Top 9 BEST Cafes in Stockholm to Chill Out


Some of the best cafes in Stockholm are famous for Sweden’s best coffee and giving you a must needed Fika while traveling.

Whenever you visit a new place, cafes are something that you just cannot pass upon. They prove to be so useful, especially as a way of truly visiting a place and getting to know it better.

Whether you want them to be a nice background for your pictures or taking it a step further and actually stepping inside, basking in all its local food glory, the cafes in Stockholm is a more personal means of getting a taste of the Swedish culture. There are plenty of options from Stockholm cafe to Fika serving cafes within the city.

Not to mention the fact that the Swedes love their coffee and rank third among all countries worldwide for being avid coffee drinkers. One big aspect of Swedish culture associated with cafes is the term “Fika”. Fika is a cultural thing, and all Swedes take it fairly seriously.

Fika basically means to pause for a bit and take some time out for yourself. It involves unwinding over a warm drink with some baked items. Stockholm is dotted with so many cafes, all offering something different. Whether you want a nice open brunch spot or a sophisticated fine dining experience, there is a cafe for you. Below are some of the best cafes in Stockholm that are located within the beautiful city.

Top 9 BEST Cafes in Stockholm to Chill Out


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Färgfabriken or the Color Factory Cafe is not your typical run-off the mill cafe that just serves good food and nothing else. The history of this cafe is quite interesting as the cafe was an erstwhile paint factory that was later turned into a cafe.

The cafe is located in a secluded place away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Apart from lip-smacking dishes, it also organizes art exhibitions of contemporary artists.

The building itself looks extremely pleasing aesthetically, and the insides are spacious and well lit. Since it is located a bit off the beaten track, you might have to take a tram and walk for about 2 minutes to get here.

Not only is the food good here but the prices are quite reasonable, and if you are a vegetarian all the better as it is vegetarian-friendly. The cafe is located in Lövholmsbrinken 1, Stockholm, and is open Tuesday through Sunday.

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Kaknästornet Cafe Sweden
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The Kaknästornet once used to be Europe‘s tallest buildings, but today it serves as a TV and Radio tower. It is also a cafe that provides some amazingly breathtaking views of the whole of Stockholm city. This cafe is the perfect spot to hang out with your family, especially around Christmas time, it is the only time when this cafe is literally jam-packed with people.

If you are a solo traveler, no place could be a better choice to take a Swedish Fika than this. Not only will you get mouth-watering dishes served here, but the view from the 28th floor where this cafe is situated will surely take your breath away.

Although this cafe might not be so budget-friendly, the view that you get is something that is hard to pass up on. Especially the dessert table is something you just cannot afford to miss. The cafe is located in Morka Kroken, Stockholm, and can be easily reached via bus.

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Under Kastanjen
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Under Kastanjen

If you are taking a stroll in the Gamla Stan or the old town area of Stockholm city, you will come across this quaint and cozy cafe located under a chestnut tree.

In fact, Under Kastanjen literally translates to “Under the chestnut tree.” Not only are the Swedish good with innovative foods and drinks you have to admit they are good with coming up with unique names for their cafes as well.

This Stockholm cafe boasts a bistro, a bar, and not one but two bakeries. One is 100% gluten-free. They also serve vegan food, so this cafe is highly recommended if you have food allergies or are a vegan.

The cafe has an indoor as well as an outdoor sitting area where you can sit and watch the chestnuts fall from the tree on to the cobblestone, and maybe put some in your pocket for keepsake.

This cafe is apt to have the traditional Swedish meatballs, and also the coffee here is something else, pair it with some Swedish baked goodies or just have it on its own. For all the aesthetic lovers, this is your must-visit cafe in Stockholm and one of the best cafes in Stockholm.

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Älskade Traditioner

Greatly inspired by the 1950s, the Älskade Traditioner is a homely cafe located in Södermannagatan, Stockholm. Älskade Traditioner translates to “Beloved Traditions” in English, which is quite apt as this cafe just oozes Swedish tradition and culture, and somehow it also makes you want to be a part of that tradition.

Since this cafe is so popular, it is always crowded, and so it is not surprising that you have to wait a while before a chair gets vacant.

The cafe has a lot of options when it comes to meals, from sweet and savory melt-in-your-mouth waffles to milkshakes with a Swedish twist to them this cafe might just turn out to be where you let your guard down and just indulge. A perfect comfort food cafe of sorts. This cafe offers vegetarian, gluten-free, and also vegan food options.

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Greasy Spoon

The Greasy spoon is a stylish and contemporary looking cafe located in Tjarhovsgatan, Stockholm. A perfect place to enjoy a hearty brunch while soaking up the sun if you choose its outdoor sitting area.

The cafe specializes in American, British, and European cuisine, so if you are in Stockholm and you suddenly get homesick, you know where to go.

The cafe not only in terms of its cuisine but ambiance and decor-wise as well as a very American feel to it. What’s with the jukebox playing hits from legendary American and British artists. One of its most famous dishes that are sure to get you hooked is eggs Benedict and beetroot hollandaise. Be sure to eat here once when you visit Stockholm, and I bet you won’t be disappointed.
Johan & Nyström

To further promote coffee culture and to express their huge love for coffee, we have this cafe Johan & Nyström, which is also a concept store and roastery. Literal heaven to all coffee aficionados Swedish or not, this cafe is also a roastery where they produce fair trade coffee and showcase it in their cafe.

The cafe also regularly holds educational courses to let people know and to educate them on how coffee is made and what really goes into making the perfect cup of coffee.

If you are someone that loves coffee and would love to learn about it more, then no doubt, you should definitely visit this cafe. Here you can meet other equally great coffee lovers and maybe strike up a conversation with them over a warm mug of coffee? The cafe is located in Swedenborgsgatan, Stockholm.

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Best cafes in Stockholm: Kaffeverket, Stockholm, Sweden
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At Kaffeverket, you will be surprised as to how many options of food you get; with that many choices, it is no doubt very hard to choose one. The cafe is located in Sankt Eriksgatan, Stockholm, and is easily accessible through the subway.

The cafe has a sophisticated and quaint atmosphere. It is a perfect place for a lazy weekend brunch. Although a bit more expensive than most cafes in the neighborhood, the pancakes and croissants here are to die for.

Most of its clientele rave about not only its food but also how welcoming and warm its staff is. If you are in the neighborhood or even if you are not in the neighborhood, this cafe should definitely be on your list.

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Green Rabbit

The Swedes are not only big fans of coffee, but they also take their bread very seriously. Here at Green Rabbit, you will be greeted with a warm smile and a whiff of their organic rye bread the moment you enter. The cafe is a creation of famous chefs Mathias Dahlgren and Martin Berg.

Here the main goal is to source their ingredients locally, which paves the way for more sustainability. Serving one of the best-tasting coffees in the whole of Sweden, this cafe also offers different varieties of bread and other baked items fresh from the oven.

Its star dish might just be the soup of the day and the Danish smørrebrød. The cafe is vegetarian-friendly and is located in Tegnérgatan, Stockholm.

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Café Pascal

If you want a fine dining experience at one of the cafes in Stockholm, Café Pascal is your best bet. The cafe is located in a quiet corner, 5 minutes away from the bustling Odenplan.

The cafe is so good was also the recipient of the Gulddraken award for being the best cafe in Stockholm, 2019. The cafe serves some amazing coffee and sandwiches. Its pistachio croissant and the portobello sandwich are just out of this world.

Another good thing about this cafe is that they use organic ingredients to make their food, so it is a must-visit for all health-conscious people out there. The cafe is located in Norrtullsgatan, Stockholm, which is very close to the metro station and among the best cafes in Stockholm.

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Snickerbacken 7

A very laid back and cool cafe, Snickarbacken 7 is located in an alleyway inside a gallery in 7 Snickarbacken, Stockholm.

This Stockholm cafe is perfect for a brunch and for the famous Swedish Fika. The cafe offers a wide selection of coffees, and their traditional cinnamon buns are something that will have you coming here again and again.

The cafe is child and pet-friendly, and as for the service, it is beyond excellence. Although quite popular with the Swedes, this place, especially during mid-afternoons, is very quiet with not many people—a perfect time to sit and work and be productive while indulging.

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Under Kastanjen


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