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Top 10 BEST Restaurants in Helsinki (Finland)

If you are here reading this guide, you may definitely be planning to visit Helsinki this summer. Helsinki is definitely a city shines with a sun that never wants to set, and lavish green spaces always shine with wide waterscapes. But it equally has a unique charm in winter months.

Helsinki’s places always warm the visitors with their unmatched hospitality, and food is always great no matter when you visit.

For all the foodie travelers out there, Helsinki always has a dynamic and lively food scene. Most restaurants here are known for their great focus on fresh produce and organic ingredients. Parks come alive in the summer months with some exciting food options. At the same time, winter has its own charm in public hotspots and holiday markets.

Helsinki has its range of world-class Michelin-starred restaurants offering a great experience in fine dining. With that said, read on to know the best restaurants in Helsinki, where you can taste some delicious dishes without going off your budget.

Top 10 BEST Restaurants in Helsinki (Finland)


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Being the pioneer in zero wastage and top-quality food without losing its taste, Nolla becomes the top restaurant in this list. The restaurant is well versed in serving authentic Portuguese, Spanish, and Serbian dishes based on fresh local produce.

The chefs handpick the organic and local products all year round for their tasting menus. Their season’s best ingredients combine the Southern European traditions and origins of the founders in their cooking. So taste some authentic dishes and beverages in a pleasant environment. 

Check out their website for their menu and prices.


Kuu (which refers to “moon” in Finnish) is a charming restaurant that combines refinement and simplicity at its best. It is one of the best restaurants in Helsinki, showcasing the ultimate European bistro charm. The walls are covered with vintage-style and elegant floral wallpaper ahead of wood paneling. Its small space looks extended with a huge mirror in a black frame.

Its kitchen specialties lie in Scandinavian and Finnish recipes with an authentic and modern appeal. Choose from one of the three fixed menus where the Helsinki menu combines dishes famous in different parts of Finland, or go la carte.

Taste some delicious Scandinavian and French classics with appealing touch by Chef Petr Krevnak, who picks the best ingredients to enhance their natural flavors.

Check out their website for their menu and prices.


Gaijin is one of the best Asian restaurants in Helsinki. The restaurant’s kitchen staff strives hard with a strong focus on the gastronomic traditions of Asia’s centuries-old northeastern countries like Korea, Japan, and northern China.

The restaurant welcomes the guests to try some authentic delicacies like softshell crab, and miso chicken served with matching drinks like Gaijin Red and Koshu private reserve.

The restaurant is well regarded to take the best care possible when it comes to offering delightful dishes, and it also covers dining to keep people together with delightful menus. The restaurant has made great efforts to form a great ambiance offered in its venue, which is built purely using Finnish wood.

Check out their website for their menu and prices.


Farang is one of the truly modern and sophisticated Helsinki restaurants. Located in the heart of the city, Farang brings authentic and smoky flavors straight from Southeast Asia served by like-minded and professional staff.

They always focus on fresh and organic ingredients without making any change in the authenticity of taste. This is the quality of Farang’s dining experience.

Farang specializes in serving modern Asian menu with some fresh and authentic flavors. The restaurant is strategically positioned in the premises of Kunsthalle Helsinki. It’s elegant, stylish, and simplified décor is coupled with strong expertise and warm hospitality of the staff.

You can rest assured with a wholesome dining experience in its elegant setting. It’s Southeast Asian charm in dining really promotes sharing, caring, and socializing.

Check out their website for their menu and prices.


This Michelin star setting is well regarded as one of the top Helsinki restaurants. Olo is well-known for offering Scandinavian dishes which are second to none, including wild reindeer entrecote served with delightful cep mushrooms.

Shorter Way and Journey are the names of its 6- and 9-course menus, respectively. These menus feature well-prepped ingredients to redefine your experience. The wines they serve with dishes are imported from several small producers across the world. They offer their services in a rustic sea-facing house built in the 19th century.

Check out their website for their menu and prices.


This elegant bistro is centrally located and easily accessible for a Nice dinner. It offers a range of best-tasting wines which are always kept under the monitoring of sommeliers Taneli Lehtonen and Samuil Angelov. They are also known as the best sommeliers in the country.

You can taste some classic dishes like charcuterie, bouillabaisse, and salmon tarter on their menu, which changes every day. Its risotto is well revered for being the best in town.

They are well versed in offering finger-licking dishes made with the freshest and handpicked local ingredients. The restaurant was founded in 2010. Just two years later, in 2012, it achieved the “Restaurant of the Year” title. They mainly serve some Italian and mostly French dishes.

They regularly change their menu. But Charcuterie, Bouillabaisse, Chocolate fondant, and Risotto are some of the permanent and popular dishes here.

Check out their website for their menu and prices.

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While Spanish has tapas, Finland has sapas – its own tasty and special version. But the Finnish version of this finger food is quite small but equally delicious as it is prepared with some popular Scandinavian ingredients.

Jurri was the first Finnish restaurant which promoted sapas. It has now become so popular that it has become the main attraction and highlight in its rich menu. You can now choose from different options like –

  • Herring with egg and onion
  • False morel served with buckwheat, and
  • Goat milk served with spinach and peas, as well as a whole lot of Finnish cheeses

So, be ready to have some fun and crazy dining experience with your loved ones and friends.

Check out their website for their menu and prices.


Grön is well revered to make focused, delicious, and plant-based dishes with a strong priority on top quality. The staff makes it happen in a relaxing, welcoming, and pleasant setting for all the guests. Tipping is encouraged for these staff as they really work harder. 

There are two menu options, and one of them is completely vegan. They rely on organic, seasonal, Scandinavian, and wild produce to prepare the food. Their menu is absolutely seasonal. With the skilled team of passionate and eager professionals, Lauri Kähkönen and Toni Kostian provide an unforgettable experience to the guests.

Check out their website for their menu and prices.


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Another Michelin-starred restaurant in Helsinki, Ask’s creatively-presented offering is truly a feast to both your eyes and hungry tummy. One thing that makes this restaurant really stand out is that they don’t have any permanent menu.

They serve the guests with a menu set every day with masterfully handpicked beverages and food. All of the ingredients are sourced from local producers and farmers. So, their menu never remains the same as it relies on the availability of produce.

Check out their website for their menu and prices.


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And last but not least is a Nordic café-cum-restaurant, which is still less explored. Hidden on the back of a high-street design store, Wild offers a hidden gem cooked by Chef Jouni Toivanen, which is loaded with Finnish taste. As the name implies, Wild’s menu completely relies on locally sourced and wild ingredients.

If you are heading there, be sure to try forest mushroom – a delectable snack, or the Karelian pie, a classic Finnish dish topped with smoky egg butter.

Check out their website for their menu and prices.

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