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Top 7 BEST Things to do in Ålesund (Norway)

The city of Ålesund has been well praised for its amazing Art Nouveau architecture, and it is also one of the best things to see in Ålesund. It is not just blessed with one of the picturesque settings covered by high peaks and fjords of Sunmore Alps, but also enriched with several new entertainment and cultural attractions. These are some of the byproducts of a significant hike in the wealth of the nation over the years.

Ålesund is also known as one of the best fishing harbors of Norway and also the jumping-off attraction for fjord cruises, boat tours, fishing adventures, and Ålesund sightseeing.

Covering the islands of Aspøy and Nørvøy, the architectural splendor of Ålesund is mainly because of a huge fire, which destroyed 800 old timber houses in the town in 1904. To ensure proper security and safety, the officials of the town took proper measures to rebuild the city in brick, stone, and plaster.

This project was handed over to the top architects and builders in the country. With this futuristic thinking, over 320 buildings were developed in the Art Nouveau style in a compact central landscape to create the ultimate Art Nouveau cityscape in Europe. Enjoy your trip with these things to do in Ålesund.


Top 7 Things to do in Ålesund

Explore Art Nouveau architecture

Ålesund The Art Nouveau Town

The picturesque Art Nouveau architecture is the heart and soul of Ålesund. The turrets, towers, and other iconic landmarks you can imagine are built with this stunning architecture. Therefore, you should get to these Ålesund landmarks on foot. For a great insight into the architecture of the city, picking up an informative guide or walking tour from a bookstore or tourist office is one of the best things to do.

Head straight to the amazing exhibits and displays at Art Nouveau Center, where you can witness the best-preserved interior along with multimedia displays and exhibitions to explore its rich history of the town. You can also opt for guided tours along with great shops and café. You should also visit the KUBE Art Museum nearby, which has a lot of amazing displays related to the best artworks and architecture.

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Stroll through Town Park

Ålesund Aksla Viewpoint

Take a stroll up to climb 418 steps to reach the top of Mount Aksla for an unmatched aerial view of the city, which is an awesome sight to behold day or night. The grounds and stairs are the part of stunning Ålesund Town Park, which was laid out by a local gardener in 1885, who brought inspiration from the topography of the landscape.

The park houses two statues of men – Kaiser Wilhelm II that pays tribute to Germany’s help after a catastrophic fire in 1904, and other is Gange Rolf, a Viking local legend who was connected to William the Conqueror and introduced to the town with the city of Rouen in the year 1911.

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Ålesund Harbor

Ålesund, Harbour

Straddling the islands of Aspøy and Nørvøy, the Ålesund harbor is covered by Skansen peninsula. It is amazing strolling around and exploring the architecture. This picture-perfect harbor consists of several ancient buildings, which were once belonged to the fishermen. You can sit for a while and watch the boats passing by in this busy port.

It is more than just a harbor home to one of the largest fleets in Europe for fishing. The fast coastal service, the Hurtigruten route also stops here, which connects tourists across Norway. It has been one of the best cruise destinations.

Atlantic Sea-Park

Nothing can be more interesting to learn about diverse marine life in Norway than Atlantic Sea-Park. It is Northern Europe’s one of the biggest sea aquariums. It is located only a quick shuttle bus ride from the center and has fascinating insights into undersea life.

Built-in the year 1951 on the coastline, this serene tourist attraction in Ålesund is crisscrossed with several beautiful walking treks to witness great views of marine life.

Overall, this exhibition area consists of 11 wide aquariums, along with activity pools and open touch pools. Be sure to take your time and catch the fish feeding session every day in the Great Atlantic tank filled with millions of gallons of water.

Your kids will also love the public fish feeding, which is held every weekend. Another major highlight is Selbukta, a sealed tank, which is filled with four million gallons of water, and it is the largest of its kind worldwide. There is also a café and a gift shop.

Cruise to Hjørundfjord Fjord

Stretching over 32 km south, the Hjørundfjord is well covered by the serene Sunnmøre Alps range, which rises drastically off the fjord to around 1706m. The impressive views of this highly wooded fjord can be explored well by boat or cruise, or even kayak. Exploring the view from this beautiful Fjord is one of the best things to do in Ålesund. Grab a picture with travel companions while enjoying the well-known Hjørundfjord swing, which offers the most rewarding views above the fjord.

Visit the Bird Island – Runde

Located just a while southwest of Alesund is the southerly seabird mountain on the island of Runde in Norway. Also known as, ‘B Bird Island,’ this stunning site serves as a habitat of over 500,000 birds. The puffins are some of its most popular inhabitants among 220 different species of this tiny island. They draw plenty of fish, which spawn around the island every year.

It is also an amazing Environmental Center offering exhibits on bird population here, along with several well-preserved shipwrecks. Also, join an organized tour, which includes speedboats as well as leisurely tours, which are led by experts for watching birds. This is one of the most exciting things to do in Ålesund. 

The Alnes Lighthouse in Godøy

Located only 30 minutes of drive from Alesund, Godøy is a well-known island known for Storhornet, the 497m tall mountain, and its old Alnes lighthouse. The lighthouse is located around a secluded fishing village. The lighthouse’s galley as well as tower were built in 1876 and are opened for tourists from the months of May till October.

The house of the old keeper has a café, museum, and an exhibition hall with art displays designed by the nearest artists. Also, explore the Godøy Coastal Museum on the island for its Viking displays and archaeological exhibits.

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