Top 15 Minimalist Travel Products (Sustainable and Plastic-Free!)

Are you planning to switch to minimalist travel products to be a bit more sustainable and reduce the use of single-use plastic? Read this post further.

The environment is something that we all need to preserve. Industrialization and modernization are equally important.

However, humans invented a lot of different things but forgot to preserve the environment. The world is really in bad condition now. Climate is changing, forests are catching fire, and the earth is depleting.

A lot of things have caused such situations. However, one of the biggest reasons for this is the use of single plastic. Thus, there are a lot of people trying to preserve the environment. Even the government is trying to create awareness among people. Various terms are famous among environmentalists. Some of them are plastic-free, zero waste, and minimalist.

Thus, if you want to take a step towards the environment and want to contribute, then you must switch to minimalist, sustainable products. Wastefulness taught many people to make secure steps and contribute to the environment. There is a heap of rubbish that is dumped everywhere, and the sad part is that it is all produced by humans. Therefore, it is essential to switch to sustainable and single-use plastic-free minimalist travel products.

Also, while packing for your journey don’t forget to put these eco-friendly swabs. LastObject is an awesome reusable alternative to single-use items. Switching to these reusable swabs you will reduce the waste which ends up in the ocean. What is even, you can use LastSwab over 1000 times and it’s pretty simple to wash with water and soap.

We have created a list of various products that will help you to make the switch with your daily routine products. It is essential to take this step to contribute to the environment.

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Top 15 Minimalist Travel Products (Sustainable and Plastic-free!)

Reusable and collapsible travel water bottle

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Reusable bottles come in handy when you are out for adventure and travel. They are a great way to reduce the environmental impact as you can avoid using plastic.

The collapsible bottles are even better as they do not take space in your travel bags. When it is not filled with water, it automatically collapses. Thus, it fits anywhere in the bag.

They are made with lightweight and environment-friendly materials like silicone. It is the best minimalist travel product.

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Reusable cutleries

If you want to travel sustainably, then you must remember to carry cutlery with you. In this way, you can avoid using plastic spoons and straws when you eat. You will find reusable cutlery made out of durable materials like wood and steel.

A lot of people even prefer sets made out of bamboo. It is completely made out of natural grass and is as durable as wood only. They usually come in a set and have a case as well.

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Reusable tote bag (for groceries)

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Tote bags are great as you can secure many things in one place only. Ideally, when you are traveling, you can use these bags to keep all your shopping items. In addition, if you are out on a very long trip, you can use it to buy groceries, as well.

Tote bags are usually made out of canvas cotton. They are durable and easy to carry. By carrying these bags, you are avoiding using plastic bags to secure your groceries and adding into the environment.

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Reusable and collapsible coffee mug

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The cups are amazing and can be carried while traveling, as well. Apart from that, you can carry them to your office too. The mugs are BPA free and non-toxic as well.

The mug is made out of sturdy and tempered glass, which can be recycled. The glass is microwave safe and is lightweight as well. It can be called as one of the minimalist, sustainable products.

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Menstrual cup

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Well, this is another product for minimalists. It can be re-used for many years, unlike the sanitary pads and tampons. In addition, pads and tampons take several years to decay. A menstrual cup offers complete protection and gives you odorless periods.

Also, you can swim, dance, run, and perform major physical activities comfortably. The other fantastic part is that the cups are easy to insert and remove.

They are made out of silicone material and are entirely safe. Apart from contributing to the environment, a menstrual cup can help you save money as well. You need to buy one or two pieces, and then you are set for years. It can be categorized as one of the best minimalist hygiene products.

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Package free solid toiletries
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Toiletries are a great addition to your travel kit. However, if you are someone who likes using sustainable and minimalistic products, then you must opt for package-free toiletries. Many brands sell solid toiletries without packaging.

You might find the solid bars packed in a brown paper bag. In addition, there are bars for shampoo and conditioners. They work like liquid shampoos and conditioners. It is wise to choose minimalist bath products when traveling.

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Organic sunscreen

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You cannot travel without carrying a sunscreen. However, you do not want to hurt the environment, as well. Then, you must opt for organic sunscreen. This one is usually vegetarian and does not contain any parabens.

Also, look for a sunscreen, which does not hurt the coral reef. You might want to look for a sunscreen, which is water-resistant as it will perform better. Choose one that falls under the category of minimalist skincare products.

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Solar Charger

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Travelling requires you to carry various things. One of them is a portable charger. You do not want your battery to die when you are trying to capture some videos and photos of the location. However, instead of carrying the usual travel or electric charger, switch to a solar charger instead.

You will have to keep your charger in the sun, and it will absorb all the solar energy. You can do this at home before leaving for your trip. Some of the solar chargers have 4 or 5 panels, and thus, those can absorb more energy. Hence, no need to worry about your charger losing its power. It saves electricity by making it to the list of minimalist travel products.

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Dr. Bonners All in one soap

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It is the best minimalist body product. These soaps are completely biodegradable and use natural and vegan products. Thus, this soap poses no threat to the environment.

They also come packed in 100% recycled papers. You can use them on your face, body, and hair. Thus, it is a good idea to carry this one with you while you travel. It will also free up space in your bag.

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Reusable and collapsible straws

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Plastic straws have caused a lot of damage to the environment. Thus, it is wise to switch to reusable and collapsible straws while traveling and in routine life both.

These straws usually come with a cleaning brush, which keeps your straw tidy at all times. They come with a case so that you can store it correctly in your purse.

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Natural deodorant

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Natural deodorants are free from parabens, aluminum, and phthalates. They are the best minimalist hygiene products. They are also BPA free and gluten-free.

The best part is that it provides 24-hour protection like any regular deodorant. It usually contains organic essential oils, which smell amazing.


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Kindle is a great reading device. Dump the usual books and switch to kindle. It saves a lot of paper, which in turn helps in preserving the environment.

You can buy any book online and read it on your kindle. The best part is that you can increase the fonts of the book.

Also, kindle is available in different sizes, and you can opt for the one which suits you best.

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Portable water purifier

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A portable water purifier can be a little difficult to carry while traveling. However, it depends on the size and the amount of luggage you are carrying. Some of the mare lightweight, and thus, you can consider carrying them.

The best part about the water purifier is that you can purify your tap water and fill it in your reusable water bottle. Hence, you can ditch buying plastic water bottles. It is an excellent product for minimalists.

Read our review on filter water bottles.

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Bamboo toothbrush

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Bamboo is a very sustainable material. It can be recycled easily, and it does not take years to decompose. Hence, switching to a bamboo toothbrush is a wise option.

Bamboo will also be very comfortable for your grip. You might find bamboo brushes in different colors, as well.

They are precisely the same as compared to a regular toothbrush. It is an excellent minimalist cleaning product.

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Natural toothpaste

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A natural toothpaste usually contains no fluorides, synthetic foaming agents, synthetic detergents, artificial flavors, preservatives, colors, or sweeteners.

You might not like the taste of this toothpaste, but it is suitable for your system and environment both.

Usually, we tend to eat a little bit of toothpaste while brushing. The regular toothpaste has various chemicals, which go into the body on a daily basis. Instead, natural toothpaste is a better option for the teeth, gums, and the system as well.

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These were some of the products for minimalists. You can also find minimalist hair products and minimalist makeup products.

Many people are switching to this as it keeps the environment safe. Also, a lot of these products are perfect for health.

Some of them are even cost-effective as they can be used for a very long period. Some of the products on the list can be carried when traveling, while some can be used daily.

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