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Top 15 BEST Places to Visit in Northern Europe

Northern Europe has always been known as the land of old tales, snow, Vikings, but let’s not limit the region to only these few things. The northern part of Europe has more to offer than what it is known for, and of course, its beauty.

The countries located in Northern Europe are famous for their old colorful towns, rich trading cities, museums reflecting the Viking age stories, and a lot of history for anyone interested. That’s not all. There are far-flung places to visit in Northern Europe where summers are never dark, huge lakes, and magnificent fjords make your visit all the more beautiful.

For nature lovers, the region is decorated with appealing islands, magnificent fjords, sound lakes, and mind-blowing sunsets for giving your unforgettable memories. For those who want to travel to Northern Europe, it offers everything majestic in its modesty.

Are you also planning to visit these amazingly beautiful places in your Northern Europe travel? To help you filter the choices, here are the top places to visit in Northern Europe that you must explore.


Top 15 BEST Places to Visit in Northern Europe

Roskilde, Denmark

Denmark ranks high among the world’s happiest countries for a reason, and the reason is so much beauty and preservation of all of it at best. With a population of merely 50000 people, Roskilde is among the essential cities of Denmark and one of the beautiful places in northern Europe.

The city served as the capital of Denmark for several generations. The town goes back to the Viking Age and, as indicated by medieval sources, was the site of a majestic royal residence and a Basilica worked by Harald Bluetooth, the amazing author of Denmark. Connected to the house of prayer is Roskilde Palace.

Roskilde is additionally celebrated for its Viking Ship Museum, which houses the remaining parts of five well-safeguarded Viking ships, which were uncovered from the Roskilde Fjords encompassing the city.

Roskilde Cathedral is also another popular attraction in the town, which is part of UNESCO’s World Heritage Site. Some other famous sightseeing places are Roskilde are 18th-century Ledreborg Palace, Roskilde Havn & Fjord, St. Laurence Tower, and Centre for Historical-Archaeological Research and Communication, also known as “Land of Legends.

Where to stay: Best hotels in Roskilde, Denmark

Ruissalo island Turku archipelago Turku Finland

Turku, Finland

Turku is a small Swedish city located on the southwestern side of Finland. The city is situated on the banks of River Aura and is popular as the trading center. No doubt, the city was completely disturbed in 1827 due to fire, when it was serving as the capital of Sweden during the Russian rule.

It is Finland‘s fifth biggest city and biggest winter port and contains significant maritime shipyards. Ranked among the best of the places to visit in Northern Europe, Finland has everything that your holiday destination should have from art galleries, cool cafes, natural beauty, and amazing people.

Ventures incorporate sugar refining and the creation of steel, gadgets, blunder, flour, stoneware, and materials. The place is also famous for special institutes for higher education, museums, Swedish Theatre, Greek Orthodox churches, libraries, and art galleries.

Where to stay:  Best hotels in Turku, Finland

Kiruna, Sweden

Kiruna is the heart of Swedish Lapland and the home to northern lights, the largest underground ore mine of iron, and a famous hotel, ICEHOTEL. Kiruna is a land of wilderness and known among the best places to visit in Europe in winters where the silence and wild rules. The mountains and forests around provide an excellent environment for adventure winter activities such as snowmobiling to skiing.

The famous adventure activities like Dog sledding, ice fishing, and photography courses can be done on guided tours locally. Some of the popular destinations in and around Kiruna are LKAB’s Visitor Centre, Kiruna Kyrka, Samegarden Museum, and Kiruna Stadshuset. Don’t miss out on Swedish cuisines in various eateries within the city to confirm your choice of traveling to one of the best places to go in Northern Europe.

Where to stay: Best hotels in Kiruna, Sweden

most expensive cities in europe that are still worth the visit reykjavik iceland

Reykjavik, Iceland

The minimized Icelandic capital of Reykjavik is simply the perfect beachfront city to base for an undertaking in this frigid, icy mass strewn land. One of the more renowned sights around the local area is the staggering Hallgrimskirkja Church, taking off the current wonder of a strict structure.

There’s a pivoting glass arch from which you can get sees out over the ocean. It might appear to be curious in the day, however around evening time, things sweltering up, with a lot of clubs and occupied bars around its focal region. Planning North? Iceland‘s Reykjavik is definitely among the best places to go in Northern Europe.

While you explore the town, go down the shopping area Bankastræti, relax at Blue Lagoon waters, which is located very close to the capital city, and, if lucky, watch the whales in their natural habitat by booking one of the ocean tours.

Where to stay: Best hotels in Reykjavik, Iceland

Vilnius Lithuania

Image by Luigi Crosti from Pixabay

Vilnius, Lithuania

Lithuania‘s capital city has been discreetly beguiling travelers for a considerable length of time, attracting guests with the biggest florid Old Town in eastern Europe, at that point wowing them with an odd tastefulness, a mind-boggling history and a social scene that is particularly Lithuanian.

There’s a large group of motivations to visit this idiosyncratic, imaginative, and minimal city include the Old Town, Jewish history, the Hill of Three Crosses, Gediminas Hill, Amber Museum, and much more.

The capital of Lithuania is a great weekend destination with beautiful towns, cool bars, and a lot of epic views, history, coffee shops, and excellent Graffiti street art. Follow the church paths and include some of these mentioned churches in your trail: St. Anne’s and Bernardine Church, St. Mikalojaus Church, Vilnius Cathedral, and of course Saints Peter and Paul’s Church.

Where to stay: Best hotels in Vilnius, Lithuania

Glasgow, Scotland, The UK

Scotland is located on the famous River Clyde. It has been working for decades to emerge as one of the fascinating metropolises of Britain. The beautiful city is a combination of earthiness and sophistication, which is quite rare to find.

Decorated with various mansions and buildings in Victorian legacy, some other places to must visit in Glasgow include Industrial heritage on the banks of Clyde River, galleries and museums, and the stunning nightlife for a wild experience. Stamp your passport with the best of Scottish and one of the highly popular places to visit in Europe at Glasgow.

Kelvingrove and the Hunterian Museum is a must to visit for experiencing natural history, historical vehicles, archaeological corpus, and much more. Music lovers can plan the trip around the time of the Celtic Connections Music festival and also explore Theatre Royal, and Royal Scottish Orchestra.

Another famous attraction for anyone coming to Glasgow is the history of the Arts & Crafts Movement, started by Charles Rennie Mackintosh, who was the founder of the Glasgow School of Art. All the museums and buildings in Glasgow feature his work.

Best Tours for this attraction: Explore the Clydeside Distillery a Single Malt Scotch Whisky Distillery in the heart of Glasgow.

West iceland

via Wikimedia Commons | Andrew Maranta andrewmaranta

West Iceland

Geologically near Reykjavík, yet far, far away in assumption, West Iceland (known as Vesturland) is a stunning microcosm of what Iceland brings to the table and surely among the best places to go in Northern Europe.

However, numerous travelers have missed the reminder, and you’re probably going to have remote pieces of this brilliant locale to yourself. The long arm of Snafellsnes Peninsula is a most loved for its icy mass, Langjokull, and the territory around its national park is tops for birding, whale watching, magma field climbs and pony riding.

Inland past Reykholt, you’ll experience magma cylinders and remote good country icy masses, incorporating gigantic Langjokull with its surprising ice cavern. With so much diversity, interesting historical places, and beautiful waterfalls, glaciers, mountains, and lava fields, you can stay here for as long as you want and never feel bored.

things to do in lofoten islands

Lofoten Island, Norway

An archipelago stretching out from the upper east bank of Norway, Lofoten gives some genuinely sensational characteristic backgrounds for your movement experiences. A most well-known aspect concerning Lofoten, other than its wonderfully beautiful setting, is its atmosphere: it’s known for being unusually warm for its scope.

Back to nature presently, sharp rock climbers and mountain dwellers should rush toward Moskenesoya, while cyclists can appreciate a well-checked and especially shocking cycleway from southerly Å, which goes on past Fiskebol in the north.

Sometimes Lofoten is a warren of beguiling angling towns with a stunning characteristic environment. Vestvågøy, Moskenesøy, Flakstadøy, and Austvågøy are four main islands with numerous smaller islands and make the entire landscape look like a small mountain range.

Despite being located in Arctic Circle, Lofoten experiences warm summers and mild winters, with temperature not as extreme as other northern countries. You can add it to the best places to travel in Northern Europe in winter.

You can also check out some of the other towns in Norway!

Best Tours for this attraction: Experience the amazing view of the spectacular Northern Lights In Lofoten Island on this private guided tour

Old Town architecture in Stockholm Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm is a city of islands. Set on a Baltic Sea archipelago of 14 islands connected by a progression of 50 extensions, the Swedish capital is an unquestionable requirement visit goal in the nation. There’s Gamla Stan – or Old Town – a system of cobblestone paths and pastel-hued houses, home to the thirteenth century Storkyrkan Cathedral.

Somewhere else, you can locate the amazing Royal Palace, the Romanesque Revival style Stockholm City Hall. You can find out about the Nobel Prize at the Nobel Museum, and see a flawless 17th-century sail ship at the Vasa Museum. Explore one of the best places to visit in Northern Europe and take home the Swedish holiday experience at its best.

Where to stay: Best hotels in Stockholm, Sweden

Pikk street Talinn Estonia

Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn is currently a happy European capital with an appeal to the entirety of its own. It’s vivacious yet serene, ludicrously photogenic, and overflowing with magnificent sights – antiquated places of worship, medieval streetscapes, and respectable traders’ homes.

Toss in magnificent nourishment and lively present-day culture, and it’s no big surprise Tallinn in Estonia appears in peril of being wanted to death, particularly after a couple of voyage ships dock. In any case, it’s one of those favored spots that appear to adapt to all the considerations.

Where to stay: Best hotels in Tallinn, Estonia

Dublin Ireland

Dublin, Ireland

Dublin in Ireland is a proper combination of hedonism and heritage in the form of a small capital. The place is surely not going to disappoint you if you are one of the history lovers. The city comes with a historical museum that helps in learning about the Viking past that is almost washed away from the city.

Merely taking a walk in the city would help you experience the sophistication, sociability, and compelling soul the Dubliners carry. Apart from multiculturalism, diversity, and shores inspired by the Irish, the castles, the lavishing eateries and traditional pubs are also fascinating.

Where to stay: Best hotels in Dublin, Ireland

Powis Castle Wales

Wales, The UK

Are you fond of hills? If yes, Wales is surely going to hit your heart. A must visit place in the list, Wales is a tiny exciting city that is popular for its classic mountain ranges, river valleys, cliffs for surfing, islands, wildlife sanctuaries, and much more.

The tropical beaches, sandcastles, historical places, dolmens, standing stones, stone circles, and much more is sure to give your family a memorable time. The castles in Wales help you experience the royal outlook the city once carried.

Major sightseeing areas of Wales include Snowdonia National Park that is located in Snowdonia, which is very popular for its wilderness and majestic peaks, hike in Brecon Beacons National Park, Caernarfon Castle and the Isle of Anglesey. The natural beauty of Wales makes it one of the top places to visit in Northern Europe.

top countries in the world where to see the midnight sun russia st petersburg

St. Petersburg, Russia

Popular for the City of Tsars, St. Petersburg in Russia, is filled with the imperial outlook of Russia and sheer grandeur with a revolutionary spirit. Visiting St. Petersburg would allow you to visit other nearby places like Moscow and Venice for a romantic tour.

The city is the treasured with ancient culture and art in every place you pay a visit. Some of the exciting things you can enjoy here include Opera, classical concerts, musical festivals, Egyptian mummies, Erarta Museum, summer White Nights, gardens and parks, and much more that provide you with a delightful and dazzling experience.

While touring this romantic city, add some top places to go in Northern Europe, including The Hermitage ( Winter Palace), The Mariinsky Theatre, St. Isaac’s Cathedral & Colonnade, Church of Saviour on Spilled Blood, Nevsky Prospekt, etc.

Where to stay: Best hotels in St. Petersburg, Russia

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, is arranged on the waterfront islands Zeeland and Amager. The city is strewn with chronicled sights and lovely structures, for example, in the area of Frederiksted, where you’ll discover resplendent Rococo-style engineering going back to the eighteenth century.

This zone is additionally home to the Amalienborg Palace, the seat of the Danish imperial family, just as the amazing Frederik’s Kirke – fittingly known as the Marble Church. The famous Nyhavn region is home to 17th-century structures, waterways, and a lot of drinking and eating choices – just as appealing legacy lodgings.

Where to stay: Best hotels in Copenhagen, Denmark

Things to do in Gothenburg

Gothenburg, Sweden

Gregarious, relaxed Gothenburg is the archetypal second city: understatedly hip and out of the blue energetic. Neoclassical engineering lines its cable car shook avenues, local people sun themselves next to waterways, and there’s constantly a fascinating social or get-together going on. Sightseeing is widely carried out walking here.

The canals of the 17th century in Kungsparken or King’s Park is one of the most visited beauties of the city. Along with all these, some other exciting places to visit here are aquariums, museums related to the sea, ships, Linne districts, Haga, Vasastan, etc. Your visit to Gothenburg would not be complete without the visit to Skansen Kronan, Southern Archipelago, the biggest amusement park in Northern Europe- Liseberg.

Where to stay: Best hotels in Gothenburg, Sweden

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