Top 10 BEST Smallest Countries in Europe


Interested to know what are the smallest countries in Europe? Read this post and find out about these tiniest places you'll ever know!

The European continent consists of 50 countries, and several counties share their boundaries partly in Asia and Europe, and some of them are still not recognized fully. Sometimes, the continent is called as ‘Eurasia’ as the border between Asia and Europe are yet to be defined, and some countries are located in between two different continents.

Europe is stretched over 3,930,000 sq. Miles. As of 2016, the estimated population of Europe was 738 million. Some of the smallest countries in Europe are just partially known as independent countries.

The following smallest countries in Europe have always attracted tourists. Have you ever wondered how did they remained independent and not get claimed by their larger counterparts?

How does it feel when you live in a nation, which is very smaller than a lot of cities in the world? How similar would be the culture among these countries? We have listed some of the smallest countries in Europe with some surprising facts.

Some Interesting Facts related to the Smallest Countries in Europe:



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      are the only island nations listed here, which are among the

smallest countries in Europe

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    • Andorra, Monaco, and Luxembourg are the countries bordering France.


  • San Marino and the Vatican are covered by Italy and surrounded by each other.
  • Andorra, Vatican, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Kosovo, and San Marino are some of the landlocked smallest countries in the European area.
  • Most of the smallest countries of Europe have Euro as currency, except for the north of Cyprus and Liechtenstein.

What are the smallest countries in Europe?

Vatican, Rome, Italy

Vatican City (0.44 km²)

Stretched at only 0.44 sq. Km, Vatican City, is known as the smallest country in Europe. It is around 1.51 sq. Km was smaller than Monaco. For a better understanding of how tiny this country is, even California’s Disneyland is bigger. A theme park in Disneyland is even larger than the smallest country in the world.

This sovereign city-state has a population of only around 1000 residents and is ruled by the Pope. Hence, Vatican City is the smallest country both by population and size in Europe.

When it comes to religion, the significance of Vatican City is very popular, and it is also an excellent destination for a tourist. You should not miss the serene ceiling of the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica. You can also marvel at the museums with a glimpse of the vibrant art and history of the region.

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Street of the Old City Baku Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan (6,950 km²)

The Republic of Azerbaijan is situated in the South Caucasus area. The country shares the boundaries between southeastern Europe and southwest Asia. On the European side, it measures 2687 sq. Miles and the whole country is stretched over 33,400 sq. Miles. In 1918.

Azerbaijan became a free nation. In 1920, the nation became the part of Soviet Union. In 1991, the country was set free again. It is one of the six states speaking Turkic. As of 2016, the population of the nation was estimated at around 9.762 million.

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Luxembourg (2,586 km²)

Luxembourg is locked in Western Europe by land and is bordered by Germany, Belgium, and France. It is spread over 2,586 sq. Km. So, it is ranked among the smallest countries in the European Union. The city of Luxembourg is the capital of Luxembourg. Along with Strasbourg, France, and Brussels, Belgium, Luxembourg is another capital of the European Union.

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top tourist attractions in tbilisi georgia old town

Georgia (2,428 km²)

Georgia is strategically located in the Caucasus region between Asia and Europe. It is stretched between Western Asia and Eastern Europe, and most of the country is located in Asia. Tbilisi is the capital city of Georgia and also the biggest in the nation. The European side is stretched over 937.46 sq. Miles in Europe. Including the Asian side, the entire surface region is 26,911.32 sq. Miles.

In 2017, the estimated population was 3.718 million. In April 1991, the separation between the Soviet Union and Georgia took place. The national language of the country is Georgian. The European part of the country is stretched over 2428 sq. Km.

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Andorra (468 km²)

Located between France and Spain, Andorra is a principality. It is ruled by a Prince instead of a King. It is even more different because it is governed by two co-princes. One is elected as the Spanish Catholic Bishop in Urgell, and the other is the President of France. This nation has only 77000 residents. You can enjoy the ancient Romanesque architecture and superior ski resorts during the winter months.

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top day trips from malta featured

Malta (316 km²)

Also called the ‘Republic of Malta,’ Malta is stretched over three small islands with over 400,000 residents and Maltese language. English is the secondary language spoken in Malta. It is one of the smallest countries in Europe and the most densely populated nations in the world between the North African coast and Sicily.

Also, Malta is strategically located in the Mediterranean region. It was a significant naval base in the past. To visit the cleanest beaches in Europe, you may visit Malta. You can find great seafood here and turquoise blue water. It also has several prehistoric attractions and a great history to explore.

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points of interest where to go and places to visit in kosovo pristina

Kosovo (10,887 km²)

Kosovo is a relatively new country in Europe, as it was established in 2008. The self-acclaimed republic of over 2 million residents is just partially recognized as the European nation. You can explore its friendly and vivid capital of Pristina, which is well known for several cafes, markets, and historical mosques. You can enjoy skiing in the Brezovica Mountains.

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The fortress of Guaita on Mount Titano San Marino

San Marino (61 km²)

San Marino is a small country located in Italy. It is known as the oldest sovereign state survived and the oldest constitutional republic in the world. Italy covers it on all sides. San Marino was founded in 301 and offered a great day trip for tourists who are visiting Italy. It is a hilly region, and Citta di San Marino (the capital of San Marino) is located on Monte Titanos’s slopes.

The Old Town in San Marino is listed as UNESCO World Heritage site. It has medieval walls and cobblestone streets to attract tourists. You can feel that you are going back in time when you visit the Old Town. You need to park your car at the starting point of the Old Town. You can either ride to Borgo Maggiore or climb through the mountainside elevator.

If you are visiting San Marino, there are some destinations you should add to your bucket list. You may start from the Piazza Della Liberta, which houses the Government of the Republic and Parliament and its great architecture. The First Tower here seems to be straight from the fairy tale. It is located on the cliff and facing the serene landscape.

Built-in 1836, a neoclassical church ‘Basilica of San Marino,’ houses a beautiful ornate ceiling and Corinthian columns. If you want something more macabre, the Museum of Torture is another engaging destination. It is not for kids, though.

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Where to Go and Places to Visit in Monaco schema

Monaco (1.95 km²)

Monaco is located around the serene blue waters of the French Mediterranean coastline. You may visit this tiny country to explore its true sense of luxury and its world-class casinos. It also attracts the rich and the famous from all over the world. It organizes Monte Carlo Grand Prix, a world-renowned auto racing event that attracts fans every year.

Monaco has the luxury in its air, at least mostly because of a sheer number of billionaires and millionaires who live here. There are no income taxes in Monaco. Hence, it has become a second home for the rich and famous people. You will find a lot of fine dining options, world-class retail stores, and lavish accommodations. Therefore, you should have enough before visiting Monaco.

Along with casinos, Monaco offers a lot to tourists. The azure sea waters on the coastline attract the tourists. You should not miss the panoramic view of sunrise here.

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points of interest where to go and places to visit in cyprus schema

Cyprus (9,251 km²)

Located in the southeastern part of the Mediterranean coast, Cyprus is stretched over 3568 sq. Miles and the 3rd largest island after Sardinia and Sicily in the Mediterranean. When the island is recognized as a single nation in most of the world, around one-third of the island (northern part) is self-proclaimed as the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

Northern Cyprus is recognized as a separate country only in Turkey. In the north, Turkish is the official language, while Greek in the south. The official currency in the south is Euro and Turkish lira in the north.

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Wrapping Up

We hope you have enjoyed our list of the top 10 smallest countries in the EU. All of these countries are very tiny, but they have a lot to explore. Each country listed here has its history and culture, and they all have a unique presence in Europe. Like Andorra, some of them are a bit more difficult to visit, and they need some planning.

It is not easy to know their actual size and get the most of their history without actually being there. So, we would recommend you to visit a few of them at least. If you are planning to visit Europe, also include a few of them to your checklist to have a unique experience.

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