Top 10 Castles in Luxembourg


Do you want to explore some of the beautiful castles in Luxembourg? Read this post now and find out which ones are worth visiting!

Located just in the center of Europe, Luxembourg is world-renowned for its friendly neighborhoods, international scenery, and fairytale castles and palaces. From medieval to mystical, there are plenty of castles in Luxembourg to visit. Despite being a small city, Luxembourg is blessed with rich cultural heritage and history which lives in its beautiful palaces.

There were around 120 castles scattered around the country in the middle ages. In some form or shape, approximately 76 of them have survived. From stately chateaus to serene ruins and fairytale hilltop castles, you can visit all of them on a smooth road trip.

Founded in 963, Luxembourg has officially declared a grand duchy (an independent state ruled by the monarch) in 1815. Several countries had invaded and controlled it over the centuries. Germany even conquered it during both World Wars. Since the end of World War II, Luxembourg has enjoyed consistent independence. After several wars fought, many castles were collapsed and restored over the centuries in Luxembourg. Some have been repaired, while some have been destroyed right away.

Luxembourg is a progressive and modern state, but it has still maintained its rich and traditional heritage. A lot of castles have been restored or preserved. So, look no further and be ready to trace the rich history through the following beautiful castles in Luxembourg.


Top 10 Castles in Luxembourg

castles in luxembourg new castle of ansembourg

New Castle of Ansembourg

Built as a privately owned residence in 1639, the New Castle of Ansembourg is located strategically in the Valley of the Seven Castles, which is centrally positioned and was initially named as “the House of Ironworks,” after the profession of its first owner as an ironworker.

Bought by de Marchant family in the year 1719, the castle has seen significant changes. Currently, it has trendy staircases, elegant statues and designer fountains. Every year, the castle hosts a lot of cultural events.

The castle is surrounded by the French-style gardens which house exotic plants, botanic greens, and different fruit trees. The gardens are open every day for the tourists and visitors.

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castles in luxembourg larochette castle

Larochette Castle

Stands proudly high above the Larochette town in the heart of Luxembourg, the Larochette castle dates back from the 11th century. Around 500 years later, the original palace was set on fire. Despite this tragic incident, most of the authentic architecture of the castle survived somehow.

Hence, tourists can still get immersed in the era of medieval castles in Luxembourg by visiting here. You can find the ruins of servant quarters, dining halls, and dungeons that also survived.

At the back of the fort, a deep well was carved in the stone rocks. Legends had it that the well was a birthplace of a dragon. On every Good Friday, the horrible dragon is supposed to awake at midnight to make mischief around the keep. So, if you are brave and believe in such stories, try to visit this castle on this date.

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castles in luxembourg vianden castle

Vianden Castle

Positioned in the North of Luxembourg, Vianden Castle was built from the 11th to 14th centuries as a residence for the Count of Vianden, and it stands proudly as one of the most extensive fortifications in the West of the Rhine.

When it comes to design, it is a Romanesque castle. Later on, Gothic style trimmings were added. As a result, it has got a stunning combination of stonework, window styles and use of colors. After going through extreme disrepair, it has been restored recently, and the castle finally got its lost glory.

Today, it is open as an excellent destination to experience the rich history of Luxembourg amidst the serenity of the countryside.

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castles in luxembourg ansembourg castle

Ansembourg Castle

Located above the small Ansembourg village, the Ansembourg Castle is used as a home to the Count of this region. Even though there is no specific date known for the original construction of the castle, the first complex was believed to be built in early 1135.

The government of Luxembourg acquired a library of over 6000 books in this castle at the end of 2008. The findings of the Codex Mariendalensis manuscript sparked a huge interest here because it was written in Moselle Franconian archaic dialect.

The castle has been used as private property. However, visitors can enjoy the walk around the surrounding greens. Recently, an exquisite boutique hotel was opened in its proximity. The Grand Castle of Ansembourg was built at the beginning of the 17th century by a leading iron industry Thomas Bidart as “House Forges,” when the Thomas Bidart heirs were elevated to Baron, along with the Earl of Ansembourg and Marchant, and Count of Holy Roman Empire.

In 1750, the gardens were built and decorated with stairs, statues, and designer fountains in the unique gardening style.

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castles in luxembourg chateau de septfontaines

Château de Septfontaines

In 1783, the picturesque Château de Septfontaines was built in Rollingergrund, Luxembourg City, by the famous designers Pierre-Joseph Boch and Jean-Francois. They had also started their porcelain factory around the castle in 1767. For their families, they also used the castle as their residential base. French troops later occupied the palace and sold it in the year 1914.

For around 12 years, the castle had gone through a significant renovation. The palace is currently adorned with porcelain designs, shapes, and figurines of different types as a tribute to its original owners. The castle is mostly used for receptions and conferences, and it is not entirely open for visitors.

The actual time of the construction of the first castle is no longer known. According to the historians, certain Tider has appeared as Lord of Seven Born. John of Septfontaines presented it as his property in 1233 under the rule of Princes Ermesinde.

Thomas Siebenborn, the companion, and friend of Emperor Henry VII, in the 14th century, was known to be the lord of this manor. Christoph von Criechingen built a huge renaissance tower at the northern entrance. The castle is not open for visitors as it is a private residence.

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castles in luxembourg grand ducal palace

The Grand Ducal Palace

Used as a base by the Grand Duke to perform his official duties, the Grand Ducal Palace is a quiet complex located in the center of Luxembourg City. It is widely renowned for its appeal of the Second World War: Nazis completely preserved the castle, and it didn’t face any dilapidation.

The striking exterior of the palace dates back to the 16th century on the period of the Flemish Renaissance, and modern design on the spacious rooms designed by Ingo Maurer. You can also take guided tours during the summer months.

As the private home to the Grand Duke, the Grand Ducal Palace has been undoubtedly one of the most exciting facades in the city since the 16th century. The splendid stairs with light design and majestic interiors can be visited during summer.

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castles in luxembourg beaufort castle

Beaufort Castle

Built as one of the first medieval castles of Europe in the 11th century, Beaufort Castle stands majestically as the remains of a medieval fortification which were secured initially by a vast moat. Over the years, it has been indeed a contested residence and has been owned by several rulers until it was barren and left to get into disrepair.

Sadly, the castle has faced significant degradation. However, it is declared as a National Monument of Luxembourg, and it rightfully has a tremendous ethereal beauty.

Covered by a moat, the old castle was developed during four periods. The oldest part of the castle was built in the early 11th century. It was a small square fortress located on a giant rock, covered by a huge ditch and another wall is located in front of the valley. A flanking tower was added during the first half of the 12th century, and the gate was enlarged and moved.

The wing having the upper rooms and wall along with the lower part in the central tower was built in 1348. The Beaufort castle was in ruins due to the Thirty Year War, and the owner ended up selling it.

The governor of the Luxembourg province, Johann Baron de Beck acquired the most substantial part of the properties in 1639, on behalf of Spanish King. He most probably built the wing with large windows of Renaissance style in the northwestern cannon tower and the central tower. He ordered the construction for the complex of the renaissance palace after 1643.

The old castle was decayed eventually. It was also used as the quarry at the beginning of the 19th century. The palace was announced as a cultural heritage by the Luxembourg government in 1850.

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castles in luxembourg walferdange castle

Walferdange Castle

Walferdange Castle has been built quite recently as compared to other palaces and castles in Luxembourg, built like a stud farm in 1824. The majestic size of the castle has been attractive for nobility, and it had become a royal residence about 40 years later.

Prince Henry of Luxembourg renovated the palace, but it has been used as a teacher training center, hospital, institute, and army barracks over time. Currently, it hosts Literary Disciplines as a notable building of the University of Luxembourg.

Until the end of the last century, the Grand-ducal residence of Walferdange has become the residential hub during its development phase, located at the entrance to Grunewald wood, on one of the major tourist routes of Luxembourg and at close vicinity from the capital.

Situated at the picture-perfect setting of Alzette Valley, the castle has a lot of options for walks on well-designed paths with several viewpoints.

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castles in luxembourg bourscheid castle

Bourscheid Castle

Positioned in the picture-perfect setting of Bourschield, the Bourschield Castle stands as one of the oldest Luxembourg castles on a location where there is archeological evidence that these structures were built in the Roman era.

The original castle is supposed to have a palace, keep and a chapel, covered by a rampart with four high-rise towers. In 1972, the castle was officially acquired by the state. Later on, the complex had gone through various archeological changes, including the re-roofed towers and the addition of large chimney. Wait for the evening when the castle lights up as it illuminates miles of the surrounding area.

Being triangular, the Bourschield Castle is located on a steep promontory around 150m high above the river Sûre and can be accessed only from the northwest. A wooden fort was turned into a stone castle around 1000. The Merovingian, Roman, Ottonian, and Carolingian structures were identified in excavations.

Only the wall and the central tower remained on the first building of the Gothic-Romanesque style. Fortified with eight different towers, the outer wall was finished in 1384. House Stolzembourg was built with a Gothic vaulted cellar at the same time.

The bailey or existing yard was built around 1477. The main gate of the castle is secured by outer fencing, the strong artillery bastion covered by four towers, and a moat which was covered by a drawbridge.

After the death of the last Lord of Bourscheid in 1512 without descendants, three different quarters had been built by his heirs in the castle. In 1936, the ruins were categorized as the historical monument.

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castles in luxembourg esch-sur-sure castle

Esch-Sur-Sure Castle

Located above the Esch-Sur-Sûre town, this castle has been loomed historical as a serene fortress of protection for its people who were living below the castle. Naturally, it is protected by a steep meander in the Sûre River covering the castle and town on three sides.

The first tower of the fort was built in 927 in Romanesque architecture. Most of the design is, however, influenced by Gothic patterns known in the 13th century in Europe.

The castle keeps standing proudly over the Esch-Sur-Sure town, despite being in ruins these days. The site is protected across the nation as a historical treasure and is beautifully illuminated in the evenings, adding the true majestic appeal to the site.

The initial buildings of the castle were constructed in the Romanesque era, and they were later developed in the Gothic period. In the 15th Century, gunpowder was found, and it was important for the castle to change its defensive mechanism. The entire village was covered with 1.5m thick and 450m long rampart with two protective towers. At the same time, the curved watchtower was also built.

From the middle of the 16th century to the 19th century, the castle remained in ruins. In 1684, Louis XIV and his troops seized the fortress and dismantled the strongholds of the country. The citizens owned the castle by the mid 19th century.

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