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Top 10 Pretty Islands in Sweden to Visit

Sweden is among the beautiful Scandinavian Nordic countries of northern Europe that are bordered by Norway in the west and north part, Finland in the eastern region, and Denmark in the south-western part. Sweden serves as a dream holiday destination for all visitors that are blessed with everything.

Beautiful in the earth starting from the royal blue archipelagos to the alluring Northern Lights, plenty of unspoiled forests, majestic lakes, beaches, tons of historical heritage sites to the grand ocean of art, literature, and music contributing to captivating museums, art galleries, theme parks and everything a travelers soul crave for.

But apart from these gorgeous attractions, which makes Sweden extremely special is its vast collection of islands. If you are thinking about how many islands make-up Sweden or how many islands are in Sweden, it is approximately 220,000 that will give you some of the best summer holiday goals.

Islands in Sweden are something out of this world and serves as a lifetime experience for all visitors. However, it is challenging to choose from its grand list what to explore and what not.

So to help you pick out the best here is the list of 10 best islands in Sweden that are a must-visit once in a life.


Top 10 Pretty Islands in Sweden to Visit

Fårö, Gotland Sweden


Fårö is one of the captivating islands in Sweden that lies off the northern part of the Gotland island in Sweden. The island covers an area of 111.35 square kilometers and is famous for its rock formations known as ‘Rauk’ in Swedish.

The rock structures of the island are unique serving as a visual treat for all due to its alluring beauty. The island lies on the Baltic Sea with royal blue crystal clear seawater intercepted by limestone rocks at different points having a panoramic scenic beauty.

The island is very much famous in the Swedish film industry as this island has been the shooting location for many films directed by the famous Swedish film director Ingmar Bergman.

There is also a museum dedicated to this renowned personality in the island which the most prominent tourist attraction. Visitors can also enjoy a soulful trek to Digerhuvud and Helgumannens which are the remote fishing village of the island.

The rugged landscapes, beautiful limestone rock formations, fine sandy beaches accompanied by the gorgeous Baltic Sea are enough to make your day with its soulful unspoiled beauty. It is the best place to spend some quality time in peaceful nature.

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Visby Gotland Sweden


The largest island of Sweden lying in the Baltic Sea has the Öland Island in the eastern side. The island also includes the gorgeous Faro Island and Gotska Sandon in the northern part and Karlso Island in the western region has an overall population of 58,595. It covers a total area of 2994 and has the most beautiful scenic beauty in entire Sweden with beautiful landscapes, scenic camping sites, mesmerizing sea views and plenty of activities to do.

The island has got glorious sunshine; lush green vegetation surrounded all over, barren landscapes, vertical rock formations just like Fårö and enjoyable breezy weather to enjoy lovely summers.

Visitors can enjoy the best of cycling activities in the dreamy landscapes of the island as well as also explore its land areas in the bike. They can also go for the Gotland Ferry ride from Nynashamn port of Stockholm and Oskarshamn port of Smaland.

Some of the best attractions of this island are- Viking world of Gotland, Fornsalen Museum, Gotland cathedral with music at noon, concerts and music event by various international stars, Gotland Railway track museum, cathedral S: ta Maria, Summer festival Bungemuseet open-air museum and plenty of other sightseeing attractions.

Windmill on Öland Sweden


It is the second-largest island in Sweden and the popular one in Sweden island archipelago covering an area of 1,342 sq. Kilometers. It is also situated in the Baltic Sea off the Smaland coastal area. The island has a total population of 26,000.

The island covers a very small area of Sweden having a coastline of 300 kilometers, plenty of sea beaches, and 75+ natural reserves. It is also famous for its variety of orchid species growing on the island. The island is also popularly known as the sun and wind island due to its amazing opportunities for windsurfing and kitesurfing.

Besides, the island is also rich in natural diversification lined by deciduous forests, beaches, coniferous forest, meadows, valleys with alluring landscapes that is going to loved by all kinds of visitors be it the nature admirers or photographers or adventure addicts.

There are separate trails for biking, cycling, and hiking in Öland which visitors love to explore. Some of the best sightseeing attractions here are- Boda Ecopark, Skaftekarr Iron Age Village, Borgholm Castle, Solliden Palace, Vida Museum, Öland’ Windmills, Ottenby Bird Sanctuary, and many more.

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Styrsö Gothenburg Sweden


It is a pretty large island located in the Vastra Gotaland County of Sweden. Ö refers to the word for island in Swedish. It has a population of approximately 1400 people and consists of various local accommodations like guesthouse for the tourists, cafes, restaurants, shops, supermarkets, and also a Post office. The island offers an excellent ferry trip from Stenpiren followed by which you can get to taste some of the best of fish cuisines at Cafe Obergska in Styrsö Island.

The most beautiful attraction of the island is Stora Ros which is its highest point, and from there you can get breathtaking views of different other destinations like Bohuslan in the northern part, Gothenburg in the eastern part, Vinga to the western part and Halland in the southern part. The island has different landscapes on each point.

The western part is barren while the region between Skaret and Bratten is wooden. Some of the biggest tourist attractions in Styrsö are – Liseberg Amusement park, Botaniska Tadgarden, Universeum, Archipelago of Southern Gothenburg, National History Museum and many more.

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Gotkska sandön sand beach

Gotkska sandön

It is a complete unspoiled island with no residential population situated on the Baltic Sea to the northern part of Gotland in Sweden. The island is famous for being the national park and covers an area of 36 The island has an awe-inspiring scenic beauty with gorgeous sandy beaches inhabited by grey seals.

The National park in this area is very famous among the tourists, which cover 4,500 hectares of land. The perfect time to visit this island is between May to September for a mesmerizing ferry ride to the island from Nynashamn and Farosund.

Many visitors even travel to this island with their private boat for an adventurous trip. The National Park here is a paradise for the bird watchers and nature lovers admiring the beauty of the dense deciduous forests. You pick the strawberries there, go for night camping, tune in to the chirping of several birds and have a look at the variety of plant species. The island is perfect for a day trip as well as an overnight stay.

Utö Church in Utö Island


It is a small island lying in the eastern part of the Stockholm archipelago. The island is known for having Sweden’s oldest iron ore mines. The island is best known for its natural beauty, bird sanctuaries, lighthouse, pilot station, and caves. The prime attraction of this island is the Utö lighthouse and its associated church, which is a famous tourist attraction.

The island also houses a chapel with the candelabra dedicated to the soldiers who have lost their lives in the park victory shipwreck that holds a significant part of the history of Utö Island.

The island offers a lot of entertaining activities for tourists like biking, kayaking, boat riding, and fishing. Cyclists can have an excellent time traveling the route from Gruvbyn to Utö where the landscape is covered with beautiful forests, and undulating meadows accompanies by the crystal clear waters of the blue sea. There are walking and hiking trails leading to the highest.

Stockholm archipelago Sweden

Stockholm archipelago

Stockholm being the capital city of Sweden, often pops up a few questions in the mind of every visitor that is Stockholm made up of Islands or how many islands are in Stockholm? Well, the answer is Stockholm consists of thousands of idyllic islands, and each of them is equally beautiful, having different charms.

The entire group of islands in Stockholm comes around 24,000, and the best among them, which are a must-visit are- Fjaderholmarna, Vaxholm, Grinda, and Svartso. The best way to explore the group of islands in Stockholm is by ferry ride accompanied by local guides that are going to reveal you the history behind each of its islands.

The island provides accommodation facilities to the tourists in the form of villas, cottages, and tents for night stays and offers the opportunity to try out some of the most exciting adventures.

And activities like boating, hiking, fishing, swimming, bike riding in the breathtaking landscapes, kayaking, and also sailing ice yacht which is a heavenly experience for all tourists in the archipelago of Stockholm.

Visitors can also go for Viking in the islands of Vaxholm and Bodesun, which are full of burial grounds, rune stones, and age-old gothic castles having high historical importance. While the days are filled with spine, thrilling adventure activities, the nights are beautiful in the paradise settings of the islands. The Stockholm archipelago tour is a prime tourist attraction in Sweden and should be taken by all visitors.

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Skärhamn Tjörn Sweden


It is another largest island of Sweden ranking in the sixth position covering an area of 148 sq.kilometer. It is also called mini Sweden having a population of approximately 45,000 people. The scenic beauty of this island has something to offer for all kinds of visitors and is blessed with every beautiful thing starting from majestic high mountain ranges, lush green pine forests lined with silver oaks, sandy beaches accompanied by panoramic sea views.

The island is like a paradise for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts as well as having hiking trails, walking trails and some towering viewpoints giving awe-inspiring scenic views. The island boasts of two important artistic attractions- The Nordic Watercolor Museum and The Sculpture in Pilane.

These two attractions have gathered many tourists across the world to the island and have been the inspiration of art lovers from different parts of the world. Some of the biggest attractions of the island are- Nordic Watercolor Museum, Dyroleden, Sunds by Sateri, Dyron, Kajaktiv Tjorn, Tjorns Golfbana, and many others.

Swedish village in Trysunda


It is among the most beautiful islands in Sweden that is very well preserved and also serves as the biggest excursion site for the boat people. The island’s scenic beauty is so captivating that it will grab your soul immediately, and you would love to take a walk in its beautiful surroundings.

The sandy beaches contrasted with the crystal clear blue waters of the sea and surrounded by the majestic cliffs and round washed stones the island looks like a little paradise perfect for relaxing, hiking and some fishing fun.

The beach here has the unique red and black hues accompanied by the round washed stones, and the seawater seems to be emerging out of the rocks. You can explore the beauty of this island in its purest form by a ferry ride or private boat ride from Kopmanholmen, which has eye-arresting scenic views in the way especially between the headlands making towards the bay.

You will feel like being trapped in a photo frame having mountains on both sides and the seawater flowing in between them. The island houses a fishing village, a chapel and also a fishing museum that is a must-visit for all visitors carrying histories and tales behind it.

Finnhamn, Stockholm archipelago


This gorgeous beauty is situated to the north of Stockholm archipelago and comprises of three islands- Stora Jolpan, Idholmen, and Likka Jolpan.

The island is basically a wooded one having plenty of small bays for swimming and offers excellent hiking facilities for the tourists.

The island consists of every kind of tourist accommodations starting from Cottage Village, guest harbor, tent site, sauna, cafe, restaurants, rooftop bars giving spectacular views of the archipelago from each point.

The island consists of organic farms, thick deciduous forests, vegetable farms being a complete nature reserve with breathtaking landscapes, meadows having a wide variety of flora and plant species.

The beaches of this island are best for swimming, bathing, kayaking while the fields are useful for playing soccers. The island is an entertainment hub for the tourists and is visited throughout the year.

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