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Top 10 BEST Restaurants in Stockholm (Sweden)

Sweden is no doubt a beautiful country, and with a booming food scene, the Swedish cuisine is making its presence felt abroad as well. Back home in Stockholm, with the increase in the population and in order to cater to different palates of people, there can be seen a slew of restaurants in this city.

Restaurants that are not only trendy and modern but also the ones keep the traditional flavors intact. All these restaurants source their ingredients locally or even better grow them in their backyard.

Heavy on sustainability and, of course, the flavor is some of the world-famous restaurants in Stockholm that encapsulate the true essence of Stockholm. After much filtering, here is the list of the best restaurants in Stockholm that you cannot miss.


Top 10 BEST Restaurants in Stockholm (Sweden)


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If you want yourself to be taken on a heavenly culinary journey, the Michelin star restaurant Agrikultur is the place to be. Located in Roslagsgatan, Stockholm, this cozy restaurant serves one of the best foods that you can get in the whole of Sweden.

The staff very friendly and they also offer excellent service. The whole homely ambiance of the restaurant is indeed the cherry on the top, making it one of the best places to eat in Stockholm.

At Agrikultur, since they believe in using only the best of ingredients, you can be assured that you are not only getting outstanding food choices, but also they are organic. When you are here, be sure to try their mouflon with pumpkin, which is simply out of this world.

They have a set menu, and you also get good wine pairing with them. Overall a very satisfying experience indeed in this popular top restaurant in Stockholm.


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Lilla Ego

With a very casual decor and vibe, this restaurant wins your heart with its different and impressive renditions of Nordic cuisine. The brainchild of renowned chefs Daniel Räms and Tom Sjöstedt Lilla Ego is located in a bystreet of Odenplan.

The moment you enter Lilla Ego, you cannot help see how cozy it feels. It is almost like you are at the chef’s house and are being treated to a personalized dining experience.

The menu is a set one and starts with mouth-watering starters, which then proceed to the equally outstanding main course. The flavors here are well balanced and not at all pretentious.

The chefs put a lot of stress on using fresh and organic seasonal vegetables for whipping up almost all of their dishes. Their pickled herring appetizer and steak mains are as sublime as it gets. Trendy restaurant and yet very reasonably priced here, you can enjoy the best of Swedish cuisine without costing an arm and a leg.


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Opened in 2016 on Rådmannsgatan 16, Adam/Albin is a trendy restaurant with a casual and relaxing setting in marble and mint green color. But do not be fooled by the rather casual ambiance because here you can enjoy an exquisite fine dining experience.

The moment you enter, you will be mildly surprised by its sitting arrangement, the restaurant features an open kitchen where you can see the chefs preparing your meals all the while sharing witty anecdotes with their clientele. Right in front of the open kitchen, you will see a big community table and chairs.

Heavily relying on sustainability here, you get fresh and organic meals with their not so extensive but well presented set menu.

Their signature dish Oyster & Caviar just stands out from the rest on so many levels. Taste-wise as well, the food here is par excellence. Mildly surprising your palate in a good way, of course, and not overwhelming it. Definitely, an up and coming restaurant that you should visit at least once.

Sushi Sho

A city where you will mostly find restaurants that heavily stress on serving nordic cuisine it might come as a surprise to come across a Sushi restaurant. Sushi Sho was awarded a Michelin star in 2016, this quaint restaurant is located in Upplandsgatan 45, near Odenplan.

It is an Edomae Sushi bar meaning a single piece of marinated fish is served on rice. Unlike using raw fish, in Edomae, the fish is marinated for a few days before being served.

The restaurant is quite small, so it gets filled fairly quickly, especially during the weekends. It, therefore, is advisable to reserve your table in advance. The menu is Omakase style. Omakase literally translates to “I will leave it to you’ In this, the chef will immaculately curate a special selection of sushis onto your black stone plate one by one.

The whole concept is very personal as the chef after putting the sushi on your plate will give you a bit of information as to how it was made, where the ingredients came from, and so on. What’s more, they also provide an option of pairing their menu with Japanese Sake. Among one of the must-visit restaurants in Stockholm if you love sushi.


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Portal Restaurant

The Portal is a very simple and homely restaurant in Stockholm at Sankt Eriksplan 1. However, despite giving off a very relaxed and simple vibe and the food here, in contrast, is divine. The owner is the culinary stalwart Klas Lindberg, who was awarded the prestigious chef of the year award making it one of the best places to eat in Stockholm.

With Klas Lindberg being behind the creation of this restaurant, it was natural for people to have very high expectations when they came here, and it really does live up to their expectations. At Portal, they believe in offering a unique dining experience with their fresh from the farm ingredients sourced from all over Sweden.

At Portal chefs, mostly work with Nordic and French cuisine, giving you a taste of some of the classic recipes but with a modern twist to them. Reasonably priced here, you must try their famous Low Stew that has buttery smooth potatoes in it with a dollop of vendace roe and a perfectly made egg on the side.


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Being the first-ever Swedish restaurant that has been awarded 3 Michelin stars, at Frantzén, you will be awestruck not just by the whole environment and the decor but their food, which is just brilliant. The decor of the restaurant is very modern with slight Japanese inclinations.

To make dining here a more personal affair, the restaurant has only 23 tables, and reservations usually start almost a month in advance. The restaurant has an open kitchen as well, where you can see the chefs busy preparing various dishes.

The staff at Frantzén takes customer satisfaction very seriously regardless if you give tip or not. When you enter the restaurant, you are taken first to the top rooftop floor via an elevator. Here you are served delectable starters with sparkling champagne.

And then you are given a thorough tour of the whole house of which the restaurant is a part of, and this includes a tour of their wine cellar which is house to some of their best and age-old collections.

The main course is served in the main dining area with an open kitchen. Their classic Parmesan French toast, along with fresh Perigord truffle, might just be the one dish that will steal your heart away. With a sophisticated setting and well-balanced flavors, no wonder Frantzén was awarded as a 3 star Michelin restaurant and makes its way in the list of the best restaurants in Stockholm.


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With its unique concept of “no menu” and serving what is in season at the particular time of the year, Gastrologik is making its presence felt in terms of being innovative with its “New Nordic” style concept of gastronomy.

This top restaurant in Stockholm is located in the beautiful locality of Artillerigatan 14, Stockholm. The moment you enter, you cannot help but notice how humble and simple its interior is, with its pristine whitewashed walls that provide for a 30 seat dining area.

Owners and chefs Jacob Holmström and Anton Bjuhr put in a lot of effort and time into selecting the best of ingredients that end up transformed as truly divine dishes on your plate.

The food here is well presented in an elegant manner and tastes exquisite. Although all its culinary offerings are beyond outstanding, one dish that particularly steals the show is their goat cheese placed on organic rye pancake with a side of nasturtiums and crab apple. Being a Michelin star restaurant dining here might just become the highlight of your visit to this beautiful country.


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Rosendals Trädgård

Rosendals Trädgård or Rosendals Garden cafe is located in Rosendal Terrassen 12, Stockholm, on a beautiful island of Djurgården. Run by the Rosendal Garden Foundation since the year 1982, today, Rosendal has in its premises a vegetable garden, rose garden, lovely orchards, flower beds, and a cafe.

At its greenhouse-style cafe, you get the best and fresh salads, thick soups, fresh bread baked in its wood-fired oven. The vegetables, flour, herbs are all grown locally and organically.

In the summers, you can even take a breather and relax on the grassy lawn in the orchard area. Even if you come here with the thought of a quick lunch and then dashing off right after, you will be surprised how time passes when you are here.

Such is the charm of Rosendal that you just lose track of time admiring its lovely cafe, its delectable meals prepared using biodynamic produce, and the vegetable gardens. You can even pick up a cookbook or a jar of a savory pickle at the cafe. The cafe also organizes private events for which you need prior reservations.

Den Gyldene Freden

Translated in English as ‘The Golden Peace,’ Den Gyldene Freden literally takes you back in time. Being one of the oldest restaurants in Sweden, it was first opened in 1722 and since then has been catering to the palates of the Swedes. It is owned by the Swedish Academy that is responsible for deciding the list of Nobel Prize winners.

Legend has it that the academy gather here in Den Gyldene Freden and decide on the winner’s names over a scrumptious meal. The restaurant is located in the Gamla stan Osterlanggatan 51, Stockholm. The restaurant serves authentic Scandinavian food and has a wide selection of herring and salmon to choose from.

Being so old, the ambiance oozes class and sophistication. When you are here, do not miss out on trying their famous Beef Wellington paired with their local beer, which will still have you drooling even hours later among all the restaurants in Stockholm.


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Lux Dag för Dag

Lux Dag för Dag is the perfect place for you if you are looking for 100% authentic and local food experience in Stockholm. It is located in Primusgatan 116, Stockholm. Although a bit secluded, it offers a great view of Lake Mälaren, which is located just nearby.

The restaurant’s menu is heavy on meat and serves the best-braised elk with a side of buttery mushroom ravioli and horseradish. The restaurant has been refurbished from an old factory and ranked among the best restaurants in Stockholm.

The decor is simple and quite plain, however even with their limited menu and wine selections, you do get amazing quality food here. Good quality does not always mean pricey as Lux Dag för Dag believes in giving its clientele good food and service but for a reasonable price.

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