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Europe in August: Top 10 Best Places to Visit

Europe in August is the typical European summer where the days are longer with bright sunshine, and the continent sparkles brilliantly under the blazing sun. In Europe, It is the peak tourist season, crowded by tourists and visitors in the streets, sightseeing areas, beaches, shopping markets and almost every corner of the European cities.

The hotels and accommodations this time are quite expensive and packed up. If you are planning for Europe holidays in August, make sure you have your accommodations pre-booked.

What is the weather in Europe in August?

The northern part of Europe has pleasantly warm weather to travel. The temperature mostly remains around 20 degrees and sometimes have a drop due to little rain of not more than 12 degrees. The western part of Europe almost has a similar kind of climate as the temperature varies between 20 and 13 degrees.

The eastern part of Europe experiences a very hot and humid climate having a soaring temperature of 26 degrees. While the Mediterranean part is the hottest having temperature between 34 and 24 degrees but still you can travel as the humidity drops in this region in August.

A summer tour in Europe can be a bit confusing to understand which places will be the best to explore as most of the destinations loaded with travelers. So to suggest to you where to go on holiday in August, here is the following list of places that will let you decide where to travel in August in Europe.


Places to Visit Europe in August

Old Town architecture in Stockholm Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm is a charming European city, which is the capital of Sweden. Due to its strategic location at the confluence of Lake Malar and Salt Bay, it is popularly given the name of “Beauty in Water.” It is a complete summer destination and hence one of the best places to go in August.

The city during this time has a temperature between 17 to 20 degrees with 9 hours of sunshine. You can hunt for the exclusive museums and art galleries of the city during this time. You can go for a city walk to explore the Gamla Stan Old town of Stockholm, have a day tour at the Stockholm traditional market.

Also, you can go for Sigtuna boat trip on Lake Maralen, or visit the famous city attractions like Vasa Museum, Djurgarden, Skansen Open Air Museum, The Royal Palace, gorgeous Fotografiska, City Hall, and many more.

August lets you enjoy some of the best summer festivals like the Stockholm Cultural Festival, WeAreSthlm music festival, Stockholm Arts Festival. And the Stockholm Midnight runs, Swedish Kraftskiva and other local events. The city is packed with entertainment stuff in August, which makes it among the famous August gateways in Europe.

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points of interest where to go and places to visit in andorra andorra la vella


Andorra is a beautiful hilly country lying on the ranges of European Pyrenees and situated between the states of France and Spain. If you want to escape the scorching European summers, Andorra is a great destination to travel in August due to temperatures ranging between 12 to 17 degrees.

August in Andorra has many tourist destinations to cherish. You can start by exploring its prettiest town Encamp having a panoramic mountainous background, various old buildings, restaurants, cafes surrounded by the gorgeous Valira d’Orient river. You can enjoy the best hiking and trekking here.

Another amazing attraction is the Caldea Thermal Spa, an excellent way to rejuvenate you in the hot summer season among the beautifully decorated spa featuring a huge pool with loads of decorative water tunnels and relaxing areas.

You can go for the day tours exploring Sant Jonas De Caselles Church, visit the old churches, beautiful market areas of the Ordino town, and visit the breathtaking Sant Marti Church in the painted village town of La Cortinada.

You can give yourself a visual treat viewing the hit stream much like waterfalls flowing through the city of Les Escalades, Take a tour of the Valira d’Orient Valley, santa Coloma Church, visit the National Automobile Museum, and stroll through the heritage valley of Madiu-Perafita-Claror and numerous other attractions.

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Gibraltar is one of the breathtaking august holiday destinations in Europe being the summer paradise. The British overseas territory is famous for the giant “Rock of Gibraltar,” and hence the name follows. The picturesque location has a pure European summer during August having temperatures between 25 to 28 degrees.

August is packed with best entertaining summer events in Gibraltar like Gibraltar Summer Nights hosting various music and dance events along with celebrity performances, Thursday Jazz night and Jam sessions, International Harley and custom bike rally, Gibraltar Electronic music festival, Garrison Library Tour, Saturday colorful Morning parade by the Re-enactment Association community people, Gibraltar fair and many other entertaining events adding festive colors to the city.

Apart from cultural events, the eye-arresting attractions are always there like The Famous Gibraltar Rock, Gibraltar Museum, Apes Den, Gorham’s Cave Complex, St.Michael’s Cave, lovely painted beaches like Catalan Bay, Camp Bay, Eastern Beach, Western Beach, Sandy, and Little Bay, Ibrahim-Al-Ibrahim mosque at picturesque Europa Point, Moorish Castle, city monuments, etc.

Spend the dazzling summer nights at the waterside gastro bar Lounge, or have some lip-smacking wines and cocktails with Mediterranean cuisine at Star Bar, dance all the way at Clipper Club or treat yourself with the Gibraltar delicacies like meat pies, fish and chips, pazztas, risottos, jacket potatoes, etc at Royal Calpe and several other city restaurants.

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Bern, Switzerland

Bern, Switzerland

Bern is among the best places to go on holiday in August. The climate of Bern in August is warm and comfortable having a temperature between 17 to 22 degrees. The city has an appealing medieval beauty bordered by the turquoise blue river Aare.

The Old Town of Bern is a significant tourist attraction and also the heritage site of the city featuring colorful old houses interconnected with bridges, ancient statues, narrow cobblestone streets surrounded by the panoramic views of the Aare river, beautiful fountains, and the famous Clocktower.

Other top summer attractions include Kunstmuseum, Historical Museum of Bern, vibrant green Rosengarten, the gorgeous gothic building of Berner Munster, and many other attractive destinations.

You can also opt for fun activities like Paddling in the Aare river, visiting the Lorraine Chilbi festival, join the happening Buskers Street Music Festival. Or enjoy the Bern delicacies at Pater Flamingo and taste the delicious ice cream flavors to beat the summer heat at Eiswerkstatt ice cream workshop. If you are still browsing about where to travel in August or where to go in Europe in August, include Bern in your top 3 choices.

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top tourist attractions in kotor montenegro st john fortress old church

Kotor, Montenegro

Kotor is the coastal area of Montenegro, which is famous across the world for its lovely bays and Old Medieval town featuring the 12th to 14th-century buildings and architectures. The city is good to visit in summer, but the temperature remains quite high between 26 to 31 degrees.

The main attraction of Kotor is to take a stroll in its beautiful old town. That has high historical importance due to its ancient monuments fortress, spacious squares, and alleys leading you to old courtyards. Cozy plazas are depicting the ancient history and traditions of the town.

You can go for a tour to Perast, a beautiful city across the Kotor bay featuring baroque palaces, narrow streets, abandoned structures from the Renaissance period. Apart from that, San Giovanni Fortress is another famous attraction offering a mesmerizing view of the Kotor Old town and Boka bay.

It requires 1355 steps to reach the highest point of the fortress. Every level gives you a million-dollar view of the Kotor bay and lets you know about its history.

Other tourists locations to explore in Kotor are- Saint Tryphon’s Cathedral, Cat Museum, Saint Nicholas Church, Saint Luke’s Church, boat cruising to Our Lady of the rocks and hiking the Ladder of Kotor, etc., while the nights are happening at Letrika or other nightclubs with some good music and mouthwatering food.

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 Inner Stadt Graz, Austria

Graz, Austria

Graz is a picturesque stunning city of Austria that is famous for its beautiful architecture belonging to the Romanian period. Europe in August looks outstanding in Graz with warm summer weather having temperatures between 21 to 26 degrees. The city organizes many entertaining events for the visitors during summertime like Graz Food Festival, Schlossberg hill. Walking tour which is best known for its scenic beauty and features Liesl bell cannon, the famous Schlossberg clock tower.

The Graz at Twilight is another enchanting event. Where the streets are lit up historic lanterns, flashing light signals, illuminated facades that give a magical evening look to the city

Other festivals include International festival La Strada organizing Street Puppet theater, which is an extremely funfilled experience for the kids and children. And the famous Long Table of Graz in August’ last week where the historic center of the city. Turns into an open-air restaurant letting thousands of people to have dinner together in decorated long tables accompanied by musical instruments, and a long list of wines and beers.

The festivals of Grez sufficient to make your holidays in August a memorable experience while its painted sightseeing locations are always there to make your tour worthwhile. Be it in terms of festivities or tourist attractions, Grez ranks among the five best places to visit in August in Europe.

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Pecs, Hungary

Situated on the gorgeous Mecsek mountain ranges in the southwestern part of Hungary, the city of Pecs is an ideal location to visit in August. The temperature in August here normal varies from 15 to 20 to a maximum of 26 degrees. The 2000 years old city is famous worldwide for the Zsolnay ceramics and the Turkish ruins. It has a blend of Romanian and Turkish culture with a Mediterranean feel.

The city features various historical attractions and museum uncovering the past stories. Some of the famous tourist destinations to explore are- Pecs Cathedral, Mosque of Pasha Qasim, Sopianae Early Christian Mausoleum, Modern Hungarian Art gallery, Constvary Museum, Zsolnay Fountain, Pecs National Theatre, Bath of Pesha Memi, and many other interesting locations. The city is pure love for the history buffs.

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top tourist attractions in krakow poland wawel hill

Krakow, Poland

Krakow is a very beautiful destination of Poland that is believed to have emerged on the dragon’s defeat. It is among the famous European destinations for holidays and looks like an animated Disney movie. Summer is good to travel in Krakow having warm temperatures from 18 to 24 degrees.

Summer is beautiful in Krakow exploring its attractions like enjoying a cup of ice cream at Plac Centralny in Nowa Huta. And explore the colorful world of St.Francis basilica.

Take a tour of the 19th century St.Benedicts Fort, enjoy quick bites at the vintage cafes at Bunkier Sztuki, go for a colorful street art tour, explore the royal Wawel Castle, take a stroll in the green valleys of Tatra Mountains or drown yourself in the fairyland of Krakow’s old town with numerous other attractions. Krakow offers you a unique summer holiday in Europe.

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points of interest where to go and places to visit in lithuania vilnius

Vilnius, Lithuania

If you are thinking of where to visit in August in Europe for a comfortable, warm climate, Vilnius in Lithuania is another perfect location. It has a moderately warm temperature of 17 to 21 degrees in August month with rainfall.

The beautiful city hosts a lot of cultural events during this time like Accordion Music Week, Vilnius City Fiesta, contemporary art fair followed by many other local events. The day times are wonderful exploring the beautiful city attractions like Vilnius Upper castle, TV Tower, Gate of Dawn, Hill of three crosses.

Also the baroque churches following neoclassical architecture, Jewish Cemetery and many more. The nights are beautiful at the trendy pub and bars offering crafted Lithuanian beers, Bambalyne, and other traditional drinks and wines.

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Edinburgh Castle from Pollock Halls

Edinburgh, UK

The beautiful city of Edinburgh is one of the best places to travel in August in Europe as the city is packed with festivals during this time. The temperature of Edinburgh in summer is exceptionally comfortable having a temperature around 19 degrees.

August gives you an exposure of the most happening festivals of the city like Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Edinburgh International Book Festival, Edinburgh International Festival, Edinburgh Art Festival, Royal Military Tattoo festival and many other local events with lots of delicious cuisines to make your day from the food trucks as well as the city restaurants and cafes.

The city attractions, on the other hand, welcome you in open arms like Dean Village, Calton Hill, Gilmerton Cave, Linlithgow Palace, and many more. Also, while in Edinburgh do not forget to taste the exclusive Scottish whiskeys as being the capital of Scotland it is necessary to try for every visitor.

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