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Top 5 EXCITING Spots for Camping in Sweden

Sweden is a predominantly agricultural country with loads of natural beauty to explore. The northern part has Scandinavian mountains and is also heavily forested, which is very popular among the adventure lovers who are looking to hike and camp while exploring this part of the country.

These forest areas have been inhabited since prehistoric times. Camping in Sweden is very popular, especially in the northern part of the country.

Spending your night under the canvas amidst the crackling campfire, howling wolves during wild camping in Sweden, and waking up to a spectacular view of sunrise coming through the trees.

Can anything get better than this? There are plenty of camping spots in Sweden where one can enjoy other adventure activities like kayaking, cycling, hiking, and swimming.

The country has a long coastline and a temperate climate, which makes it very suitable for camping out and enjoying life outdoors. After running some research, I found out some of these popular and ideal camping spots in Sweden that are sure to bless you with serenity, peace, and utmost nature experience at best.

Top 5 EXCITING Spots for Camping in Sweden

Things to do in Gotland


Gotland is a large island, county, and province. It is an agricultural area with some heavy industry, such as the production of concrete. The nearest town is Visby. It has been inhabited since prehistoric times.

Gotland attracts a lot of tourists, and camping here is a pastime for Swedes. The Lummelunda Cave is Gotland’s most popular attraction. The seaside resort town of Ljugarn has pretty sandy beaches where one can relax.

The Stavgard Iron Age Village, Kneippbyn Amusement Park are some other places to see. Ljugarns has two caravan sites along with a service building and electric poles.

The Tofta campsite allows you to pitch tents, and it is close to a beach. The price here is €24.30. The Strandskogens Camping has a fee of €24.40, where hikers can rent rooms. There is a biker’s route, a sauna, pool, and a waterslide.

The campsite at Visby Strandby has a fee of €18.80, and you can enjoy watersports here. Most of the campsites have internet coverage as well.


Skåne county in Sweden has a popular camping area. There are many cities in this county, the largest being Malmö which attracts a lot of tourists, especially for camping in Sweden. Landon’s campsite in Skane lies in a wooded area by the sea, which makes it an excellent space for wild camping in Sweden.

You can rent caravans and enjoy the water. The fee is €32.90, and there is a supply of fresh bread. Visitors can also camp in Osby for a fee of €24.40. They can rent homes or mobile cabins and relax by the lake.

Norrvikens has a fee of €34.30 and is located in Bastad. You can go windsurfing or swimming while camping here. For a fee of €37.60, you can visit First Camp Malmö by sea and river.

You can rent homes, bungalows or cabins. There are cycle routes and a sauna to enjoy as well. The camping areas in Skåne are safe and offer some of the best natural views to the visitors, making it one of the top camping spots in Sweden.


Fulufjället National Park lies in Central Sweden in the province of Dalarna. The nearest town is Älvdalen, and the nearest airport is Mora. Many rivers flow through this park, and it’s known for its natural beauty. There are waterfalls, points of interest, and dedicated trails for hiking.

There is the main waterfall at Njupeskär, the tallest in Sweden. The main entrance of the park is near this, and there is also a visitor’s center with various exhibits and a point for the departure of guided tours.

There are various hiking trails for long and short durations. Ice climbing, skiing, and fishing are other activities that are allowed here. Visitors are allowed to camp in certain designated areas in the park.

Tents can be pitched in zones I, II, and III. Park rules require visitors to take their own trash. Visitors may also bring a motorhome or a caravan if they are there for long hikes. However, people cannot sleep in the parking lots in those caravans. There are camping sites at Fulan, Sarna, and Gordalen as well.

Skuleskogen National Park

A Swedish national park is located in Västernorrland County is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The nearest city is Örnsköldsvik, which is 27 km away. The park has rocky peaks and is best known for the observation of post-glacial rebound.

This region was under the sea for 10,000 years because the ice sheet that had covered it melted. There are funerary cairns from the Bronze Age along the coastline, and there are trees that are more than 100 years old.

The main attraction is the crevasse at Slåttdalskrevan, but another one is Trollporten or Troll’s Door – a crevasse with a rock resting on top, creating a sort of a natural doorway.

There are many caves and waterfalls you can see as you walk along. The lakes Stocksjön and Tärnättvattnen are the primary lakes here.

The park belongs to the Nordingra massif, and the principal rock is made of granite. The rock formations date back to 1200 -1500 years.

The sandy area that separates the Salsviken bay from the sea is beautiful to check out. There are three entrances, and each one of them has toilets and rest areas. There are free cabins, and people can also camp.

Camping is allowed in designated areas, and you can use the place for three days without permission. There are wind shelters, eco-toilets, and wood supplies as well.


The nature reserve of Glaskogen lies in Varmland province. The village of Lenungshammar lies in the middle of the forest, which is famous for wild camping in Sweden. The nearest municipality is Arvika, which is 40 minutes away, where visitors can rent bikes and explore the gravel roads or go fishing. There are canoes available for rent to explore the waterways.

The Red Water Mountain is a challenging hike. If you want something more relaxed, try the one near Lake Stora Gla. Visitors can camp here as well. The campgrounds in Lenungshammar are situated near a small pool, and there are specific spots for caravans as well.

Relax and enjoy nature here as you eat wild berries, watch the sunset, and enjoy the campfire with some roasted food on the fire. The wild blueberries here will turn your fingers purple, which is a really interesting finding.

Sweden is a country with a lot of open spaces. As visitors, you must try to take advantage of the natural beauty and explore some of these camping spots in Sweden. Camping in Sweden will help you discover and reconnect with nature in this beautiful country people respect and preserve nature at its best.

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