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Top 5 BEST Supermarkets in Norway

Norway is undoubtedly one of the prettiest places on Earth. It is home to 1000 lakes, natural wonders, fascinating history, beautiful people, and food.

If you are new in Norway, the very first thing you do is an in-depth study about places, cities, restaurants, and many more to familiarize yourself with the culture, people, and, most importantly, the food. However, sometimes you miss out on some daily essential needs such as clothes and groceries.

So, here we are familiarizing you with some best supermarkets in Norway you could visit to get your groceries and other basic needs at your easiest convenience.

All of the mentioned Norway supermarkets are easily accessible and are located in all cities. The stores might not be huge, as you see in other countries like the USA and the UK, but there is no such thing you would not find in these Norway supermarkets.

Top 5 BEST Supermarkets in Norway


Meny, a leading Norwegian supermarket, a part of the popular Norges Gruppen group, opened its first store in 1992, focusing on serving fresh products only.

Meny is an all-purpose store where you can find fresh fish and bakery, skincare products, good supplements, fresh veggies, and body care essentials. At MENY, you come across a wide variety of options, which are difficult to find elsewhere.

From top international brand products, spices to particular vegetables, you can find everything here. Not falling for profit-making schemes like discounts and cash backs the store focuses mainly on supplying healthy and high-quality food essentials that people must consume in their everyday life.

Meny is listed as one of the biggest and best supermarkets in Norway. It is because of their absolute high-quality services, wide variety, cleanliness, and wonderful counter service.

What you can buy?

  • Availability of top foreign products
  • Fresh bakery and vegetables

REMA 1000

Rema 1000 is a multinational grocery chain. This supermarket first opened in 1979 in Trondheim. Presently, Rema 1000 has 868 stores in Norway, employing over 20,000 people in stores. Rema 1000 is run by the Reitan Group, i.e., Reitan Gruppen, one of the wealthiest people in Norway.

The Reitan Group was influenced by a German superstore Aldi and tried to indulge the same in Rema 1000. At first, they started with limited products offering higher discounts, but seeing Norwegian market demand, they started increasing their range of products for consumers.

This superstore chain has a blue color scheme, which makes them stand out from other competitors in the same business. Rema Blue offers many good options in Grocery, vegetables, small electronic equipment, etc.

If you are a regular customer, you must know about their mobile application which straightaway gives you a 10% discount on every shopping.

What you can buy?

  • Beverages and Plant-based products
  • Dairy and snacks
  • Seafood and particular meat


This supermarket chain founded in 1906 as the Norwegian Cooperative Association is now one of the biggest supermarket chains in the world. This superstore is a food cum hardware store scattered over 33 places in Norway.

At Coop, you are open to surf for 17,000 products in the store, including Bakery, Dairy, and other plant and animal-based products. Besides these, there are body essentials, and many hardware articles like locks, key, a ladder that you need to secure your house. This is the best supermarket in Norway you can rely on for every basic need.

What you can buy?

  • High-quality dairy products
  • Seafood
  • Cakes and bread
  • Hardware essentials
  • Fresh farm vegetables


Just like Meny, Kiwi is a leading supermarket chain in Norway and is run by the NorgesGruppen group. Kiwi is scattered over 500 places in Norway and the surrounding communities. This store has the most prominent color scheme, i.e., green, of course, because Kiwi is green.

The interior of the store is amazing, as everything looks green. When you are in Norway, you will see Kiwi stores or outlets everywhere.

It is a brand that every Norwegian love because it provides better products at the lowest price and lets you access more of the top international products or foods that are hard to find in other stores. The store is open all week and has special offers on Sunday.

What you can buy?

  • Seafood
  • Variety of Cheese
  • Wide range of Veggies


A supermarket chain owned by I. K. Lykke AS, having 250 locations in Oslo, and other Northern parts of Norway. We can call it a convenience store and not just a grocery store. The first store was opened in 1981 in Trondheim. Since then, they are leading the business alongside strong competitors.

Walk around the store, you will find multiple, etc. This store has a yellow, black theme for itself; surprising discounts are given on weekends. Grab your best deal at Bunpris.

What you can buy?

  • Meat options
  • Body essentials
  • Clothes
  • Packed food
  • Seafood
  • Bakery products

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Don’t forget to visit Norwegian supermarkets, or you would miss out on something great.

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