Top 10 BEST Museums in Norway


Do you want to see some of the best museums in Norway? From world-famous artists' works to stunning sculptures and learning about Norway's culture, read further to learn which museum you must visit during your visit!

Do you like to explore ages? Inquisitive about the antique articles? Want to know where these articles come from and its evolution?

There are two kinds of museums in Norway – temporary and permanent, that exhibit their artifacts for different periods of time. And they also differ according to their aims and field of research. Accordingly, they are distinguished as science museums, war museums, history museums, art museums, children’s museums, etc.

According to the International Council of Museums, there are approximately 55,000 museums in the world. Moreover, Norway has a very long history and evidence of civilization. All over the world, there is a wide range of artifacts that you will find only in Norway.

The place has many world-class museums that display antique models like Viking Ship to contemporary fine arts. The significance of museums differs from individual to individual. A visit to any of these museums in Norway with family or friends can be an existing, entertaining, and enlightening method to utilize your visit.

Top 10 BEST Museums in Norway

Edvard Munch Museum
via Wikimedia Commons|Jodyno

Edvard Munch Museum

The Edvard Munch Museum is dedicated to the famous Norwegian artist Edvard Munch, who lived back in the 19th century. This museum is famous for – THE SCREAM – a creation portraying the best mankind works in several paintings showcasing screaming humans.

There is a lot more than this related to the same mentality and emotion portrayed in THE SCREAM. An adult can visit this museum in Tøyen city in Norway at a Ticket that costs 12.07 USD. It is famous for the fine arts display.

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Holmenkollen Ski Museum
via Wikimedia Commons|GuoJunjun

Holmenkollen Ski Museum

This ski museum is the oldest in the world; it started functioning in 1923. The founders of the museum were Hjalmar and Walraven. It showcases the bold, unique, and historic skis. It has 4000 years old ski and related equipment which belongs to the stone age.

This museum also contains equipment used in expeditions carried out in the polar region by Fritjof Nansen and Roald Amundsen. One can visit this museum in approx 2 USD.

Visit the museum webpage here.

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The Polar Museum
via Flickr|tomislav medak

The Polar Museum

This museum is in Tromsø (Norway) and famous for arctic expeditions. The Polar Museum is appropriate for learning about the area’s sailing experience and adventure and history of hunting and capturing.

It depicts the equipment used for survival in the harsh climatic conditions of the arctic region. And other antique objects, boats, and ships that were in use before thousand years ago.

Part of Tromsø University, located on the landing-place Skansen city. It also showcases the life of famous explorers. It is one of the largest museums in Sweden of technology. It exhibits artifacts related to technological and industrial development.

This gallery covers 10,000sq meters of area and has 170000 visitors every year. An adult can get entrance into this museum after buying a ticket worth 5.40 USD while children have to pay half of that.

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The Hanseatic Museum
via Wikimedia Commons|Nina Aldin Thune

The Hanseatic Museum

The museum is located in the city of Bergen, Norway. It is one of the best museums if one is looking for the Hanseatic period. The museum is in a building made of wood that has been conserved for a long time. The location of the museum makes it very attractive and mesmerizing to the new world exhibiting antique articles.

The Hanseatic Museum contains the remains and antiques from the Hanseatic League period in this city. The things put on display are original, and they are collected from Bryggen. It is a beautiful place to see and architecture together.

The peaceful surroundings add to the beauty of this museum. The entrance fee of this museum is 40USD while children have to pay half of it. This price keeps varying with time.

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The Leprosy Museum
via Wikimedia Commons|rheins

The Leprosy Museum

This museum is located in Bergen city of Norway. Armauer Hansen, the famous medical scientist, studies leprosy here. There is nothing much to see, but if you are in the city, you must visit the place. It’s an excellent go-to place if you do not have any particular place in your list.

It will take you to the period when leprosy was incurable, and the patients were in the state of animals. It also showcases the equipment and utility used. Other than this, medical science is another feature of the exhibition, which uses pictures and graphics that could be quite disturbing for some people.

People in the western world are by default fond of medical science and believe in Science than anything. This museum will increase the faith in medical sciences even more.

It is one of the oldest original museums in Europe, which is solemnly responsible for showing the depth of medical science. An adult has to pay 11 USD to enter the leprosy museum, and children get a 50 percent discount.

You can check the museum’s webpage for more information.

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The Vigeland Museum
via Wikimedia Commons|Hans Olav Lien

The Vigeland Museum

Gustav Vigeland, the famous sculptor’s artifacts are the cause of attraction in this museum. This museum was his workhouse and home that turns into a museum later.

This is a permanent museum that displays the art and sculptor of Gustav. It also organizes a temporary museum that displays contemporary 3D art and other kinds of art.

It is famous for Vigland large statues and sculptures-and the Frogner Park. And other than this, the building is a famous example of neoclassical architecture, which is also worth spending time and money.

Read more information on the museum’s website.

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Maihaugen Museum Norway
via Wikimedia Commons|qwesy qwesy

Maihaugen Museum

Lillehammer, Norway, is the most visited tourist destination. If you’re visiting Norway, Maihaugen Museum is a must-go place. This is one of the major points of attraction for the tourists visiting Norway. It is one of the largest air museums and the largest cultural facilities in Norway.

It comprises approximately 200 buildings. The museum has been divided into three sections in its formation – the Residential Area, Historic town in Norway, and the Rural Collection. These sections display kind of houses spread in different periods of time.

The explanation of chronology of the architecture down the ages is very authentic and interesting. Historic towns display houses from the 19th and 20th centuries.

The residential area showcases the nuclear family tiny house, built with the aim to minimize the area and costs of living. The entrance pass will cost 12 USD for an adult here.

Read more information from the museum’s website

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Norwegian Folk Museum
via Wikimedia Commons|boulanger.IE

Norwegian Folk Museum

It is a museum, which displays a rich cultural heritage. It contains articles and other things from all social groups and regions of society that displays the cultural history of the nation. It gives a view ahead to surface the regional and traditional culture of Norway.

The museum also comprehends more than 150 buildings of open-air museums, reloaded from other places around.

It also showcases the folk culture from different parts of Norway. However, this museum in Norway displays life before the industrial era.

While the Norwegian Folk Museum displays every kind of artifact. To enter the Norwegian Folk Museum, adults have to pay approx 13 USD while children get a 50 percent discount.

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Nobel Peace Centre
via Wikimedia Commons|Jean-Pierre Dalbéra from Paris, France

Nobel Peace Centre

The Nobel Peace Centre in Oslo showcases Nobel Peace Prize and ideas connected to it. It will encourage one to increase the efforts to get to know oneself. This is achievable by introspection, but introspection is a cumbersome task.

It is also an organization where politics and culture combine to encourage people. It encourages them for the peacekeeping action, conduct debates and reflection on topics like war, peace, conflict, etc. The entrance pass costs 17 USD for adults and 11 USD for students.

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Best Museums in Norway: National Gallery Norway
via Wikimedia Commons|Bjørn Erik Pedersen

National Gallery

The National Gallery is a gallery in Oslo, Norway. It not only shows the antique articles which relate to the past age but also represents the basic evolution of designing in mankind. It presents Norway’s largest group of art, architecture, and design.

This Norwegian museum, located in Blasieholmen in Oslo, also called the National Museum of Fine Arts, also showcases art and architecture. Artifacts from six different centuries are exhibited in a 150 years old building. Approximately 5000 artworks find their way in the exhibition, telling their story from different past to present-day admirers.

Moreover, museums in Norway are the best choice to spend time and money on. They are a way to connect the present society with the past as it is very necessary to know the past. Without knowing the past, one cannot understand the present, and Museums are an existing way to understand the history of any civilization.

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