Day Trips from Copenhagen: Weekend Trips from Copenhagen (Denmark)

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Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, is a paradise of tourist attractions enjoyed by both local and foreign tourists. Here, you can find everything you could expect from a lively metropolis of Europe, i.e., from cuisine to nightlife as well as high-end museums.

For you to get escape from the maddening crowd of the city, a day trip from Copenhagen is full of tourist places to visit, including lakes, fjords, cliffs, palaces and castles which are breathtaking and everyday sights in Scandinavia.

With the added convenience of boat trips in Copenhagen, there is no problem in visiting the fantastic places of interest in and around this city. If you are bored of city life, it’s the best time to explore the fascinating and exciting tourist destinations in a day trip to Copenhagen.

So, let’s take a look at some of the best day trips from Copenhagen.

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Top Day Trips from Copenhagen That Are Not More Than 2 Hours Away!

top day trips from copenhagen denmark kronborg castle

Kronborg Castle

Initially developed in 1420, Kronborg Castle is the most famous castle in Denmark which has endured significantly over the centuries. It is the reason why it is an astonishingly fabulous place to visit, and it is indeed very beautiful.

Located on the Helsingør Island, the castle offers uninterrupted and panoramic views of the Øresund Sound waters to the visitors, and it also has a great deal of historical importance as a principal access point to Baltic.

You can learn about all these things and walk through the Castle Chapel, the giant Knight’s Hall, and the embroidered West Wing.

For literature lovers, there is so much to be thrilled. This castle has inspired the Hamlet, a timeless character. Listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site, the castle hosts annual performances of Shakespeare every year at the Annual Shakespeare Festival.


top day trips from copenhagen denmark frederiksborg palace

Frederiksborg Palace

Initially built in the 1600s, the Frederiksborg Palace is known for its magnificent and vast range of gardens which are interspersed by three islands where the palace buildings stand.

The gardens here are landscaped well and serve as a backdrop for the Chapel Palace, The Museum of National History, and the Bath House Palace.

Other prominent attraction is the museum housed in this Palace. It is placed in a stunning Baroque complex with an impressive collection of portraits, fine art, and contemporary marvels. It beautifully exhibits the history of this castle as well as Denmark fully.

You don’t have to travel too far from Kronborg Castle to explore the islands in a day as they have enough attractions to keep you engaged the whole day.


top day trips from copenhagen denmark malmo oresund bridge


Sweden’s third largest city, Malmö is one of the best places to enjoy a day trip from Copenhagen. Your journey starts only an hour away just before you have reached the destination with eye-popping trip across the giant Øresund Bridge connecting Sweden and Denmark.

Explore the different ranges of Swedish architecture if you are in Malmö, which includes everything like the oldest preserve castle of Scandinavia in Renaissance style, the Malmöhus Castle, to The Turning Torso Building, Scandinavia’s one of the tallest structures.

Be ready to soak up the bustling shopping scenes, contemporary music and foods in spots like Sodergatan and Stora Torget. You can get back to Copenhagen by night or prefer to stay there in one of several guest houses and luxury hotels.


top day trips from copenhagen denmark nykobing falster

Nykøbing, Falster

The island of Falster is located only 2 hours of distance from Copenhagen. It also houses the Nykøbing, a fortress town, along with being serene and pristine.

Nykøbing is the largest town in this island and houses some remnants of the castle and is most sought-after for various attractions, such as the quiet and vast marina, which is surrounded by places to drink and eat and is full of vessels. You can also visit the Middle Ages Center and the City Museum, the knowledge hubs famous for the rich history of this area.


top day trips from copenhagen denmark lyngby open-air museum farmhouse

Lyngby Open-Air Museum

Located hardly 15km from Copenhagen but in its world, the Open-Air Museum of Lyngby is an ideal escape to the countryside from the capital and a great insight into the architectural importance observed across the country for centuries.

The Open-Air Museum is spread over 35 acres and is populated by mills and farmhouses; some of those are located in other parts of the country. Along with the long-back history of farming methods and tools here, you will also sit back and embrace the serene fields, rustic and beautifully tended gardens, and the cattle grazing over them.

With the choice to explore in a carriage drawn by a horse, you will feel in touch with nature by spending a day at Lyngby Open-Air Museum.


top day trips from copenhagen denmark odense hans christian andersen statue


This pretty small city is lavishly known for being the native land of Hans Christian Andersen, one of the most loved authors in the world who wrote fairy tales, and after witnessing his birthplace, you may get phenomenal inspiration here.

Dotted with paved streets wrinkled by timbered houses with various painted shades of pastel, Odense is an ideal place to fulfill your wanderlust. Stop at the serene Munke Mose Park or taste some delicious Danish dishes at Flammen.


top day trips from copenhagen denmark dragor


Dragør is a vivid and quaint fishing village which is easy to reach by bicycle from Copenhagen. It is widely known to be one of the most beautiful tourist destinations of the country and thatched and picture-perfect cottages.

It is the best location for several arts and music events, and it is indeed attractive in summer and all the year round. The open markets here offer everything from different fresh breeds of fish and locally grown produce.

The farmhouse and the waterfront museum can easily be explored by a tour. It is the best gateway to the village if you want to explore traditional Denmark.


top day trips from copenhagen denmark egeskov castle

Egeskov Castle

Known as one of the most remarkable Renaissance European castles and definitely among the best-kept castles in Denmark, the Egeskov Castle is moated by a lake which covers both the gardens and palace. Some of the beautiful gardens here include everything from thickets and hedge mazes which date back to over 300 years.

The rooms here are lavish, with improved focus on Titania’s Palace and various historic toys, a dollhouse with over 3000 handcrafted mini furniture items, along with other mini artwork across the world.


top day trips from copenhagen denmark cliffs of mon

The Cliffs of Møn

The Cliffs of Møn rise above the Baltic Sea, to the south of the Denmark capital. It looks like the Cliffs of Dover in England. It is a habitat of well-protected flora and fauna species.

Along with wandering in the white chalk cliffs shadows, there is no lack of attractions that can fascinate the passersby. The coastal Stevns Klint cliff is another attraction known for its symbol of ruining meteorite which attacked the Earth millions of years ago. You can also check the records of fossils showing the evolution of life on the planet in the centuries after the devastation.


top day trips from copenhagen denmark lolland knuthenborg safari park


Located only a few walks from the serene Cliffs of Møn, Lolland is the largest and flat island as part of the South Sea Islands. Along with being exceptionally beautiful, Lolland has a lot of activities to entertain the visitors. Lolland houses the largest park of the manor house, Knuthenborg Safari Park, along with the vast range of historical complexes and exotic churches. There are around 1000 animals in the park, along with rhinos, tigers, and others.


top day trips from copenhagen denmark legoland billund


The 1930s Lego has always been the hottest favorite toy for kids and entertained us for many years. It has a presence in almost every country, and there is no better option to explore its origin than in Denmark where it was born.

Legoland is an amusement park located in Billund. It has everything to entertain you, including canoe rides through attractions, waterfalls made by Lego, and 4D Cinema. Combined with exceptional craftsmanship, a feel of nostalgia will make it an ideal trip for the full family.


top day trips from copenhagen denmark den bla planet

Den Blå Planet

The largest North European aquarium, Den Blå Planet is placed well and is covered on all sides, and it gives an even more nautical feel. It has 50 aquariums, endless tourist sites, and the exhibits are combined with sea creatures, tropical birds, and butterflies in their rainforest.

The Ocean Tank, which holds over 4 million liters of seawater inhabited by eels, sharks, and all aquatic animals, is the center of attraction here. This serene day trip from Copenhagen is worthwhile for nature lovers, and it is easy to reach by public transport from Copenhagen.


top day trips from copenhagen denmark bakken amusement park

Bakken Amusement Park

Enjoy the surreal day trip from Copenhagen to Bakken Amusement Park, which covers everything from roller coasters to UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Don’t forget to carry your camera because you will find a lot of serene attractions in Dyrehaven forest park, an extensive oak forest landscape inhabited by wild deer and gently rolling hills.

It is a UNESCO listed forest thanks to its breathtaking beauty. Bakken Amusement Park is the world’s oldest theme park which has a rollercoaster ride that dates back to 1932, and it is still running. There is no sign of excitement to slow down at this old amusement park, which includes restaurants and Danish street vendors.

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