How to Get from Helsinki Airport to City Center?


Also known as Helsinki Vantaa Airport, Helsinki Airport (HEL) is the leading international airport in Finland. Keep reading to know travel options.

Also known as Helsinki Vantaa Airport, Helsinki Airport (HEL) is the leading international airport in Finland. Keep reading to know travel options.

How to Get from Helsinki Airport to City Center?

Finland’s biggest airport, Helsinki airport is located around 19 km from Helsinki City Center. It is positioned at the suburbs of Vantaa. There are three transport options to get to Helsinki City Center from Helsinki airport and vice versa – by bus, train, or airport transfer. You can even rent a car from local operators.

The train takes up to 32 minutes from the main Helsinki train station to the airport, and the ticket costs only EUR 5. The bus is another option to get to and from the city center, and it takes around 40 minutes for €3. You can also book airport transfer or taxi, which is the most expensive but fastest mode.

For taxis, the price relies on various factors like the number of people, timing, and distance covered. So, the cost of the trip varies from €30 to €50, and it takes around 30 minutes.

For tourists who fly by night and don’t want to spend time looking for public transport or the ones traveling with small kids, Helsinki airport taxi is a great travel option. The price is still a lot higher than the cost of the ticket when it comes to using public transport.

If you prefer to reach by train, keep in mind that it doesn’t run from midnight to 4 am. For bus tickets, the price is quite low. So, this option is ideal for saving money. Also, you can choose from different bus routes available 24×7.

So, you can easily find public transport anytime you want to reach Helsinki airport from the city center. Keep in mind that you need to reach the city center through other means to reach the airport using public transport.

Top 4 Transfers from Helsinki Airport to City Center

Helsinki-Vantaa Airport
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About Helsinki-Vantaa Airport

The airport is also meant for various other purposes, along with its main operation. It is a fully equipped shopping complex where tourists can have a great time. It has a lot of spa centers, hotels, and restaurants and pubs.

You can also visit the iconic Finnish Aviation Museum at the airport. It will definitely amaze both children and adults, and it is loaded with guests.

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Helsinki bus
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By Bus

Operated by Pohjolan Liikenne, Finnair City Bus is a fast shuttle bus available every 20 minutes at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport from Finnair bus stop on the gateway to Terminal 2. It costs €6.8 on a single trip while €12.6 for a round trip if you book it online.

On the other side, you need to pay €6.9 when hopping on the bus. For children under 6 years old, tickets are free, and for 6 to 16 years, half price is charged. The bus also accepts several credit cards.

You can travel within 6 months after booking a single trip ticket from the date you purchase the ticket. After booking an e-ticket online, a link is sent to the customers to either show it on their device or print it out. Frequent travelers can also book multi-journey tickets for 10 to 30 trips valid for 180 and 365 days.

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Helsinki Railway Station
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By Train

Helsinki Airport train route has been the most convenient and fastest medium since July 2015. It takes you straight to Helsinki City Centre within 30 minutes and run by HSL. You can easily skip the traffic by taking the train to the city center or vice versa.

Keep in mind that some ticket machines don’t accept cash but only credit or bank card, especially the ones on the train platform at the airport. If you have cash, head to Terminal 2, where you can find a ticket machine or Tourist Information Center.

Go towards the end of Terminal 2 to reach the Helsinki Airport train station. Look for signboard “Railway Station” where ticket machines are found after walking 200 meters.

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By Taxi

A lot of private taxi operators run their taxis between Helsinki city center and airport as well as other neighboring towns. Please check the terminal of your departure in advance so a taxi can drop you off just outside the appropriate terminal.

Helsinki Airport has actually five branches for car rentals. The service desks are actually located between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 in the corridor. You can also book a taxi by calling the rental company or online on their website.

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By Airport Transfer

You can enquire or call a cab on Terminal 2, which has a separate Airport Taxi counter. It costs around €40 to €55 to book a taxi from the airport to the city center. If you don’t have access to public transport and you have landed late at night or if you have a family, an airport taxi can be the best option.

Some people want the fastest and convenient medium without haggling around public transport. It is also a choice for people on a business trip that is reimbursed by their company. You can easily get to exactly where you want to reach with a cab. You can easily book private taxi online, which costs virtually similar but saves time.

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Helsinki-Vantaa Airport


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