Top 15 Awesome Travel Gifts for Men (2020)


Looking for the best travel gifts for men who love to take adventures to another level? Here are the top 15 present ideas for men that are practical, and he'll surely use them!

Looking for the best travel gifts for men for the holidays or his birthday? Here’s our list of the most practical presents you can gift him that you’ll surely know he’ll love and use.

Men can be tedious giftee as they are, in general, simple yet complicated. They are often more keen on things they know they’ll use or, as most of them do, they want the latest gadgets on the market they can play with.

This list composes of both practical and useful gifts aimed specifically for men who love to travel and adventure around the world so you can make sure that not only they’ll love your present but also you can absolutely guarantee that you won’t waste your money on things they’ll just chuck in one corner and never use.

Here are the top best travel gifts for men.

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Top 15 Awesome Travel Gifts for Men

Kindle Paperwhite


If you know that he will be traveling for a long while or have a long haul flight ahead of him, Kindle paperwhite is always a grand present for men (or anyone, really) to keep him entertained throughout his journey. It is also an awesome way to store his travel books and guides he would need along his upcoming journey.

Here are a few ebook ideas you can upload in his ebook which he might enjoy:

  • The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
  • Neither here nor there by Bill Bryson
  • Vagabonding by Rolf Potts

Alternatively, you can also read our list of travel book suggestions – read it here.

Quick-dry Towel


For anyone who enjoys traveling and adventuring around the world, a quick-dry towel is one of the essential things to have as it is versatile, and there’s nothing better than having your own towel with you (lets face it, using a hostel or hotel towels which you know a lot of people have used already kinda sound a bit icky).

This is also a practical gift you can give anyone as it is something one can easily use even when not traveling.

You can read our full review about different quick-dry towels on the market right now – check it out here.

Travel Adapter


Is he going to be traveling abroad pretty soon? It is generally a good idea to check ahead of time if he has a travel adapter he can use to charge his gadgets. Each country has different electric plugs, and he might face a problem if he does not know about it.

You can check our destinations page and click on the countries he’ll be visiting – we wrote down what type of plugs each destination use.

Alternatively, you can check our travel adapter reviews in this post to know which ones are the best ones.

Wireless Headphones


One of the cool gifts for men is a really good noise-canceling wireless headphone, which he can use if he wants to be alone in his own thoughts for a few minutes. Also, this makes a really useful and practical gift as he can definitely use this even if he is not traveling.

We also have headphones review that details which ones are the best to give. You can read it in this post.

Dry Bag


A dry bag is one of the versatile travel presents for him, as this is something he can surely use even on a daily basis.

It is best used during the rainy season, wet winters, and during beach holidays as it is made out of water-repellant material, so it protects anything that is inside from rain, water, and snow.
Some people also use the dry bag as their portable laundry “machine,” you can watch this video on Youtube to see how it is done.

For more information about dry bags, here is our detailed post about our opinion on some of the best dry bags in the market.

Waterproof Portable Speaker


One of the best travel gifts for him would be something he can also use even when he is not traveling. A waterproof portable speaker is one of them as he can bring this with him almost everywhere he goes, blast music, and enjoy.

Our top choice is the JBL small waterproof portable speaker as it is light enough not to add a lot of weight in the luggage, making it absolutely handy.

Passport, Cards, and Travel Organizer Wallet


Collapsible Water Bottle


As all of our gift guides go, we always add something that is sustainable and eco-friendly. A collapsible water bottle is perhaps not one of the unique gift ideas for men, but it is a purposefully practical gift for anyone.

One of the biggest problems in our world is how much we abuse single-use plastic and giving someone a sneaky reminder that they can easily refill their water and avoid buying water bottles from shops.

You’ll find more information about our recommended water bottles – read it here.

GoPro Hero 7 Silver


Here’s one of the awesome gift ideas for men who travel – a small, easily packable, 4k video quality with stabilization, and an overall awesome action camera – the amazing GoPro Hero 7 Silver!

Considered as GoPro’s comeback in the game, this action camera may not be the cheapest in this list of the best travel gifts for men, but this is surely something they will appreciate.

Osprey Farpoint 55L Backpack


Osprey Farpoint 55L backpack has been serving backpackers a good duty for many years now. A lot of travelers have praised this backpack as it is the perfect size for a carry on backpack if your giftee likes to travel like and as a minimalist.

It has lots of compartments and is easily suitable for people who travel long term and/or a digital nomad. It also has a detachable 15L backpack, which can be used as a day pack or hiking backpack.

You can read our full review on some of the best carry on backpacks in the market.

Men Toiletry Bag


We are an advocate for a properly organized luggage or backpack here over at Pretty Wild World, and although men generally have fewer toiletries than women does not mean they don’t own any. A toiletry bag is one of the best traveling gifts for him to keep all of his essentials in one place.

We have a full detailed review of some of the best toiletry bags for men, you can read it here.

Packing Cubes


Again, as mentioned above, we do love keeping things Nice and organized. They’d be surprised to find lots of space in their luggage once they pack everything in packing cubes because not only it keeps all of their things organized, packing cubes also compresses all of these that help greatly on keeping everything nice and tight.

As always, we have a post about packing cubes – read it here.

Travel Camera


Do you know if he owns one? If not, there are many good compact cameras nowadays that are small in size, light in weight, but excellent in quality. Giving them a camera to capture their travels will help them freeze the moment in time and have great memories to look at.

Here are some of our top camera choices in detail, read it here.

Power Bank


Nowadays, in this digital world, it is almost necessary to have a full battery in their phones as not only it helps the traveler navigate their way around or have a phone in case of emergency. A lot of people also use their phones as a camera, so batteries do drain quicker. This is where a power bank comes in handy, so it makes a really good travel gift for men (or anyone).

We have a post about power banks, read it here for more information.

Travel Hammock


This is perhaps not the most practical gift of all, but it is definitely one of the good gift ideas for men who travel. Plus, there are travel hammocks that fold into the size of a banana – perfect for travelers who like to travel light! They can easily set a hammock up between two trees by the beach, waterfalls, or in the forest when they need to relax for a little bit.

You’ll find more information about the best travel hammocks in this post. 


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