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Street arts in Europe: Top 10 Best Cities in Europe For Street Arts and Graffiti

Are you a creative person? Then perhaps you’ll enjoy this post about the best street arts in Europe!

Europe apart from being gorgeous and extremely cultural is rich in another vital element, street art. It is a beautiful form of art that ranges from painted pictures, spray prints, pencil marks to stickers covering amazing themes, backgrounds, and stories hidden behind it. It also represents the European hip-hop culture.

Traveling in Europe gives you an exposure to the numerous stunning street art masterpieces and graffiti covering its different cities and countries.

Some of the famous street artists in Europe are ROA for animals and birds graffiti in Belgium, TEJN for street sculpture art in Denmark, Sampsa for Graffiti and stencil art in Finland, Gagosh for street art in Georgia, INO for paint, graffiti, and street art in Greece and many more.

Many biggest festivals in Europe are even celebrated with these urban street arts and graffitis. So if you are an artistic person or an art lover, these European cities will give you a memorable experience of the best street art around the world.


Street arts in Europe: Top 10 Best Cities in Europe For Street Arts and Graffiti

Eva Mena street art Erykah Badu Sutton London

London, UK

Street art in London tops in having the most creative street arts and graffitis in entire Europe. It has a colorful combination of these interesting creativities in different shapes and forms spread across maximum neighborhood areas. Street art in London is so inviting that it will tempt you to spend some quality time with these amazing masterpieces.

Some of the best street art in London can be found in East London with various electrifying artworks and graffiti in its neighborhoods like The Whitechapel street art created by the Whitechapel murders, street arts in Liverpool Street, Shoreditch, Old Jewish Quarter and Brick Lane.

Brick Lane has the most extensive collection of street arts in Europe, starting from Stolen Space Gallery to the entire market area.

Other attractions to find the amazing street arts are Toynbee Hall with the graffiti portrait of hair moving down the building made from real ivy. Hanbury Street is showcasing the famous ‘Big Rower’ wall, Corbet Place portraying the D face, Benkys Car, 3D Bow with the arrow.

And Leake Street which is popularly called the Graffiti tunnel having numerous exclusive collections, Camden market area, Brixton Skate Park and many more. You can even avail of the graffiti tours in London to get access to all remarkable destinations.

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Street arts in Europe: Top 10 Best Cities in Europe For Street Arts and Graffiti

Berlin, Germany

Berlin is the city of street art in Europe that has spray painting and graffitis in almost every corner of the city. Whether it is a neighborhood, market, underground tunnels, garbage box, street walls, or any random place.

Many famous street artists to make their creations alive reside in Berlin and even travel from other regions to get the best exposure.

Berlin offers an exotic show of street arts to its residents as well as visitors all around the world. Berlin city art tour is one of the coolest tours of the destination, discovering these breathtaking creations and pure love for the art lovers.

Some of the famous street art of the city are found in locations like Dircksenstrasse showcasing innovative paste-ups in the walls and bricks. Ex- El Bocho’s Lucy Cat, Dancing girls decorated with glitter confetti, Number 6 painting, and many in the row.

Haus Schwarzenberg alleyway displaying street arts and stencil work of El Bocho Stinkfish. Kreuzberg street showing the skills with a political message, Friedrichshain is displaying numerous graffiti works in every part of the area.

East Side Gallery is having exquisite collections of Berlin murals covering the 1.3 m long area with works of vivid artists from 21 different countries.

Urban Spree area displaying some amazing murals; Revaler 99; Teufelsberg; Lake Tegel Art park and many other local areas. It should be among the top destinations for a European Street art tour.

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Carrer d'Ataülf, Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is another amazing destination in Europe that is entirely dedicated to street arts and graffiti. Many of the famous graffiti artists have contributed their beautiful creations to the city.

Forex – El Pez, who is renowned as the best graffiti artist in the world, has many of his signature “Happy Style” creations painted throughout the city.

Other famous streets artists like El Xupet Negre have his logo of Black Pacifier painted all over the city. Konair renowned for his animated funny pink ice cream cone.

Akore for his Afro graffitis, Btoy is portraying her outstanding stencil work showcasing the courageous and beautiful side of women and many more. Street art in Barcelona has the best European street art scenes depicted in the creative paintings.

Some of the famous locations displaying the magical art of the city are Poblenou neighborhood housing the exclusive graffiti.

The intersection point of Carrer de Venecuela and Carrer de l’Agricultura, Three chimneys urban park, La Carboneria, Carrer de la Selva de Mar area is displaying the vibrant murals, Raval Street art, El Born and Gothic city, and many more. Street art in Barcelona is famous all over the world.

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Łódź ul Zachodnia mural Lodz Poland

Lodz, Poland

Lodz is a beautiful city in Poland that is filled with artistic vibes everywhere due to the stunning murals. The town gives vital importance to these modern arts, not just for creativity. But also because of the message that these arts depict half of which are related to the city’s urban development.

It has the breathtaking works of famous international street artists like Brazilian ‘Os Gemeos’, Spanish ‘Aryz,’ French ‘ Remed’ and many more. The city has got the most colorful murals painted on its buildings, walls, complexes, and neighborhood areas.

If you are only focused on street art tours, Lodz is a must-visit destination in Europe. Following the cultural tradition of Poland, Lodz has gained immense popularity due to urban street arts among foreign visitors.

The major attractions showcasing the most beautiful street arts here are – Murals on the Piotrkowska Street like- The famous “City of Lodz” Mural, Roosevelt 5, Zoer and Velvet Mural, Industrial Mural, The cat lady mural, etc. Other notable areas include the Eastern side of Orgodowa Street, Legion Street.

The Southern part of Zachondia Street, Kosciuszko Street is displaying some hidden creativities, 9 Wieckowskiego Street, 3 Uniwersytecka Street, and numerous other locations.

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Street Art in Europe Sreet arts in Lisbon Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon, which is the capital of Portugal, is gorgeous due to its picturesque setting. And amazing painted locations but what ace its beauty more is the beautiful street arts and graffitis.

The city is painted with street arts and murals depicting the city pop culture, different themes, and many abstract ideas. You can spot many musical murals here, celebrating the biggest festivals in Europe and catering to the traditional culture of Portugal.

The artworks in the city are created by many local and international artists around the world. Some of the best attractions of Lisbon depicting the creativities are – The walkway of Castle of Sao George, streets of Calcada da Gloria which is kind of an open art gallery.

The Rua Das Gaivotas corner area, LX Factory at Rua Rodrigues Faria. Graffiti works glorifying the Amoreiras Wall of Fame on the way to Campo de Ourique. The masterpiece art by Vhils at Fabrica do Braco de Prata, and numerous options were painting the city map.

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Street art at La Villette Paris France

Paris, France

Street art in Paris is dedicated to various types of Graffiti works, local art, and murals that make the city of lights shine vibrantly in the daylight. Being one of the most romantic destinations of France, the contemporary street arts just add more colorful flavors to it.

The best way to discover street art in Paris is by wandering through its localities and lanes were walls, gardens, streets, neighborhoods. And various joints of the city are painted with colorful graffitis. It is starting from tags, color works. Fillings, shading to wall painting you will find it all.

The major attractions of the city are- The route along Canal de I’Ourcq and Canal St. Denis portraying various animated arts, the wall of Seine-Saint-Denis.

The 19th district of Rue de L’Ourcq, Place Igor Stravinsky in the 3rd and 4th district, Le Mur Oberkampf in the 11th district, The left bank in the 7th district, Chinatown in 13h district and the list goes on.

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Ljuba Popović Belgrade grafiti Serbia

Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade in Serbia is so much popular in street arts around the world that there are even books launched on it, showcasing the creative street arts. In this city, every corner is painted with graffitis, stencil work, fillings, tags, and murals. The street art culture in Belgrade was started back in 1988 drawing and inspiration from Paris and Berlin that were the first to do street arts in Europe.

A lot of famous Serbian artists from the 80s until now have given the city a colorful look with their beautiful creations. Most of Belgrade’s most exquisite art you will find in the area of Savamala, which is an industrial location featuring docks and warehouses. The district is painted with various creative animated Graffitis.

Another area is Vracar, which is a residential location, the alley of Trg Nikole Pasica and Nusiceva which is also famous as the “Street Art gallery”, The BIGZ building. And Tabor Restaurant, Zemun Town and many other locations.

Street arts in Europe: Top 10 Best Cities in Europe For Street Arts and Graffiti

Bristol, England, UK

Bristol should be in the no.1 position of your graffiti travel bucket list as it is the King of street arts and also famous as the street art capital of the UK. The arts and graffitis here represent the city’s urban pop culture and are very innovative.

Almost all areas of the city, be it the underground areas, bridges, narrow lanes, down side streets, neighborhoods, buildings nothing is spared from the creative graffitis. It is also the city from where the world-famous graffiti artist Banksy gained his Fame. The city is also famous for hosting Upfest, which is the most prominent street art festival in Europe.

The major attractions of the city showcasing the most beautiful street arts are- The City Center, the northeastern area of St. Werburgh’s and St. Paul’s, Stokes Croft, The north street of Bedminister, Nelson Street, M Shed Museum, The Indian quarter Easton, and lots of other local areas.

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street art Helsini Finland

Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki is not only famous as the architectural beauty of Finland and in entire Europe but also for its colorful street arts, murals and graffitis. There is a museum in the city known as the Helsinki Art Museum that holds various exhibits of the city street art done by famous artists.

The suburb area of Kalasatama in Helsinki is where you get to find some vigorously colorful graffitis featuring different themes and messages on the Suvilathi Graffiti Wall. Another newly added space is the Emannanpolku underpass in the eastern side of Helsinki.

Other popular attractions featuring the graffiti work are the industrial district of Arabianranta, six-story mural at Kannelmaki, 12 colorful murals in the underpass of Kontula, Pasila Street art district, Sompasaari island, Atomic War tunnel at Itavayla highway in the eastern part of Helsinki, malminkartano train Station, surrounding areas of Café Ihana Kahvila, Kruunuvuori Ghost Town and numerous other areas and localities.

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Graffiti in Tartu Tallin Estonia

Tallinn, Estonia

Estonia, unlike the other European cities, is not so much full of graffitis popping in every corner but you can find a lot of in the cities of Tallinn and Tartu. The graffitis of Estonia are mostly based on social messages depicting the culture of the country and the cities, political events, pop culture, slogans, beautiful, magical creatures, and many other abstract ideas.

It is mainly focused on freehand graffitis. In Tallinn, the entire city is not covered with street arts but is more concentrated in the popular joints of the city. Some of the major attractions in Tallinn o find the creative street arts and murals are- the city cultural kilometer stretching up to 2km distance in the pedestrian and bike area.

The creative complex of telliskivi featuring some of the hip-hop and innovative graffitis and murals, Kalamaja area, Children Safety Center of Tallinn featuring the brightest colorful street arts, and many other popular areas.

The city also celebrates the most vibrant festival of Estonia. The JJ Street Baltic Session from the year of 2011 that showcases many creative graffitis with cultural events and competitions continuing for a week. The entire city looks extremely vibrant during this festival, celebrating the street art culture of Estonia.

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