Top Places to Visit in the United Kingdom (From Busy London to Scottish Highlands)

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Don’t know which places to visit in The United Kingdom? Actually, a better question is – where to start? It is only the greatest kingdom in the world that still exists in the present days. The kingdom covers four territories: England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. The long history and the vast region make the United Kingdom have some of the best world’s tourist destinations that will make your United Kingdom travel experience special.

Home to many great people and culture, United Kingdom is dotted with a long list of historical sites ranging from the medieval period to the pop culture era. From the birthplace of Shakespeare to the iconic studio where legendary The Beatles recorded their multi-platinum albums. The United Kingdom treasures a lot of great places to visit. There are so many ways to get to the United Kingdom. You can take flights to many of its international airports. There are five international airports located in London alone. From London, you can take flights to all major cities throughout the kingdom. The Channel Tunnel makes it possible to go to the United Kingdom by land transportation facilities, such as trains and buses. In fact, taking the bus is the cheapest way to enter the United Kingdom from several cities in Europe mainland.

However, the UK does not fully carry out the Schengen Agreement, so it means although you are traveling from another EU country, there will be a careful passport check prior to entering the UK. Visa is needed to enter UK if you are not citizens of Switzerland, EU, or EEA countries.

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When you travel to the United Kingdom, rest assure that you will not find any major communication problems. As the origin of English language, of course, almost all of the people here speak English. However, the dialect used in other countries outside England is very different, especially the Scottish dialect, so it can be quite challenging for foreigners to understand what the Scottish say.

So, if you want to visit, then spring will be the best time to visit the United Kingdom if you wish to feel the mild weather while watching the blooming flowers in those beautiful English gardens. The weather during summer is usually warm is most parts of UK, making it the most favorite time of the year for tourists to come to the UK. However, since this is the peak season, the prices are also going up significantly during this season. Here are some of the best spots to spend your holiday in the United Kingdom.

Top Places to Visit in the United Kingdom (From Busy London to Scottish Highlands)



Historically known since the Romans era, London is the capital city of United Kingdom and England. The seats of the Kingdom and the government are found in this city. Buckingham Palace is home to the Queen of England and her family, while 10 Downing Street is the house and the office of the elected prime minister. It is equal as The White House in The United States. While it is impossible to have a look inside Number 10, you can have a tour inside Buckingham Palace. However, please note that the palace is not open for public every day. You need to check first the schedule for the tour.

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London is also famous for its iconic Big Ben and London Tower. A more up-to-date landmark of London would be The London Eye, a giant Ferris wheel located on the side of River Thames. You can have a clear view of London from above. Apart from all these, London is also the capital city of the fashion world. There are plenty of interesting shopping shops here. From cheap vintage shops to popular middle-scale brand counters and department stores, to prestigious luxury designers’ boutiques can be found here in this city, making London a heaven for the fashion lovers. PLACES TO VISIT IN THE UNITED KINGDOM EDINBURGH


Edinburgh is the capital city of Scotland. The city is the perfect combination of the old and the new. You can spend your time strolling around the medieval Old Town or enjoy the view of classy Gregorian style in the New Town. The most famous landmark in Edinburgh is, of course, the Edinburgh Castle. This is where Scotland’s crown jewels and the Stone of Destiny are kept. These two things were essential during the coronation of Scotland’s kings. Scotland Crown Jewels are considered as the oldest crown jewels in the British Isles.

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To learn more about the history of Scotland, you should go to National Museum of Scotland. This museum has an extensive collection of displays, showing us the history of Scotland from different perspectives: nature, technology, fashion, art, and much more. Beside visiting historical sites, there are a lot of other things to do in Edinburgh. You can refresh your mind by strolling around the serene Royal Botanical Garden Edinburgh. Or, you can also walk or go cycling in the lavish Holyrood Park. You will also find the famous Arthur’s Seat in this park. If you are looking for something more fun, please go to Camera Obscura. This United Kingdom tourist attraction showcases plenty of fun optical illusions that will blow your mind. Camera Obscura is located in the Old Town part of Edinburgh. PLACES TO VISIT IN THE UNITED KINGDOM BELFAST


This capital city of Northern Ireland is charming with its collections of ancient buildings and beautiful gardens. Belfast was also the origin of the very iconic RMS Titanic that sunk in 1912. You can go to Titanic Belfast to get a deeper sight on the history of this unfortunate gigantic ship. If you want to get some drink while enjoying the Victorian atmosphere, you must go to Belfast’s most famous pub, The Crown Bar. Located in Great Victoria Street, The Crown Bar displays intricate Victorian style in its establishment. PLACES TO VISIT IN THE UNITED KINGDOM CARDIFF


Located on the south coast of Wales, Cardiff is the biggest city in Wales. It also serves as the capital city of the country. Not only is it famous for its impressive old buildings, but the city is also known for having a strong football and rugby tradition. No wonder, the city owns a state-of-the-art stadium called Principality Stadium. When you travel to the United Kingdom and make a stop in Cardiff, of course, you need to get to the Cardiff Castle. Built on the ruins of Norman and Roman site, Cardiff Castle looks simple on the outside with its Gothic style, but it is very elaborate and vibrant in colors on the inside.

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To learn more about Welsh history, we can go to St. Fagans National Museum of History. You will be able to see traditional craftsmen doing their work in this museum. PLACES TO VISIT IN THE UNITED KINGDOM SCOTISH HIGHLANDS

Scottish Highlands

Scottish Highlands is one of the most popular places to visit in the United Kingdom. This mountainous territory lies in the north-west of Scotland is a place that will stimulate your imagination. From the story of the immortal highlanders to the Lochness monster, they all began here.

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Lochness, which has been famous for its Nessie myth, is located in the center of Scottish Highlands. Other than a very intriguing story to be proven, Lochness is a treasure with its mesmerizing natural setting. You can go for a picnic or cycling on the shore of this impressive lake. PLACES TO VISIT IN THE UNITED KINGDOM CORNWALL


If you are longing for a lazy day on the beach during your United Kingdom trip, you have to go to Cornwall. Located on the southwestern tip of England, Cornwall is a very famous seaside resort in England. The place is decorated with plenty of tranquil sandy beaches. Some of the tourists’ favorite beaches in Cornwall are Perranporth, Porthmeor, and Kynance Cove. When you are bored of just lying down on the beach, you can take up some exciting water activities, such as surfing and sailing. Cornwall is also the home of Eden Project, the biggest greenhouse in the world. You can explore thousands of different kinds of plants here. It is also equipped with some outdoor activity facilities. Here you can ride England’s longest zip wire and a giant gravity swing. Apart from all these, there’s a caravan park in Cornwall you can stay if you’re road tripping around the UK – a recommended adventure travel, by the way!  How else can you enjoy UK’s blessed nature and off the beaten path areas? PLACES TO VISIT IN THE UNITED KINGDOM YORK


If you are looking for something more unique compared to other cities in the United Kingdom, York should be your choice. This is a walled city located in the northeastern region of England. York has a long impressive history since it was founded by the Romans. York’s best-known landmark is York Minster. This stunning Gothic cathedral was built in the medieval era, in the 13th century to be exact. For those of you who find the story of Viking interesting, you should make a stop at Jorvik Viking Center. Here you can have a ride to explore the dioramas showcasing the life of this infamous tribe. PLACES TO VISIT IN THE UNITED KINGDOM GLASGOW


This Scotland’s port city is the biggest city in the country. When you explore Glasgow, you will be charmed by the Victorian and Art Nouveau signature implemented in most of the city’s buildings. Glasgow has become a center of art and culture. That is why a lot of major music events take place in this part of Scotland every year. Glasgow is also filled with art centers, some of which are Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum and Gallery of Modern Art. Glasgow is also the home of Scottish Ballet and National Theatre of Scotland. PLACES TO VISIT IN THE UNITED KINGDOM SNOWDONIA


In the north-west part of Wales, you will find Snowdonia, home to Snowdonia National Park, one of the biggest national parks in the United Kingdom. Covering 2,130 meters square of land, Snowdonia keeps a lot of best places to visit in the United Kingdom.

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Not only decorated with a great natural setting that provides tourists great spots for outdoor activities, Snowdonia is also dotted with some historical sites that you should visit when during your United Kingdom travel. One of the famous historical landmarks here is Conwy Castle, a fortress that was built in the 13th century. PLACES TO VISIT IN THE UNITED KINGDOM CAMBRIDGE


As the home of one of the best and one of the oldest university in the world, Cambridge University, Cambridge, of course, has its own charm that you should see for yourself the next time you travel to the United Kingdom. Other than those majestic buildings housing the colleges of Cambridge University, Cambridge has some other interesting tourists attractions.

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During spring and summer, try to visit Cambridge University Botanic Garden which is beautifully landscaped. Take a walk among exotic blossoming flowers. You can also go to Fitzwilliam Museum where you can view art and artifacts from the past and the present days.

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#UK #EUROPE #TRAVEL | Places to visit in the United Kingdom | UK travel | Places to visit in UK | UK holidays | What to do in UK | Visit UK | Trip to UK | Holidays in UK | Places to see in UK
#UK #EUROPE #TRAVEL | Places to visit in the United Kingdom | UK travel | Places to visit in UK | UK holidays | What to do in UK | Visit UK | Trip to UK | Holidays in UK | Places to see in UK


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