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Top 8 BEST Things to do in Billund (Denmark)

Billund is a small town in Jutland, central Denmark, which is well regarded to be the birthplace of LEGO bricks and houses the Legoland resort and original LEGO factory.

The Legoland Billund theme park is the main tourist attraction in Billund. It is the best-in-class tourist attractions that your kids will love.

One of the main Billund landmarks includes the best Viking runestones in Denmark if you love to branch out in the wider region. You can also visit Gifskud Zoo to get up close to a lion and visit open-air museums of all sorts.

In this Billund travel guide, we will cover all kinds of exciting places in the countryside as well as the best things to do in Billund


Top 8 BEST Things to do in Billund (Denmark)

Things to do in Billund: Legoland Billund Denmark

Legoland Billund

The most visited place and top on the list of things to do in Billund. The first Legoland in the world, Legoland Billund theme park offers different activities in Billund.

It has been going strong for around half a century, and it is also a worth visiting attraction in Copenhagen and Denmark. It has nine LEGO lands to discover for little champions, but Mini Land is something everyone can see.

It is the place where several cityscapes and monuments from different parts of the world and the country have been built to 1:20 scale.

It also houses the Egyptian and Acropolis Abu Simbel temples, the Statue of Liberty, and Nyhaven, the district in Copenhagen. There are four roller coasters in Legoland, combined with lots of smaller rides for toddlers and kids. 

Home of the Vikings Kongernes Jelling

Home of the Vikings – Kongernes Jelling

Kongernes Jelling is free to visit the Viking monument built in the 10th century created by King Harald Bluetooth and is listed by UNESCO, and belongs to the Danish National Museum.

You will learn how Harald conquered Norway and Denmark and introduced Christianity here by seeing its huge runestones.

It shows the transition of Scandinavia from Pagan faiths to monotheism. It depicts Christ on its run stone, which is also featured on all Danish passports. Here you can learn what it means to Denmark.

Pentagonia in skulpturpark billund


Set amidst the town of Legoland and Billund, Skulpturpark is 1.3 km long nature walk beautifully adorned with modern art pieces. It takes up to half an hour to finish the walk, and it pauses you to admire the works, while kids can climb and interact with them.

It provides excellent photogenic opportunities, and you can find 18 in total with some prominent sculptures in Denmark. You can also enjoy a packed lunch on the benches and relax around the lake in summer. 

Vandel Bunker Museum

Vandel Bunker is located just a few minutes off from Billund by road, where you can find a large airport for the German military built during the war. For its construction in the year 1943, over 800 residents left their homes forcefully.

Danish police and army used the airport until 2003 after the conflict. Today, you can find the large bunker ruins since the war period. You can also see the traces of wartime memorabilia in the installation and get some details about the airport and how the war was affected in Denmark.

Aquadome Lalandia Billund

Lalandia Billund

It is an activity complex and amusement park inaugurated in 2009. Kids can dive just into the Aquadome in summer, which is Scandinavia’s largest water park. This park is such an excellent place to visit, spending a fun and exciting time with family in this place is one of the best things to do in Billund. 

Your little ones and teens can plunge the slides and get on the wave pool, and grown-ups can retreat at the wellness area where they can seek spa, sauna, and massage treatments.

It also houses Monky Tonky Land for your kids to go wild with well-supervised activities and games and climbing frames. While the whole family can have plenty of time at skating rink, climbing the wall, bowling alley, ski slope, and mini-golf course.

Museumsgaarden Karensminde

Karensminde is a pastoral tourist attraction where you can interact with Danish Heritage and a historic farm, which belongs to the 18th and 19th centuries.

You can see how farmers worked here centuries ago and all the animals they used, such as pigs, sheep, goats, horses, chicken, rabbits, which are kept in open-air enclosures or roam free.

Here, kids can interact with the critters or enjoy the activities and talk to costumed staff. You can enjoy cart and horse rides, paint eggs in the typical Danish way or even make jam in the kitchen.

Lego Factory Billund

Tour LEGO Factory

Another on the list of interesting things to do in Billund is exploring the Lego Factory. It is not something you go to and visit. You need to arrange the LEGO factory tour for several months in advance, and its experience does not end until two days.

If you are a diehard LEGO fan, it is going to be a dream destination for you. Here, you will learn the whole process behind the scenes of the design and production stages of mini-figs and bricks.

Also, visit the house of Ole Kirk Kristiansen, the creator of LEGO where the sets were built in the 1930s. You can also meet LEGO designers to learn how LEGO sets are made.

In the end, you will be gifted with a well designed LEGO gift handpicked by the grandson of the founder, Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen as a keepsake.

Vorbasse Market

Do not miss the massive gathering on Vorbasse Market on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of the 29th week of the year in July. It is the largest market in Denmark, which was first held in 1730 and it takes place once in a year only. It was basically for trading horses.

More than 500 horses are still traded in this field every year. There are around 200 pet breeders of all sorts and 650 dealers offering virtually everything you like. There are also tents on the site for drink and food, live music, along with amusement rides.

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