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Top 10 COOLEST & BEST Bars in Helsinki (Finland)

Helsinki, the capital of Finland, a city of designs. This is just the start of an introduction to this beautiful city and the best bars in Helsinki; it has lots of gems in its crown. The list includes a first and foremost element which is its architecture, it is designed in such a way that from anywhere, the sea will seem all around you.

This city welcomes every visitor with the whole heart, here the locals are very friendly so you will not feel all alone anytime. Be its unique sauna culture or vibrant summer night, which desserts with countless events, this city will never fail to surprise you every time you visit the city. Its vibrant urban feel with modern design, delicious food of fresh seasonal ingredients, and bars culture completes the whole journey on which any visitor would like to embark.

In whole winters, there will be no sunlight most part of the day in Helsinki, a perfect time and cozy weather to enjoy Helsinki’s nightlife to the full extent because nobody could do much outside at this point of time except enjoying one pint after another pint in a cozy Helsinki bar.

Helsinki bar culture is very vibrant that every visitor would love to experience. Some of the bars in Helsinki are innovative in their own way, while others are meeting the standard expectations of bar culture. You need to research thoroughly and visit the bars so that it will not disappoint you.

This guide will surely help you to be part of a once in a lifetime memorable experience. This guide is filled with different bars in Helsinki that you would like to visit at least once.

Top 10 COOLEST & BEST Bars in Helsinki (Finland)


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Bar Llamas

A small bar with Frida Khalo paintings all around. The interior of the bar is inspired by Mexico. If you are looking for a bar, which is nicely artistically painted, have a cozy ambiance, serves drinks to its customers on swings as well, then this is the best bar of Helsinki, you are looking for.

The bar staff is easily approachable and friendly to let you experience excellent customer service. So tip the bar staff if you find their service impeccable.

You will get the best cocktail drinks at reasonable prices here. Its Mojito is renowned in the whole city. Bar Llamas is located at Iso Roobertinkatu road in Helsinki city. It plays an excellent folk playlist to enjoy your drink and relax.

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A small rock club, Tavastia is the best place to enjoy a rock concert while having a drink sip by sip. This club has an architectural specialty, which serves every customer with a balanced live view, and great sound of rock concert from every corner of the club, be it from the balcony or from the floor.

It is located at Urho Kekkosen katu street in the Kamppi district of Helsinki city. If you are looking for a bar to enjoy a live rock concert while enjoying your drink, this is the best place for you.

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Rytmi will leave you speechless with its specialty of kebabs. It is one of the coolest bars Helsinki has because the trendy crowd comes to visit this bar. This is located at the Hakaniemi area, which is on 15-20 minutes walk from the Helsinki railway station. This bar serves you drink with local musician’s music. So if you want to hang out with friends and like the local music vibes, then this is the best fit for you.


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Bar Loose

This is the place, which has been designed in a customized way. It has a smoking area for smokers, Quitier area to discuss, dance floor to those customers who want to groovy-Dovey on the beats of the rock concert, the bar organizes. Bar Loose is located at Annankatu Street in Helsinki.

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Siltanen is well known to play electro sometimes and serves Finnish drinks to its customers at a very reasonable price. Nice ambiance and fantastic food are its specialties. It is located at Hämeentie road in Helsinki.


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This is the place for those visitors who love music while drinking and chilling. It is one of the best bars Helsinki has. The Bartenders are amazing with serving drinks quickly, like getting a drink within a minute of pushing a button. Kuudeslinja is located at Hämeentie Street in Helsinki.


This place is famous for the beer festival and its particular tram museum. Visitors come here to enjoy tasting different beers during the beer festival and for seeing tram museum while relaxing with drinks. It organizes concerts and events for its customers to enjoy timely. Korjaamo is located at Töölönkatu street in Helsinki.

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This place is located over the hill and a very small place, so every time the customer gets an opportunity to be close to the scene while any music event or live event is going on. People chill here and enjoy their drink while listening to rap music. Ääniwälli is located at Pälkäneentie in Helsinki.


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This place is best for hanging out if you are a youngster, but if you are older than this is not the place you are looking for. It plays Techno/house music with a great sound system. Kaiku is located at Kaikukatu in Helsinki.


Nosturi is well known for all types of music. This is the best rock concert venue. Drinks are not served on that much reasonable rates as other bars do. But if you are a music lover and want to enjoy music or live events while having your drink, it is an excellent place for you to visit. This is located at the seaside in Hietalahti.

Helsinki is the city of vibrant destinations. It is famous for its eye blinky nightlife, so if you want to explore Helsinki’s nightlife, the above guide is your cup of tea to have better insights into all the famous and unexplored bars both.

Choose the best one which synchronizes with your mood, taste, and choice. We hope this guide better thorough you with the details of each and every bar in Helsinki.

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