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The Western Fjords is a large peninsula located in the northwest of Iceland. According to the locals, the island is shaped like a dragon, and Western Fjords look like its head.

In the West Fjords, you can find unmatched and breathtaking scenery. The roads lead you across the high mountains, and most of the roads are narrow.

Over the years, it has achieved an amazing view. If you are heading there in June, expect to see piles of snow in the hills, and there are scenic falls and small rivers in several places.

It also holds the most significant number of geothermal springs in Iceland. Most of them are those only known to the locals. So, be sure to ask around. It is easy for you to get lost in for a few days while exploring.

Have a look at some of the top things to do in Western Fjords.

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Experiences and top things to do in Norway’s Western Fjord


Trollstigen is one of the best things to see in Western Fjord and the most visited tourist track in Norway. It is an engineering marvel stretched in the heart of natural landscape to lead you to a joyful ride.

It adds beauty with its 11 scenic hairpin turns to show various highlights of natural scenery across the road. Each turn has a name and is usually named after the supervisor behind its construction on a specific section.

The road is also carved in the mountain and other stone-built places.


No matter where you drive to, most scenic routes are so stunning that you will not want them to end anytime soon. Driving through Aurlandsfjellet is one of the best activities in Western Fjord.

You will get through the high mountain region where you can see snow on the ground all year round. It is very spectacular in terms of views.

It is fascinating in winter when you see the landscape turning from vivid tapestry to a symphony in grey and black and white nuances.

Sogn og Fjordane county

It is a county located in West Norway. It is bordered in north by Møre og Romsdal and south by Hordaland and east by Buskerud and Oppland.

This county is located in the heart of famous western fjords in Norway, and it also houses the most profound and longest fjord in Europe.

These fjords can be reached by road and train, unlike massive fjords of Antarctica and Greenland.

Glaciers and fjords in Norway dominate Sogn og Fjordane. It is the least populated region of Norway. There are only small villages in some areas, and there are no towns in most parts.

Around 50% of the area is perched about 1000m above sea level, and the area is very hilly.


The Atlantic Road (Atlanterhavsveien) is also known as ‘The Road in the Ocean’ as it goes through the islands through seven bridges in the sea like a snake. On the Atlantic Road, you will embark on an unmatched journey around the magnificent The Atlantic Ocean.

In 1989, this scenic route was opened and was known as one of the most beautiful Western Fjords landmarks, thanks to its scenic natural surroundings and modern engineering.

It was named as the Norwegian Construction of the Century in the year 2005, and it takes you through cultural landscape, moorland, weather-affected islands, and bays.

The ocean played a vital role in Norway over the centuries, both for recreation and Western Fjords sightseeing and a means of transport. The fishing industry is also flourishing thanks to the communities near the Atlantic Ocean for generations.

The Atlantic Road is more than just an improvement for goods transport in the fishing industry and an excellent journey for those who love to experience the unique combination of engineering and nature, be it by foot, car, or bike.

Jugendstil Senteret

Jugendstilsenteret is an Art Nouveau Center in Møre og Romsdal and central Alesund in Norway. It belongs to the Foundation Cultural Quarter in Alesund.

It is located in the Art Nouveau, which is designed in Swan Pharmacy. It was designed by Hagbarth Martin Schytte-Berg, an architect based in Norway and built from 1905 to 1907. It was the first Art Nouveau listed monument located in Alesund, and it consists of the best-preserved interior in the town.

Jugendstilsenteret is a major center, which exhibits both international art and multimedia exhibitions.

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