Best Day Trips from Stockholm: Weekend Trips from Stockholm (Sweden)

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Stockholm is the largest city and capital of Sweden and a must-visit tourist attraction. You can visit a lot of exciting museums to learn about the arts, culture, and history of the city. If you love outdoors, you will definitely fall in love with the beautiful countryside around the city where woodlands, islands, coastal towns and lakes offer a lot of room for day trips from Stockholm and adventures.

You can go wherever you want to be with its excellent rail, road, and boat connectivity and you will come across a lot of things to do on the outskirts of the city. Visit the ancient villages, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, spectacular waterways, and fairytale castles in your boat trips from Stockholm. This sprawling archipelago houses over 30000 islands and you can visit these islands and all of their tourist attractions with boat trips in Stockholm.

So, here are the best day trips from Stockholm to plan your adventure:

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Day Trips from Stockholm: Weekend Trips from Stockholm (Sweden)

top day trips from stockholm sweden sigtuna


Tourists who are planning a day trip from Stocksholm should visit this idyllic town after visiting the whole capital and enjoying most of the sightseeing. Boat trips from Stockholm will take you to the core of this destination which is also the birthplace of Sweden, Stigtuna.

With this 9-hour boat trip, you will sail along the calm and serene waters of Lake Mälaren to get a deep insight to the past of Sweden capital which dates back to 980 CE, its ruins, leftovers, and churches. The cruise is available from the start of July to the mid of August.

top day trips from stockholm sweden drottningholm palace

Drottningholm Palace

Visiting Stockholm is an experience on its own but if you do decide to wander other places in the surrounding areas then you must not miss Drottningholm Palace, which is the UNESCO World Heritage Site and where the King and Queen of Sweden live. It also includes entry to The Chinese Pavilion, Drottningholm Palace itself, an 18th-century old theater, and the nearby gardens and parks.

It takes around an hour from Stockholm to Drottingham but if you take a boat trip, it will take you about 5 hours, but you may want to stay longer and get back by public transport or subway to get around in the city. Boats leave from the deck near the City Hall. These boat trips are available from March to October.

top day trips from stockholm sweden uppsala domkyrka cathedral


It is a convenient 70km train trip or a short road trip through the northwest of the city center and only 25-minute drive when you are coming from Arlanda Airport. The historic University City, Uppsala houses rich history and captivates the eyes of visitors from different parts of the world. It is the fourth largest city in Sweden, but you won’t see it like that because it has the traditional feel, especially if you are meandering along the old town’s winding streets.

Some of the major highlights are Domkyrka, a 13th-century cathedral, and Gustavianum, the University Museum. You may definitely love to wander around the Botanic Gardens and the university grounds, and relax in several cafes and waterside parks.

If you have the plan to get there without the hassle of getting lost, and navigating the streets, pick the weekend trips from Stockholm tours which include Uppsala. These full-weekend adventures have the exotic visit to the historical landmarks of Viking in Granby and Täby, with a guided tour to Old Uppsala and Sigtuna. Have all the fun and free time to have the complete experience of New Uppsala.

It is an amazing city with plenty of romantic and small cafes, medieval buildings, and vivid nightlife. To get to Uppsala from Stockholm (or from Stockholm to Uppsala), you may take a 2-hour train journey from the city. Be sure to explore Uppsala Castle and Uppsala Cathedral, along with pre-historic mounds and pre-Viking in the old side of town.

top day trips from stockholm sweden lake malaren

Lake Mälaren

Third largest lake in Sweden, Lake Mälaren is located west of Stockholm. This waterway is 117km long which extends the way along the regions of Uppsala, Västmanland, Södermanland, and Stockholm to Baltic.

A lot of inlets and arms align the shores. Boats sail to Stockholm from the Baltic region on the Hammarbyleden and Södertälje Canal. The shores are partly rocky and fertile which house manor houses, castles, and sprawling estates. The boat services run across 1000 islands, including Björkö during summers. On Mälaren, the principal provinces are Västerås, Stockholm, and Uppsala.

top day trips from stockholm sweden vaxholm fortress


Vaxholm belongs to a cluster of thousands of islands, Stockholm Archipelago, which are simple to access from the capital of Sweden. It is located only 30-minutes from the capital on a quick boat ride. Vauxholm is a small town which is preserved well, and it has the art of the 19th century in the form of rustic wooden homes painted in typical pastel colors.

Vaxholm Fortress is known to be among the tourist attractions built to prevent pirates in the 16th century. You can visit the fortress and witness its exhibits in the Swedish National Museum.

Take the boat trip from Stockholm to explore the picture-perfect town of Vaxholm located in the northeast of the archipelago. It is an idyllic tourist destination filled with shops, narrow streets, and citadel and art galleries.

top day trips from stockholm sweden sandhamn hotel


Located in the far east of Stockholm Archipelago, the Sand Harbor or Sandhamn is a small town located only two hour’s drive from Sweden capital. If you have time, take the scenic boat ride to set your journey longer.

It has become an incredibly popular destination for both global tourists as well as the Swedes. Sandhamn was initially a sea pilot station. Today, it is nothing like a destination for the fun-loving tourists. You may rent a kayak or a bike when you get here to witness the town. You can enjoy swimming on the pebble beaches during summers.

top day trips from stockholm sweden saltsjobaden uppenbarelsekyrkan church altar


Located around 25 minutes of a train ride or 20km southeast of Stockholm, Saltsjöbaden is a small posh town in the Baggensfjärd. It houses a yacht marina along with a trendy seaside resort, golf course, grand hotel, and tennis courts.

Do you have the courage to challenge yourself? Enjoy bathing in an open-air pool named Friluftsbad. If you want to soak up the sun and dine by the salty sea air and water, boat in the bay, or lounge on the beach, Friluftsbad is the hottest favorite destination for day trips in Stockholm.

top day trips from stockholm sweden birch island bjorko ansgar cross

Birch Island (Björkö)

The Birch Island of Björkö is located around 30km west of Stockholm. It is one of the oldest towns of Sweden. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site which was the hub for trading in the Mälar Valley during the Viking era.

Birka has been the attraction for both local and foreign tourists, as it dates back to the 8th century. A wealth of pre-historic leftovers have been studied and excavated since the 19th century. From Strömma Kanalbolaget, boat trips depart at City Hall during summer. You can dine at the restaurant on the island and take guided tours here.

top day trips from stockholm sweden sormlandsleden


The Sörmland trail or Sörmlandsleden is mainly a hiking tour system, and the trails cover 1000 km of walkways south of Stockholm. The walking path passes through the areas of cultural tradition, natural reserves, and various ancient monuments.

The trail starts at Björkhagen and takes the tourists through various provinces, including Nynäshamn, Stockholm, Nyköping, Trosa, Oxelösund, Hälleforsnäs, Katrineholm and others. Several branches here pass through the areas like Eskilstuna, Flen, Mariefred, and Gnesta.

You may take the trails which take you through Paradiset Natural Reserve, Tyresta National Park, Nackareservatet, Stora Träsket Nature Reserve, and other natural reserves.

You will spot the orange colored markings on the trail along the pole and signs or rings with letter “S” or symbols with an orange backdrop. The path will take you through various difficulty levels and different terrains. You can also rest at campsites, lean-to, rest areas, shelters and log cabins. You can also refill your bottle with fresh drinking water from various springs here. There are 100 sections on the trails. The section length varies from 3km to 17km.

top day trips from stockholm sweden broby bro

Broby bro

There are six runestones at Broby bro which is located at Uppland. The Broby bro runestones U139, U151, and U140, stand tall by the road, but U136, U135, and U137 are standing away from the road. The last three stones dated back to 1020 to 1050 in Pr2 style, but the internal bonding proves that U137 is the oldest runestone.

They belong to the c.20 group of runestones, Jarlabanke, and his clan, which are combined with local strongman. These runestones belong to the matriarch of Estrid clan with the Hargs bro and Uppland Rune and runic inscriptions 101, 147 and 143.

The U137 is the sign that Gag is the son of Osten and Estrid, who dies and Osten was still alive when it was raised. U135 and U136 are the twin monument which is the symbol of the visit of Osten to Jeruselum, and he died in the Byzantine Empire.

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