Are You Tired of Flying? Here are 5 Alternative Ways to Travel the World!

Here are 5 Alternative Ways to Travel the World FEATURED

You love to travel but don’t want to spend a lot of time at the airport? We have compiled this list of alternative ways to travel the world to give you some perspective that flying is not the only way to get around!

The excitement to travel is followed by a series of questions and issues that daunt most of the travelers. Those who are beginners in traveling have multiple queries regarding various aspects related to traveling. Where to start? How to plan? What to consider? The array of confusion seems not to subside for some.

The most common and one of the most costly parts of the entire travel package, the mode of transportation is an integral part of traveling. Choosing the right model helps save a substantial amount of money. This money can be spent better on the trip and one need not get stuck with the stringent plans set by the tour and travel operators. You can now customize the trip with a better understanding and knowledge of the transportation mode.

Before starting a journey it is always wise to get travel insurance as our number one safety tip. Travel Insurance provides varied protection to travelers so that one can have a stress free journey. Stolen luggage, ticket cancellation loss, and death cover, emergency medical expense are covered under the insurance. One can choose a plan according to their need and requirement.

Here are some of the alternative ways to travel to your dream destinations!

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Are You Tired of Flying? Here are 5 Alternative Ways to Travel the World!

Alternative Ways to Travel the World go on a luxury cruise

Go on a cruise or cross seas via ferries or short cruises

For those who love to be surrounded by vast expanses of water, traveling by a Cruise Ship is a great option. The luxury of going on a cruise makes the journey very comfortable and convenient. There is no need to run to places to look for food or accommodation. Unpack ones and give-in to world-class luxury treatment on-board.

These ships have all the possible amenities in them one can think of. From swimming pool, Jacuzzi, steam bath, cafes, library, bar, disco club, gaming area both indoor and outdoor, hospital to the very basic food service, laundry, cleaning, ironing services.

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There is a range of international cuisines laid at these ships. The impressive passenger-crew ratio further ensures that no stone is left unturned to make the journey of travelers an unforgettable one.

There are some countries where reaching by ship is the most economical option. The high cost of living and considering how expensive they are in general, traveling by plane or road can burn a huge hole in the pocket.

How to travel the world via the sea?

Countries like Norway, Russia, Cuba, and Antarctica are best reached by ship, for example. The vast coastlines have splendid ports and breathtaking views that warmly welcomes its tourist. Also, northern Europe and the Baltics area have good cruise line connections between them making traveling between each country accessible by sea. For instance, a ferry from Tallinn to Helsinki takes only 2 hours and is available all throughout the day. So, what are you waiting for? Book a no fly cruise and taste and experience luxury!

Alternative Ways to Travel the World take the train

Go on a scenic train ride crossing countries and continents!

One of the most preferred modes of transportation even from the early days is the train. It gives the chance to get mesmerized by the breathtaking views one gets to witness while traveling by train. Travelling through the beauty of vast expands of fields, the bridges, the mountains is definitely an experience of a lifetime.

There are many countries in the world that have a huge network of the railway system. Trains travel in and out of these countries and carry hundreds of tourist with them. There are many regional and international trains run for the comfort of the travelers.

How to travel the world using the train?

India can be considered as the best example of a country to travel by train. Trains are the lifeline of this country. India has the 4th largest railway network in the world. There are trains which go whistling to neighboring countries as well. There are trains to Pakistan (The Samjhauta Express), to Bangladesh (the Maitri Express), to Nepal (the Jogbani – Biratnagar Link) and similarly to Bhutan, Myanmar, Vietnam, China, and Thailand.

Not to mention, Europe and North America have an advanced, modern, and well-connected train tracks across the continent. For instance, Interrail and Eurorail are some of the most efficient ways to travel around Europe with excellent connections between small towns and cities in the continent and they also make it easy for travelers as they have a good rail map in their websites you can use to organize your itinerary. It comes a bit pricey but if you’re under 26, a student, or a senior citizen then you get few percentage off the price!

There are trains which travel through a third country and acts as a link between two destination countries. The Intercity or regional trains running across the nation and the local trains running within the city give travelers a cost-efficient and convenient mode of travel.

Alternative Ways to Travel the World take the bus

Travel around using the good ‘ol bus!

There are so many reasons to travel by bus. There is no need to arrive in advance for an early check-in. They are cheap and do not require any advance planning or bookings. They halt at so many places and give travelers the chance to stretch and breathe in some fresh air. The buses are the lifelines of almost all the cities in the world and also the most trusted mode of transportation.

The range of bus services extends to regional and international. Every country has buses which run within the city and intercity. However, not all countries have international bus services. There are many agencies which offer the bus services. One can book online and get to know the various options available.

How to get about using buses and night buses as alternative ways to travel?

For example, one can go on an intercity bus tour in Europe. The bus service is specific for such tours. They travel across various cities of Europe with sufficient halting to allow time to explore the city before heading to the next city. The entire trip is preplanned and fixed. The details of such a service can be availed from the concerned official website.

This is considerably a cheaper and economical way to travel through the entire Europe without needing to change transportation modes or deal with clearance and baggage carrying issues. They are safe and give an opportunity to travelers to meet people from different backgrounds and learn more from them. It helps create a nice friendly friend or social circle to travel with. It is great for those who travel solo to foreign countries.

For instance, I traveled to the Balkans for two weeks primarily only using the bus between countries. I also used buses to travel around the Philippines, Finland, and crossed borders between Asian countries – the choices are endless if you want to travel inland! In fact, I’ve used the bus to see Canada and that was one hell of a trip, I must say so myself.

That said, it is important to know that traveling using the bus system is not the easiest mode of travel. It takes time to get used to it and it is indeed a good idea to come in prepared.

Alternative Ways to Travel the World go on a roadtrip

Bring your car and go on an epic road trip

It is only a traveler who can explain the feeling of exploring a city or a country by road. With proper planning, one can hit the road and experience a different way of touring. One meets different people, witness scenic beauties, travel through local towns and villages and make an amazing collection of memories. There are many tracks where traveling on road is a must. There is no need to cramp against fellow travelers in trains and buses. Just hire a car and start venturing into the foreign land absorbing everything it has to offer. There are some majestic trips around the world which can be weeks long too. The ease of traveling at your own pace, one can halt as long as they wish at one place or village.

Is road tripping really one of the alternative ways to travel the world?

As of the recent years, more and more people start to realize that there’s no other luxury in this world but to see its beauty chasing experience instead of chasing accumulated time. I totally agree on this! This is the reason why there are tons of wanderers sell their material belongings and start living in a van or a car and travel the world at the same time. I truly admire the revolutionary way people think nowadays and how many are turning to be minimalistic – this is how the hashtag #vanlife came to life. Of course, there are pioneers in this field like this Argentinian family who has traveled the world with their kids in tow.

There are various trails which an avid traveler must ride on once in their lifetime. For instance, the Cabot Trail in Canada is unarguably the most beautiful trail. The road tripping is not only done by car, but also by bike. The route of Leh Ladakh in India is a popular biker’s route and is most traveled by biker from all around the world. Every biker dreams of riding on the highest motorable roads and crossing some of the highest motorable passes in the world and getting immersed in the lap of Himalayas are captivated by their might and beauty.

Alternative Ways to Travel the World cycle around the world

Heart pumping cross-country cycling (or motorbike)

This can be considered as the healthiest way to traverse through a country. The enchanting experience of riding through the green grassland, through the hustle bustle of a foreign village, the busy squares of the prominent cities.

For example, there are many countries such as USA, Europe, and Latin America which organize a group cycling trip to travel within and between countries. One can join such groups and have fun and a safe trip.

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While the explorer in you is completely unaware of whereabouts of the place they chose to visit, ensure that you learn about the transport options used by people from that region. Therefore, it’s important to plan your trip in advance with little research. There are many alternate travel options that open doors to make your trip a memorable journey into a foreign land. The best way to get familiar with the destination where you are traveling to is to take local transport and learn more about the place and its people. Sounds like an adventure in itself.

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15 thoughts on “Are You Tired of Flying? Here are 5 Alternative Ways to Travel the World!

  1. Faith Marfil says:

    Cruise ships are now more available to most part of the world. There’s even a cruise ship offering trips to Antartica. Cruise ships are just cool

  2. syazwan says:

    i have always had long road trips with my car and they’re definitely a great way to get to where you are going. especially if you are a fan of driving, like i am!

  3. Scott Summers says:

    A yacht can be a good alternative. All that counts is what goes during the trip. Details like transport are minor.

  4. Era says:

    These are all wonderful ideas when you really don’t want to fly anywhere else. Sometimes it’s tiring to go and travel too much. I think I’ll try this with my friends!

  5. Hari Priya says:

    I think a road trip would be the best alternative for riding in a plane because you can stop whenever and wherever you want and enjoy the time as you travel along. There will be a lot of beautiful moments to experience with your family which will make the trip wonderful and worthy of the time spent. Thanks for sharing the alternatives.

  6. Mau says:

    I didn’t know there are trains from India going to other neighboring countries. I would like to try that as well as the cruise!

  7. Marc Rodelnard Hamili says:

    Although an epic roadtrip sounds amazing, for me, nothing beats the good ol bus. You’ll to travel, and whats more, you’ll meet new people.

  8. Chatingale says:

    I like travelling by land on out of town trips because I enjoy the scenery. I would love to experience travelling via train to another country.

  9. Rain says:

    It’s funny how flying by plane has become something ordinary. I can’t ride a bike but I would love to try and hop on a cruise. It’s been on my bucket list since last year. This is something I have to make time for since I have a busy schedule.

    Great creative list!

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