Points of Interest: Top Tourist Attractions and Things to do in London (U.K)

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In this post we’ll cover some of London points of interest and its top tourist attractions, if you’re planning a trip, this is a good place to start!

Being one of the top destinations in the world, the top tourist attractions in London draw more than 15 million visitors every year. Britain’s Capital is one of the most vibrant and diverse cities in the world with unlimited entertainment and leisure.

Not only London is famous for its taste in music but also is such a colorful mix of different cultures and ethnicities. Today, the City is England’s financial focus and considered as the base camp of vast numbers of the world’s biggest banks. It is also the perfect capital to find a last minute break!

The western part of the City is also home to numerous intriguing attractions. In case you’re wondering, don’t rush yourself through this part of the region – you may miss some excellent places.

If you are still unsure of what to see in London, think no more. From royal castles to the parliament, from art galleries to the exotic Ferris wheel, you could never have enough days for unique things to see and do. Another quick fact you should know about is that most places are free to visit.

Here are some famous points of interest in London you need to know about.

London Points of Interest: Top Tourist Attractions in London (U.K)

Buckingham Palace and The Changing of the Guard

Buckingham Palace and the Changing of the Guard

One of London tourist attractions, Buckingham Palace is not only famous for its classical building, but the Changing of the Guard offers a striking display to the visitors. Built in 1837, the building has been the residence of Royal Family since Queen Victoria’s succession. You can also be lucky to have a glimpse of her if the Royal Standard is up at the flagpole that means she’s in there.

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The Tower of London

The Tower of London along the Tower Bridge

The splendid Tower of London has played many different roles during the past years. Don’t be amazed because this tower has transformed itself into a palace from prison and a private zoo from a treasure vault through the ages. This glorious building holds the country’s rich history and heritage and offers the visitors hours of interest. This famous tower was built in 1078 by William the conqueror and preserves the royal jewels and armaments showcasing the unique history.

The British Museum

The British Museum

One of the top London tourist attractions includes the giant British museum that has more than 13 million artifacts from all over the world. Exquisite objects and jewels from China, different countries of Europe and Babylonia are showcased in this museum. Elgin Marbles and The Rosetta stone are the most famous yet controversial exhibits you can get to see in this exemplary museum.

Big Ben and The Parliament

Big Ben and The Parliament

One of the top tourist attractions in London, the iconic Tower Bridge is compelling as it sounds with a 318ft tower surrounding the huge clock and the emphatic bell known as The Big Ben. The Houses of Parliaments for the British government stretch along the Thames. They were once the site of the royal Westminster Palace. Visitors are often offered the tours of Parliament to get enchanted by the lively political debates and discussions.

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London's National Gallery

London’s National Gallery

What to see in London? Well, London’s National Gallery is ranked as one of the top Art Galleries all around the world today is one of the most beautiful attractions of the city. They exhibit the unique European paintings gathered from 1260 to 1920. The collections of Dutch and Italian artists take this gallery to another level of interest. The animated sketch of Madonna and Child by Leonardo da Vinci is something you don’t want to miss out here.

Victoria and Albert Museum

Victoria and Albert Museum

The Victoria and Albert Museum was founded in 1852 containing almost about 145 galleries. These galleries exhibit around 5000 old pieces of art and artifacts such as glass, ceramics sculptures, and ironwork spread over an area of 13 acres. This museum is a part of the South Kensington group of museums that also include the famous Natural History Museum.

Piccadilly Circus and the Trafalgar square

Piccadilly Circus and the Trafalgar square

Close to the London’s eye-catching theatre Soho, there are two well-famous squares known as Piccadilly Circus and Trafalgar Square. Trafalgar Square was built in 1805 to honor the victory of Lord Horatio Nelson over the French and Spanish. While some busy and irregular streets of London like Piccadilly, Regent and Haymarket run into the Piccadilly Square.

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The Two Tates

The Two Tates

When in doubt what to see in London – The Two Tate Galleries: Tate Britain and Tate Modern are one of the most exotic London’s tourist attraction having some serene art collections in them. Initially opened in 1897 as the basis of the collection of Britain’s National Art, it ended up as Tate Britain in Millbank and Tate Modern on the Bankside.

Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey gives a new turn to the London attractions because of its association with British Royalty and Christianity since the early 7th century. Westminster Abbey was found in 1065 by Edward The Confessor as a place of his burial. Almost after 700 years, this place had become a landmark of interment when George ll was buried here. Recently, it’s becoming popular for Royal Weddings.

Churchill's War Rooms

Churchill’s War Rooms

Ever wondered where the intense battles during the World War ll were operated? Well if you have, you need to visit Churchill’s War Rooms. Winston Churchill directed the military campaigns and the defense of Britain through these perfectly preserved nerve-centers. The acute conditions highlighted in these rooms spotlight on the nerve-reckoning conditions in England during the war. The famous Wartime speeches that Churchill made during the war were improvised through the Radio Station in these war rooms.

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Hyde Park

Hyde Park

London’s well-known attraction and most significant open space “Hyde Park” covering almost 350 acres with blissful sights were made in 1635. There’s a famous lake known as Serpentine built in 18th century specifically for boating and swimming and adds to the beauty of this park. There are a Speaker Corners in this park representing the Freedom Of Speech in the country. Apsley House that houses some of the magnificent collections of Wellington is also present in this park.

St. Pauls Cathedral

St. Paul’s Cathedral

St. Paul’s Cathedral sits on top of the Roman Temple and is without a doubt one of the most spectacular Churches in London today. The Great fire of 1666 had previously burnt the structure of this church, but the efforts of Sir Christopher Wren helped this building to become one of the masterpieces of English architecture.

Covent Garden

Covent Garden

The famous Covent garden of London encompasses a wide range of streets such as Neal’s Yard and Seven Dials having all kinds of shops, restaurants and market halls. The street performers are a real delight here. The market in Covent Garden has various shops having all types of finely made hand-crafted objects. London Transport Museum has all the historic trolleys, buses and trams for the visitors to get enchanted.

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Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court Palace

One of London attractions, Hampton Court is one of the great historical sites of Europe. The great halls of this Palace revise the ages back till Henry VIII’s time. Elizabeth I came to know about the defeat of Spanish Armada in this Palace. The Clock Court is an exciting feature here with an astronomical dial and dates back to 1540. The lush and blooming gardens here, especially in mid of May, are worth visiting.

Greenwich and Docklands

Greenwich and Docklands

The Greenwich visitor center exhibits the history of British Marine and Naval power dating almost 500 years back. Queen’s House and the National Maritime Museum perfectly illustrate the accomplishments of the British Royal Navy. If you are thinking to do something unusual, you can be in two hemispheres at a time by putting each foot across the Meridian Line in the Royal Observatory.

The transformed Docklands is now the hub for many business and recreational parties. The Museum of London Docklands refreshes the memory of the Roman times by bringing the ancient artifacts to life.

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So, what are you waiting for?

London tourist attractions are spread all over the city. If you are in to see some exemplary sites, you should prefer staying in Central London. London points of interests are best accessible this way. You can use the fast Transit System to travel throughout the city.

Luxurious hotels such as The Goring, The Langham, and The Ritz London are the city’s specialty. But if you are watching over your budget, you should prefer staying at The Fielding Hotel or The Grosvenor Hotel that provide an excellent accommodation being friendly to your wallet.

The double-decker sightseeing buses can be a good idea to visit different sites in London if you intend to stay for a short time. The tickets are available 24/7 and flexible ensuring a convenient and admirable trip according to your needs. Some easy and straightforward guided tours that let you visit the must-see sights in a day period are also offered by Bath Day Trip from London. In case you are a Harry Potter fan, you can visit the Warner Bros Studio to take a look at the majestic sets on which the movie was shot. Costumes and props are also offered to try out for some die-hard fans.

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