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Top 17 UNIQUE Places to Visit in the Nordics

Nordic countries make up with a group of various countries within northern Europe. These countries majorly include Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Norway, and the territories of the Åland Islands and the Faroe Islands. Nordic countries possess a similar state, culture, and law.

The term Nordic countries became widespread with the advent of Foreningen Norden, derived straightforwardly from the long term ‘Norden.’ This local term was used in the Scandinavian languages, meaning “The Northern Lands.” Contrasting the “Nordic Countries,” the term Norden is singular to the demonym ‘Nordbo,’ which means ‘northern dweller.’ The majority of the population of Nordics mainly follow Lutheran Christianity.

About the history of Nordics, the involved countries have maintained stable and close relations. All these countries are socialist democracies. Adding further, each of the countries of the Nordics group possesses its own social and economic models. From the tourism point of view, there are plenty of places to visit in the Nordics that will surprise your expectations.

Apart from half of Iceland and a small part of Northern Norway being arctic, other countries of the Nordic countries possess cold and long winters with comparatively warm summer days.

If you are planning a trip to Nordics, you are surely going to have an incredible experience. The stunning scenery, the crisp air, the cute and colorful towns, and the ever delicious food might leave you with a cavernous longing to return at the earliest. And, the best part about Nordics is the beautiful diversity in landscape and scenery that makes you explore new places every time you come here.

Here is a list of the best places to visit in the Nordics that you can explore and enjoy when traveling the region.


Top 17 UNIQUE Places to Visit in the Nordics

Old Town architecture in Stockholm Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm makes the largest and the capital city of Sweden. It is renowned for its cleanliness. You will find numerous parks and buildings that depict amazing beauty and are worth a visit. This beautiful city is also known as ‘The Venice of the North.’ This is because of it being located on fourteen islands on the south-central east coast of Sweden, at the mouth of Lake Malaren.

The key attractions of the city include:

The National Museum

This museum boasts about having half a million drawings from the Middle Ages up to 1900. You can find an amazing collection of porcelain items, modern art, and sculptures. In addition, it also features an art library open to the public.

Gröna Lund

This is a beautiful amusement park situated on the island of Djurgarden. It features over thirty attractions, numerous restaurants. In addition, it also serves as a venue for concerts. You can visit here between April and mid-September.

The Royal Palace Drottningholm

The Royal Palace is the private residence of the royal family of Sweden. It was built towards the end of the 16th century. It is situated on the Lovön islands. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions around Nordics. As a tourist, you can visit this place daily between May and September, only on weekends between October and April. However, this palace is mostly closed on some dates between December and January.


A woodland cemetery, Skogskyrkogarden, is cited in the Enskededalen district, South of the central Stockholm city. It has also been named as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Sweden. You can enjoy an exhibition at the Tallum Pavilion and read the story of its origin as well as about the two great architects whose vision created this beautiful city.

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Gothenburg Sweden

Gothenburg, Sweden

Gothenburg forms the second-largest city in Sweden. If you are traveling to Gothenburg has much to offer. A visit to this place on your trip to Nordics can make your trip all the more enjoyable and funfilled.

The key attractions of this place include Liseberg, the biggest amusement park in and around Scandinavia. Gothenburg keeps on finding itself in the list of the best places to visit in the Nordics for its funfilled experience.

You can enjoy numerous fun rides and have a great time. Another activity is exploring the quaint Haga, one of the oldest areas of Gothenburg, and a popular summer destination. Just stroll and relax here. Some other main attractions of the city include a visit at the Skansen Kronan and a day trip to Marstrand, a charming island with bustling tourists to visit the stone fortress, Carlsten, during the beautiful summer season.

Where to stay: Best hotels in Gothenburg, Sweden


Lund, Sweden

Lund is another beautiful city located in Southern Sweden. A visit to this place takes you back in the memories of the Middle Ages, for it is one of the oldest cities in Sweden, with cobblestone and narrow streets. This beautiful city is home to one of the most prestigious universities in Europe, along with the widespread lush green spaces.

Some of the major attractions of the city include the Lund Cathedral Church, the Botanical Garden in the heart of the town with more than 7000 different plant species, and the Kulturen museum that features almost twenty exhibitions on subjects like medieval history, folk art, and culture (local and international).

Other major attractions include Stadsparken (a picturesque park) featuring a bird museum and the Lund University that has a fair share of astounding historic architecture and perhaps one of the top places to see in the Nordics.

most expensive cities in europe that are still worth the visit reykjavik iceland

Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik makes the majestic capital of Iceland with striking beauty, a vivid architecture, and quirky culture. When in Reykjavik, make sure to visit The Blue Lagoon to experience an immaculate rejuvenation and relaxation with the rich amount of minerals contained by the steamy waters.

Another major attraction is hiking along Snaefellsjokull, one of the scenic mountains around Iceland. This is a once in a lifetime experience that takes you just a short distance away from astounding ice formations, jagged ridges, sinkholes, and an active volcano as well.

Most importantly, don’t miss a visit to the very majestic Hallgrimskirkja Church for an extraordinary travel experience. Reykjavik stands true to its majestic nature, making it one of the most beautiful places in the Nordics.

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Vik, Iceland

While you travel through this beautiful city, exploring the scenic natural beauty, you get to feel a different type of excitement. Make sure to visit the Hillside Vik Church, indulge in delicious traditional Icelandic Meat Soup, explore beautiful caves, and gain knowledge of their local folklore.

Another place worth a visit is the top of Reynisfjall Mountain that stands over a thousand feet tall and overlooks the famed sea stacks lying on the black sand beach of Reynisfjall. Find yourself mesmerized by this one of the best places to travel in the Nordics, where delicious food, extremely beautiful natural beauty, the classic world awaits you.

Oslo, Norway

The beautiful city of Oslo is the oldest capital in Scandinavia. It has many beautiful places to attract tourists. However, it is also one of the most expensive tourist places in Europe and among the top places to see in the Nordics.

For the best experience, plan your trip between May and September, during warm weather. Major attractions around the place include the Vigeland’s Parken (a group of sculptures featuring 121 human figures intertwined), The Royal Slottet Palace (located at a hill, it offers a panoramic view with large parks), Munch Museum (displays most of the work of Edvard Munch, a contemporary and important artist from Norway).

Polar Ship Fram (situated on the peninsula of Bygdoy, it displays a special ship featuring a round helmet to take the helm between the polar ice), and the Nasjonal Galleriet (features works by Norwegian artists together with a few from El Greco and Rembrandt).

If you’re on a more small-town vibe, here’s our list of all the places you can visit in Norway.

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Things to do in Bergen

Bergen, Norway

This is the second-largest city in Norway besides being one of the most renowned gateways. Bergen has a lot to offer, just like most of the European cities. It is also popular for its UNESCO World Heritage site

However, the most important aspect is the stunning cultural landscape and the amazingly relaxed atmosphere. The Bergen Art Museum is one of the major attractions to provide a vast collection of contemporary and renaissance art. Another place worth a visit is St. Jorgen’s Hospital, also the Leprosy Museum.

Where to stay: Best hotels in Bergen, Norway

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is a not to miss destination when traveling to Nordics. Youthful, historic, refined, and raucous, it has something for everyone. It features the best of amusement parks, the trendiest of shopping malls, and the most historic cultural museums and palaces to display Viking and Bronze Age treasures. All these extraordinary places put Copenhagen in the list of must-visit places to travel in the Nordics.

Major attractions around the city include Tivoli Gardens – one of the oldest theme parks around the world, the scintillating little mermaid statue sitting on a rock beside the Langelinie promenade that makes the most popular landmark in the city, Nyhavn – the historic waterfront area alongside a 17th-century canal that serves a hub for mooring old wooden ships, probably one of the best places to stop for a hot cup of coffee or linger on a chilled beer in summer.

If you are an adventure-loving person, Copenhagen makes the perfect tourist place. You can rent a bike and explore different places around the city.

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Helsingor, Denmark

Located at a distance of almost 45 km from Copenhagen, this city primarily makes a busy ferry port. It boasts of medieval Shakespearean, and you can enjoy visiting quaint boutiques, charming restaurants, and atmospheric cafés.

Major attractions around the city include Kronborg Castle – a renowned UNESCO World Heritage Site and National Maritime Museum in Denmark – one of the top places worth exploring the seafaring legacy of Denmark. This museum is also the site for the Culture Yard that serves as a concert venue, a theater, and a library besides featuring a restaurant built in a cutting edge glass-steel structure crafted from old wharf buildings.

Other places worth visiting include the Frederiksborg Castle, Fredensborg Palace, Helsingor Municipal Museum, Stenbgade & Axeltorv, St. Mary’s Church, and Carmelite Monastery, and St. Olaf’s Church.

Odense, Denmark

Located in the middle of Funen, the garden island of Denmark, filled with astounding manor houses and palaces, the city of Odense is named after ‘Odin’ – the Norse God of wisdom, war, and poetry. You can reach here easily from Copenhagen by train or a drive of less than two hours.

Although the city has a lot to offer, some major attractions worth a visit include the Egeskov Castle, Odense Zoo, Denmark’s Railway Museum, The Time Collection Museum where you can touch the exhibits, wear the hats, and period clothes and a lot more.

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Top 17 UNIQUE Places to Visit in the Nordics

Torshavn, Faroe Islands

Situated on a relatively isolated group of islands in the North Atlantic Ocean and the Norwegian Sea, Torshavn doesn’t have much for sight-seeing. However, it is one of the best places for shopping sprees and for those who find interest in indulging in some good food, including fancy cheeses, meats, and Fevertree products, and relaxing coffee.

Where to stay: Best hotels in Torshavn, Faroe Islands

Dalur, Faroe Islands

Situated amid the town of Fuglafjorur and the village of Kambsdalur, Heimari Dalur is a beautiful valley in the Faroe Islands. It is encircled by Mount Kambur towards the South, the firth towards the East, Breioaskaro towards the West, and Gjogvarafjall towards the North. You can enjoy the scenic beauty and just relax in the lap of nature to feel rejuvenated.

NUUK, Greenland

The largest city and the capital of Greenland, NUUK, is the economic center of Greenland. This cosmopolitan town contains almost 1/3rd of the Greenland population. The impressive panorama of mountains adds to the scenic beauty. Major attractions around the place include the Colonial Harbor, the Greenland National Museum, enjoy the sunset at Myggedalen, go for hiking, and take a boat trip into the Nuuk Fjords.

Where to stay: Best hotels in NUUK, Greenland

Qaqortoq, Greenland

Qaqortoq is another small town located in southern Greenland, situated near Cape Thorvaldsen. It is believed to be one of the most populous cities in southern Greenland besides being the fourth largest town on the Nordic islands. This beautiful town rises steeply over the fjord system around the city. You can enjoy the natural beauty of the place best on foot.

The city is also well connected with the adjoining South Greenlandic landscape to offer different adventure opportunities like boating.

Ilulissat, Greenland

Previously known as Jakobshavn, Ilulissat is believed to be the largest town of western Greenland. It is also the highest visited tourist destination in and around Greenland. This is accrued to the popular Ilulissat Icefjord, the enormous ice sculptures.

Besides, there are also numerous other cultural and natural activities that are a must include in your to-do list when traveling to Nordics. Whale watching is another activity that shouldn’t be missed when in Ilulissat.

→ Where to stay: Best hotels in Ilulissat, Greenland

Old Town pier architecture in Helsinki Finland

Helsinki, Finland

The capital of Finland, Helsinki, is believed to be yet another vibrant city with a beautiful seaside island along with great green parks. The city possesses a laid back rhythm but also features amazing night clubs and restaurants to enjoy. Some of the must-visit places in Helsinki are neoclassical Helsinki Cathedral offering you the excellent view of the Helsinki landscape, Seurasaari Island, orthodox Uspenski Cathedral, and 65 years old amusement park Linnanmäki.

Where to stay: Best hotels in Helsinki, Finland

Eysturoy, Faroe Islands

Eysturoy is considered as the second largest island around the Faroe Islands. It offers its visitors with beautiful sights, excursions, along with many great experiences. Located at the northern end, this beautiful city is the highest visited tourist sights around Nordics. Tourists can enjoy both the beauty as well as the power of nature. Adding further, the two striking rock stacks, namely RISIN OG Kellingin, make a must-see for tourists.

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