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Top 10 Things to do in Österlen (Sweden)

Österlen belongs to Skåne, the historical province in Sweden. Österlen houses the town named Simrishamn. It is well recognized for its rich culture and stunning scenery in Sweden.

It houses a lot of writers and artists. It is a well-known tourist destination, which is well regarded for its historical buildings, natural environment, and farmland. It features the cities of Tomelilia and Simrishamn, along with Stensuvud National Park.

You can easily reach Österlen via Copenhagen International Airport and Malmö-Sturup airport.

It would be best if you first visited Malmö to get to Österlen by train and then go by Pågatågen line 6 trains. It stops at various destinations in Österlen.

Here are the top things to do in Österlen!

Looking for more things to do in Sweden? Check out its beautiful palaces and castles!


Experiences and top things to do in Österlen

Take a walk in Simirishamn

If you are up for enjoying Österlen sightseeing in summer, you may get around Simirishamn harbor; wait for the ferry, which will take you to Danish island of Bornholm and idly licking ice creams.

Simirishamn is the largest city in the southeast of Skåne, which is sparsely populated in Österlen. It is a beautiful part of small fishing villages, wheat fields, and beautiful apple orchards.

At this place, everything flows through its own slow pace, and cycling is the most preferred option to get along.

Tosselilla Sommarland

It is the largest theme park/amusement park in the Scania area, which is just around an hour drive from Ahus campsite. There is a water park with several heated pools and rides for all ages and Motor Park with Segway, GoCart, and Bumper Boats.

You may also find many amusement rides for the people of all ages. It is one of the best Österlen landmarks.

Barnens Bokhandel

Barnens Bokhandel is a store located on the main street of Simrishamn which offers plenty of puzzles, books, and many literature things for children.

There is a concept named ‘Bookstore for Kids’ since the 1970s by a well-known culture developer and journalist, Mariane von Baumgarten-Lindberg.

The idea behind Barnens Bokandel is very classic, i.e., to offer gifts, books, and games to the kids of all ages. The only condition is that this item helps to learn more and nurture a passion for literature.

Marianne was assigned with a national prize named “Natur och Kultur” for her substantial, longstanding and inspiring efforts to convey the culture of reading to the youth.

You can also spot smartbooks at Barnens Bokhandel for children of all ages. There is an excellent collection of books in numerous languages. Along with books, you can also find a lot of puzzles, fun educative games, posters, and toys.


Located in Simrishamn, the Glimmingehus is the well-preserved age-old stronghold in southern Sweden.

It was built in 1506 when Scania formed a significant part of Denmark, and it has a lot of defensive arrangements like false doors, parapets, and murder holes to pour boiling pitch on the attackers, drawbridges, moats, and other types of a death trap to prevent trespassers and peasant uprisings.

On the lower part, there are 2.4m thick stone walls and 1.8m thick walls on the upper part.

In 1499, Jens Holgersen Ulfstand, the Danish knight as well as the architect and stone-cutter-mason Adam van Duren, a North German master, started construction.

Midsummer celebration

You must stay and join the midsummer celebration if you are heading to Österlen in June. Every town celebrates Midsommar in its way.

The dance and music events start at around 2 to 3 pm. You can enjoy all the schnapps and food later on. You can enjoy fresh strawberries, new potatoes, and other dishes.

You can have fun on holiday homes in this part of the nation. You may learn how they celebrate the midsummer from many locals.

Apple Safari

Well, it is one of the best things to do in Österlen. There is a family-run fruit farm, Kiviks Musteri. Over here, you can taste cider, explore the orchards, and get to the ‘House of Apples’ and see the process of making cider and juice. In addition, try some homemade apple juice and apple cake in the café before leaving.

Berry picking

In this part of the country, the fruit is quite a big deal. Picking raspberry with friends and family is one of the best activities in Österlen.

Be sure to visit Norra Bjorstop, which is located between Ystad and Kristianstad, i.e., 3km north of Route 19.

Explore a vineyard

It is one of Sweden’s only vineyards in a district, which is famed for apple orchards. It is a fun and calm day out.

Here you can walk along the vineyard and talk to the locals or wine farmers and check out their section of the vineyard.

Apple art

You cannot just turn water into the wine, but you can at least, make an apple art. There is a free event named, ‘The Kivik Apple Market Festival” held in late September.

Here, you can explore apple brewery, a mosaic sculpture made of 4 tons of apple and taste apples.

Visit Stenshuvuds National Park

If you do not want to leave this region even after a tour, you should visit Stenshuvuds National Park.

Vitemolla is yet another great place you should explore. You can find a lot of charming houses, fantastic sea views, and untouched and unmatched beaches where you can walk along.

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