Top 10 Trails and National Parks in England (The UK)


If you're visiting Great Britain and would like to explore the great outdoors, make sure not to miss some of these national parks in England!

From the lush terrain of Exmoor and panoramic views at the Lake District to the picturesque cliffsides of South Downs, England’s National Parks offer it all. Why not witness some majestic sceneries, try a range of outdoor activities, and encounter the wild fauna and flora? 

There are a total of 10 National Parks in England, namely created for anyone wanting to enjoy the bure bliss of natures and help conserve the environment. 

Another fantastic hike on the southern edge of North York Moors National Park is the Clevland Way. Find this astounding walk here:

Top 10 National Parks and Trails in England (The UK)

North York Moors National Park via Wikimedia Commons

North York Moors National Park: From Ravenscar To Robin Hood’s Bay

The North York Moors National Park offers a gorgeous 11-mile walk through some of the most contrasting landscapes. This nature reserve has a salient coastline that is  200 million years old and large vegetation of heather moorland.  

The walk from Craggy heights of Ravenscar to Howdale offers some outstanding moorland scenery. From there you would walk to old Scarborough-to-Whitby railway line and along the famous fishing village – Robin Hood’s Bay. 

The park shows off in August and early September when the heather is flowering. There is an abundance of wildlife these moors have to offer. 

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New Forest National Park

via Flickr|davidgsteadman

New Forest National Park: Blackwater Arboretum Trail

A significant royal hunting Park in the 11th century, this National Park is said to have the most historic woodlands in the whole of Western Europe. A gorgeous forest in the Blackwater Arboretum gives you a spectacular walk amongst a collection of trees including 1000-year old yews and 800-year-old oaks, redwoods and Douglas firs that date back to 1859. 

This trail allows nature lovers to get in touch with the environment, take deep breaths of crisp dewy air and listen to the sound of the trees dancing as you walk by. 

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Hadrianswall in Northumberland National Park via Wikimedia Commons|Michael Hanselmann

Northumberland National Park: Breamish Valley And Cochrane Pike

Out of the three National Parks in Nothern England, Northumberland by far offers something out of the ordinary. This gorgeous walk is an exhilarating four-mile walk in the vibrant Cheviot Hills covered in wild heather moorland, grasslands, and stunning coastlines. 

Explore the historic villages in Alwinton or discover Hadrian’s Wall, a magnificent 73-mile boundary wall that was built during the Roman Empire and that still remains today. If your lucky enough, you may hear the skylarks or spot red kites.

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Broads National Park: Barton Broad Boardwalk

The Broads National Park consists of 125-miles of lakes, marshes, and waterways – the complete package to peacefulness. For bird lovers, its the ideal habitat for spotting the rare birdlife – it’s home to Britain’s most significant and rarest butterfly, the Swallowtail.  

The Boardwalk is easily reachable for any walker and can be accessible by wheelchair. It takes you on a journey to discover what seems as though you are in a forgotten world.

The trail takes you through gorgeous surrounds of wet woodlands rife with wildlife.

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Stanage Edge From Hathersage
via Wikimedia Commons|Alewhey

Peak District National Park: Stanage Edge From Hathersage

The Peak District National Park was one of Britain’s first national parks found between Manchester and Sheffield. The nine-mile walk from Hathersage, a quaint village, up to the Stanage Edge and back – offers gorgeous views of Hope Valleys, Kinder Scout, Mam Tor, and Derwent. 

This gorgeous park and trail offer moorlands covered in heather and cotton grass, steep valleys, farmlands, limestone gorges, – perfect for any walker, cyclist, and climber.

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Aygarth Falls in the Yorkshire Dales
via Wikimedia Commons

Yorkshire Dales National Park: Aysgarth Falls and Freeholders’ Wood

Aysgarth Falls, situated in Yorkshire Dales National Park is a breathtakingly beautiful stretch of river found in the Lower Wensleydale area. This gorgeous river is fringed with trees reaching overflights of waterfalls. This spectacular site is well-known in the 1991 Robin Hood film, the Prince of Thieves. 

The walk through this reserve offers some fantastic sightings of the local fauna and flora such as red squirrels, dormice, and roe deer. The Trails offer excellent terrain for any walker, with 900 miles of footpaths. Those looking for more of provocation can make their way up one of the three peaks of Pen-y-Ghent, Whernside, and Ingleborough. 

For a successful trek, you would also need to ensure you have your trusty walking boots with you.

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South Downs National Park
via Wikimedia Commons

South Downs National Park: South Downs Way

South Downs is England’s newest National Park. The walk gives you a stunning 100-mile long trail that sums up everything you can think of when it comes to England. Its main features include the white cliffs at Seven Sisters, ancient woodlands, rolling hills, and quaint villages. 

This walk offers a stunning route from Winchester to Beachy Head. Walk amongst one of Britain’s most exceptional landscapes that have been shaped and carved in for centuries with its rich cultural heritage. 

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Coastal Area of the Exmoor National Park

Exmoor National Park: Combe Martin And The Hangmans

Exmoor is one of the most remote places in English, rich in history with its prehistoric landscape and the 37-mile coastline infringed on the highest sea cliffs in England.

The Combe Martin and the Hangmans trek is a five-mile walk starting in the charming village of Combe Martin. It’s well known for its rocky outcrops, mining remains, minerals and it’s a quiet beach. 

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Lake District
via|George Hodan

Lake District National Park: Ullswater Way 

A strikingly beautiful 20-mile walk around one of England’s most magnificent lakes, can it get any better? It connects the picturesque scenery of the Ullswater shores with quaint villages, clear lakes, hills scattered in daffodils and green valleys. 

Take a majestic walk to Lake District and hop on the Ullswater steamer boat back. Trek up Scafell Pike or take a kayaking trip on Ullswater or Coniston. The Lake District is one of the busiest National Parks in England and for a good reason. 

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Dartmoor National Park

Dartmoor National Park: Postbridge Circular Walk

Dartmoor National Park is home to rare wildlife including roe deer and red grouse. It’s an ideal place for horse riding or walking in the moors. The Granite tors are high for climbing, and any fishing enthusiasts can try their luck for salmon and trout in the River Dart. 

The Postbridge walk is a six-mile circular walk in Dartmoor National Park from the Postbridge Information Centre. This walk provides some spectacular views stretching out from Hartland Tor – the historical remains of England’s industrial past. Also here, you will find a stunning waterfall. 

The trek is also available with an audio guide, hikers can also listen to music by one of Dartmoor’s folk musicians, Seth Lakeman.

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Why Visit Englands National Parks And Walk The Trails?

The National parks were created for anyone ready to enjoy a natural environment for many years to come. Where wildlife can thrive in different terrains, landscapes, and cultures.

If you are an avid hiker, nature enthusiast or adventurer, no experience can top the National parks of England. Plan your next walk, climb, or ride in one of these national treasures. Grab your walking boots and find a national park in England to explore. 

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New Forest National Park


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