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Top 10 BEST Beaches in Sweden to Visit

Sweden is a country with untouched beauty and mostly famous for winter activities. But that does not mean it has nothing for visitors who want to come to Sweden in the summertime. Flanked by the Baltic Sea, Gulf of Bothnia, and Norweigan Sea, there are many beautiful beaches in Sweden.

The land of serene, calm and beautiful beaches have plenty of amazing places to sunbathe and swim. All Sweden beaches are clean and have many amenities for the convenience of the visitors giving you serene holiday experience.


Top 10 BEST Beaches in Sweden to Visit


Boda is a village on the Öland island in Sweden. It is a popular tourist destination as it is close to the Baltic Sea. There are several small towns and villages such as Kyrketorp, Bödahamn, and Mellböda.

The Beach of Boda sand is famous and has many campsites there. The way to get there is to use Road 137 connecting Kalmar to Oland. The beach is long with soft, white sand and water sports facilities. This 20 km stretch has public facilities and a golf course as well.

Visitors will also find prams, toilets, food kiosks, showers, and sun loungers. Krono camping ground has a sauna, an outdoor pool, and a game room as well. It is an excellent place for the so-called sun worshippers.


This beach is located in Stockholm and has facilities, cafes, and restaurants for the public. It is a popular beach pulling a large crowd in the summer. There are bare cliffs and vast lawns. Visitors can bring food for a picnic or just grab some stuff from one of the cafes. The beach is known for water safety and quality there, thus attracting visitors. It is also conveniently located in Stockholm.


The Varamon beach is in the center of Sweden, in Östergotland. It is a popular destination with visitors and locals. The sunny beach has soft sand and public facilities along with activities for families as well as children.

You can get here from the city of Motala. It is also known as the “Pearl of Vattern” and gets around 80 hours more sunlight than the rest of Sweden. There are tall trees nearby, and you can walk in the shadows if it gets too hot. People can go windsurfing or kayaking and get food from the kiosks around.

ribersborg malmo sweden

Image by Laura Åkerblom from Pixabay


The Ribersborg lies in Malmö and is only 3 km away from the city center. The beach was made in 1920 for recreational purposes. The sand was brought from Öresund by train, and there are lawns by the beach. Biking and walking trails are also made for public use.

Ten bathing piers, a sauna and a café with a sea view. Between the marina and the last bathing beach, the section is open for nude sunbathers as well. There is a separate area for dogs and a green area along with showers and swimming areas.


Located near Stockholm, this family-friendly beach has facilities for recreation and food. It is in the center of Stockholm in the Kungsholmen district. One can get there by taxi or metro. The beach is near a lush lawn in Ralambshov Park.

There is no fee for entering and enjoying the beach. The water is clear, shallow, making it a good swimming spot for everyone. The amenities include showers, toilets, and changing rooms. You will find food outlets in case you get hungry.


Located in Faro, Sudersand is a shallow and sandy beach that has green surroundings. The green area attracts soccer players and even volleyball players. There are cottages and camping tents for rent as well. The fine, white sand is great for sunbathing, and a small kiosk serves burgers, fish, and chips. The waves are mild, and families can enjoy a day out here.

Skanian Beaches

The coastal landscape of Skane is perfect for beaches. Skane is the southernmost province and the largest city here in Malmo. The Täppet in Åhus beach is excellent for families and children; the water is shallow, and the sand is soft. The beach stretches out for 40 km.

The Mälarhusen and Sandhammaren beaches are found near the fishing village of Skillinge. Wild grass and white sand characterize these Sweden beaches. If you are a naturist, then go to the area near Hagestad.

The beaches in Sweden near Skanör-Falsterbo are known for the cute candy color huts. It stretches from Kämpinge to Skanör-Falsterbo and has a restaurant as well. The Lomma-Bjärred outside Malmö is quite popular with kids.

There are restaurants and swimming baths as well. The beaches in Helsingborg is right by the pier, where you can relax with kids. The picturesque village of Mölle has a pretty beach, while the one at Rörum beach has pine trees.


Tylosand is a locality in Halland County in Sweden. The 7 km long beach is quite popular, and it also has a hotel and golf course. It 10 km away from the city center of Halmstad. The high dune belt has fine and white sand, while the shore is quite shallow, making it suitable for children.

There are toilets that are handicapped accessible as well, and lifeguards keep an eye out. There are some bars and restaurants around it where people can eat and try Swedish drinks to enjoy the day out.


The Sandhammaren beach has been known to match eth Caribbean. It is a famous beach in Österlen with fine white sand. There is a sandpit for children and lighthouses that mark the way for ships. A food kiosk ensures that you don’t go hungry. People must be careful of the undercurrents while they paddle or bathe there.


The beach at Skutberget is located on Lake Vanern. The beach is curbed and has an area for camping. It is mostly peaceful and quiet, where you can take some time to just breathe in peace. The beaches in Sweden are clean with soft sand and shallow waters mostly.

It’s safe and has many amenities that make visitor’s life easier. The water is warm on certain days and cools on some as Sweden isn’t a tropical area. The camping areas around the beaches are quite good and have useful amenities as well. You will not find a dearth of food in Sweden beaches along with options for water activities.

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