Top 9 Things to do in Swedish Lapland (Sweden)

Things to do in Swedish Lapland

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Know as the “Heartland” Swedish Lapland a beautiful place to explore in Europe. There are so many places to see like Endless forests of pine and spruce, thundering rivers, peaceful lakeside villages on the top of the hills.

In short, Swedish Lapland is the rolling hills and roaring rivers. For mountain lovers, it is the perfect place for new adventures.

While the Swedish Lapland sightseeing, you will enjoy the raw nature of this populated area. Swedish Lapland has a very long way, and far from many Swedish cities, for example, Gothenburg is closer to Venice after that from Kiruna.

There are plenty of cool places and beaches for swim and mountains for hiking and so many things to do Swedish Lapland.

Here are the top things to do in Swedish Lapland and places list to explore.

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Quick information and Swedish Lapland travel tips

Do you need a visa for Sweden?

Sweden is part of the Schengen area and citizens of EU group of countries can freely enter this Baltic state while citizens of USA, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia can enter the country just with their passports and stay for 90 days.

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Experiences and top things to do in Swedish Lapland

Strömsund and routes north

There are plenty of places to visit in Swedish Lapland. Starting from Stromsund and routes north area, a little bit long journey is required to reach the North from Östersund.

Here, the Inlandsbanan crosses the Indalsälven River is known as the most significant natural source of power, which indicates the more tiresome population beginning in the past time.

The journey time is around two hours to reach out at the first stop of Ulriksfors. The visitors can do the wayside halt for some time and visit the small waterside town of Strömsund.

You can start your journey from Stromsund for route 342, where you will find a way called “Vildmarksvägen.”

Sorsele and around

Sorsele is the next main stop, which on the Inlandsbanan. The bus route of north Storuman is Sorsele, which is 76 KM away, knows as a little town on the Vindelälven River.

After the forceful enrollment the activists, regarding hydroelectric power station plan, the town became a famous Célèbre in Sweden.

If you want to enjoy the well off the beaten track, Sorsele is one of the best places to visit in Swedish Lapland, which provides free access to the Sami Mountain. In addition, this place is comfortable to go by road if you like a long ride.

The E12: Blå vägen

If you are ever wondering what to do in Swedish Lapland, the Bla vegan or Blue Way or E12 is a popular place in the area. This place is having Sweden’s best roads as it follows the course of the Ume River.

The river flows down from the mountain of southern Lapland to Umeå on the Bothnian coast. Do not miss the see the sleepy little town of the eponymous lake, which is an access point to the mountain.

You will away from there to Tärnaby, which a mini-time skiing center ad Hemavan. Hemavan is the beginning of Sweden’s longest hiking trail, which leads 500 KM North to Abisko.

Gällivare and around

Gallivare is located in the north of the 67th parallel, and it has a beautiful climate. You can stroll around the center, look at the double-glazed windows, which are heavily constructed to protect against the biting Arctic cold.

However, the town will not sound appealing to you immediately, but if you spend 1 or 2 days here, you will enjoy the beauty of this part in northern Sweden. This town also is known as one of the important areas for iron ore in Europe.

In addition, you can see the working mine and make a trip down to see how it works.

Swedish Lapland’s national parks

Among the activities in Swedish Lapland, visiting the national parks is much worthier. However, the hiking may be a bit tough and inconvenient in these areas.

Late June to September time is best for hiking as the ground remains quite wet in May, which may cause intense snowmelt. The weather is not constant; it can be changed any time like hot and sunny, cold or rainy.

After the snow time, you can see the wildflowers in the short summer months. You may feel some difficulty in hiking, but it is not challenging for passionate persons.

Kiruna and around

Kiruna is the topmost tourist attraction in Swedish Lapland. It is on the north side of Sweden, famous for Icehotel in the village of Jukkasjärvi.

The beautiful Kiruna is 200 KM from the Arctic Circle and knows as the best destination for tourists’ in Swedish Lapland. However, you will not find any monumental architectural delights like any other well-established city, but you will like its basic feel at present.

There are a few beautiful sights to see while roaming around the section of Northern Lapland like Rail connections starts from the Kungsledem trail and Riksgränsen, and the Bus connection to the Torne Valley.

The Kungsleden

In Swedish Lapland travel guide, the Kungsleden or “King’s Trail”) is the famous and most suggested hiking route in Swedish Lapland. The path is 500 KM Long way from Abisko nearby the Carnaby.

This route takes the visitors to the Kebnekaise mountain route. Most of the hikers love to visit this place and start the trail from Abisko, which is equally far from the other south area.

Abisko and around

Abisko is another beautiful place to visit in Swedish Lapland. After leaving from Kiruna, you will get to Abisko by completing a 98 KM journey from the northwest by the E10 way to Abisko.

Abisko is easy to reach by train and road both; however, most of the tourists prefer to come here by train. The train line starts from Luleå, via Kiruna, to Narvik in Norway and it is known as Malmbanan, is Europe’s northernmost line.

Nevertheless, if you do not wish to visit the Kungsleden, you may find plenty of attractive places in Abisko.

Nuolja mountain chairlift

After leaving the Abisko fjällstation, you can get a chairlift 500m up Nuolja mountain (1169m).

Do not miss the beautiful views of this wild area and along with too many places like U-Shaped Mountain-tops of Lapporten, a 70 KM Long Tornetrask Lake and many more Swedish Lapland landmarks.

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