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Top 7 CHILL & BEST Cafes in Helsinki (Finland)

These days, the coffee scene is buzzing with mom-and-pop cafes, individual roasters, and Scandi-cool places. Finns are well known for their long-haul love affair with coffee. If you are heading there, you will definitely know the reason when you sip some brew at cafes in Helsinki.

Their eternal love for coffee makes Finland the highest consumer of coffee in the world. You will definitely be surprised by the fastest growing and vibrant café scene offering authentic quality caffeine from nearby roasteries.

There is a reason local cafes in Helsinki rule the market and don’t let international chains spread here. You may hardly find any Starbucks (in fact, there’s only one in the whole city) there because there is no lack of beautiful cafes with a different style. Cappuccinos and espressos are common, but all serious coffee shops have emerged with the trend of filter coffee.

Cafes in Helsinki are not all about coffee. You can even enjoy some delicious and unique delicacies that are very popular over there. There are some cozy and stylish cafes that are ideal retreats to beat the chilly weather.

Without further ado, here are seven of the best spots in Helsinki to taste some delightful hot chocolate, coffee, fruit smoothies, and teas.

Top 7 CHILL & BEST Cafes in Helsinki (Finland)

Cafe Ekberg Helsinki via Wikimedia Commons|Sinikka Halme


Established in 1852, Ekberg is the oldest café in Finland. It is located in the heart of the city on Bulevardi Street. Ekberg is so well-loved and popular that it also operates a pastry shop, bakery, and catering service.

Ekberg is one of the most respected and traditional cafes in the city, which is unmatched for its Nordic varieties, seasonal desserts or cakes for festive seasons and special occasions, or just having some coffee.


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Brooklyn Café

Brooklyn Café is named after its two Brooklyn-raised founders and sisters, Brenda and Sharron Todd. Since 2011, Brooklyn Café is proudly serving its guests with freshly baked authentic cupcakes, bagels, dark roasted coffee, and chocolate brownies.

With love for baking, coffee, and keeping people closer in their hearts, these sisters moved to Helsinki. Today, the café is devoted to keeping the community together by offering delectable varieties.
Brooklyn Bakery was initially offering dessert and cupcake options to the customers, and it opened the café in 2011.

The bakery also served customers with bulk orders who wanted their treats to be served on their weddings, parties, and various events. After serving hundreds of cake orders and thousands of cupcakes, the bakery turned Brooklyn Baking Co. in 2017.

You can find some of the most beautiful cupcakes in Helsinki in Brooklyn Café, which is always available for catering. Try a new flavor each day. They also offer some American delicacies like brownies, bagels, waffles, and cookies if you are done with European or Nordic food.


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Moko Store and Café

Established in 1991, Moko is a family-owned café and store also operated by two sisters. It is basically a concept store that combines a café and interior design store. This flagship bohemian store is actually located in an old industrial setting and a rustic labor district in Helsinki.

Moko Market Café serves the customers with breakfast and lunch menus every day on weekends and delightful brunch on Saturdays. It always prefers serving organic and homemade food. This way, it provides a matchless experience.


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Signora Delizia

Operated by Italian owners, Signora Delizia is a cozy café offering delicacies with different activities and live music. It stocks a range of imported Italian dishes along with the best Finnish ice cream made by Nuvole Gelateria, Turku, but only in the summer season.

Don’t miss the authentic Italian coffee in Signora Delizia. They are specialized coffee shop and deli known to add a Mediterranean feel and vibes to whoever visits their safe.

Located just in front of Tove Jansson Park in a historical setting, the café offers delicious Italian food and coffee, while its shop offers a lot of Mediterranean souvenirs. Taste the fresh sandwich with prosciutto or mozzarella cheese and rich Sicilian coffee like a latte, espresso, or macchiatoa.

Good Life Coffee

Coffee is known as “Kahvia” in Finnish, and this beautiful spot is mainly based on giving preference to what is more important in life. They are known to take a sensible, modern, and bold move to brewing and roasting. They really serve luxurious, full-bodied products at their café. They sell their ground coffee beans directly from their café.

Good Life Café has strategically handpicked a huge range of top quality beans combined with precise measures. They are known for the ‘no-nonsense’ approach on their brewing and roasting methods. Their philosophy is very simple. Life is too short for poor coffee. It is something you will definitely relate to.

Johan & Nyström

This Nordic café and coffee roaster is simply great because they manually roast all the coffee they serve in batches. And the feeling you will get really tells their effort. Their beans are sourced with a Direct Trade approach based on long-term relationships with producers and farmers. They are known for fair prices and mutual honesty.

This stylish café is located in Katajanokka District, which has a passion for quality roasting and beans as well as dual-height exposed brickwork. This flagship Helsinki store is basically a Swedish group. All the coffee beans are ethically sourced from farmers with a direct trade. They ensure the highest quality of products having close cooperation with local producers.

Cafe Regatta

Café Regatta is well located in a small and cute red hut facing the sea. This adorable red cottage traditional café is based at Töölö district towards the northwest of the city center. Locals gather on the open terrace during the summer. During winters, it becomes a great spot to open fire and grill some sausages.

Originally built in 1887 as a hut for a fisherman, Café Regatta later turned a café in the year 1952 and a local hub for first dates. It is well regarded for the iconic delicacies like cinnamon buns. In the heart of Helsinki but you’ll feel the Finnish countryside. You can taste some blueberry pie and other delicacies that taste even better with some hot coffee.

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