of the breathtaking hikes in Sweden. It lies on the border of Norway and Sweden. The trail starts from Morokulien in Sweden and ends at Søre Osen in Norway.

The Finnskogleden is broken into 13 sections that can be covered within 2 weeks. The well-marked trail takes you through the forested parts of Finnskogen, quiet lakes, and rolling hills. With its easy terrain, spectacular landscapes, and abundant wildlife, the Finnskogleden trail proves to be an excellent choice for hiking in Sweden of all ages.

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