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Top 10 Best Day Trips from Rome (Italy)

When traveling to Italy, you may not want to miss any of the exotic places in the country. If you are planning weekend trips to Rome, this blog is just for you.

Do you want to enjoy the best day trips from Rome? You will never run out of options. It is well worth to start your day trips from Rome by train to get there.

There is no lack of wonderful towns and sights to visit Rome. So, it is well worth to spend one or two weeks in Rome. If you don’t have that much time, we recommend you free yourself for at least four days if you plan day trips to Italy from Rome.

If you are planning day trips by train from Rome, you can go with Italo Treno, a new high-speed train network in Italy for high-speed routes, or Trenitalia. Compare times, dates, and prices between both. The Italian train service, Trenitalia, covers all national routes.

To get around Italy, the train is the best way to travel. This rail network connects visitors and locals to almost every major city in the country. It runs 24/7 and covers breathtaking views of the countryside.


Best Day Trips from Rome: Excursions and Towns Near Rome (Italy)

top day trips from rome italy pisa tower


The Leaning Tower of Pisa, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, is probably one of the main reasons why travelers visit Pisa. Well, the city has several amazing things to see and do and is worth at least a day trip from Rome to Pisa.

Once you have done a photoshoot and explored the Tower of Pisa on all angles, keep visiting other monuments in the Cathedral, the Baptistery, and the Piazza. The Cathedral Museum, the Museum of the Synopses, and the Cathedral Museum are worth a visit during a day trip from Rome to Pisa.

What to Expect?

Don’t forget to enjoy the relaxing walk with your better half down the Arno River and enter Piazza dei Cavalleri via Clock Palace, which was once at the heart of the city.

To get the best experience of getting there, enjoy cecina, a type of gluten-free, thin bread made of water, chickpea flour, oil, black pepper, and salt. You can have it alone or in a flatbread, sciacciatina.

→ Where to stay: Best hotels in Pisa

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top day trips from rome italy florence centro storico


One of the hottest favorite tourist destinations in Italy, Florence, gives the best experience for first-time visitors. If you are planning day trips from Rome to Florence, be sure to witness the historic architecture, classical works of art, and its serene and natural beauty.

The capital city of Tuscany, Florence, is one of the wealthiest cities with a huge range of impressive attractions and sights to behold.

What to Expect?

Florence houses the best museums along with the most beautiful churches and cathedrals in Italy. It has a lot of picturesque, interesting squares and streets, elegant bridges and buildings, world-class shopping centers, and vivid marketplaces. It has flat, compact, and walkable, Centro Storico, a historic center with interesting views to praise.

→ Where to stay: Best hotels in Florence

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top day trips from rome italy amalfi coast positano

Amalfi Coast

Day trips from Rome to Amalfi Coast cover panoramic villages on cliffs and hills which meet the sea below. Some towns here are built just around the water in the backdrop of craggy mountains.

Amalfi Coast is one of the most amazing tourist destinations in the country. It is also well known among celebs for its showy boutiques. Most celebs started loving the location while shooting TV shows and movies over there. You may fall in love with a liqueur, limoncello, which is made of Amalfi lemons.

What to expect?

It is flooded with quaint and serene villages, with one old church and some luxurious Roman villas. It has a very scenic road along the region and towns are very easy to access by ferry.

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top day trips from rome italy tuscany pienza


The day trips from Rome to Tuscany are all about lush greens and delicious wine. If you are planning day trips to Rome, it is worth to visit the hill town of Pienza for climbing the castle and shopping at Montalcino.

What to Expect?

Here you may visit some of the best vineyards at Brunello di Montalcino and stop at some of the serene and small towns like Monticchiello, Montepulciano, and the hot springs of Bagno Vignoni if you have some time. Choose day trips from Rome, Italy to Tuscany, which cover incredible destinations.

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top day trips from rome italy capri blue grotto


Trips to Rome also cover a tour to Capri, a beautiful island that is worth a full day to visit. After enjoying the train ride to Naples from Rome, it’s time to take a panoramic boat ride through the Gulf of Naples to Campi, a port in Marina Grande. It is a lively port where you can enjoy savory food, navigate different shops, and watch passersby at a terraced café as well as incredible boats getting around.

What to Expect?

Capri has no lack of amazing tourist attractions. Blue Grotto is an attraction you shouldn’t miss. This cave has an excellent reflection of emerald and blue water. You can take a quick boat ride from Marina Grande to access the cave. Other tourist attraction includes the highest point of Capri, Mt. Solaro.

Also, catch the breathtaking views of the sea and the island at the top of a mountain where you can reach through a chair lift. You should also visit the panoramic Villa San Michele, where you can spot Phoenician steps, stunning gardens, museums, and café.

→ Where to stay: Best hotels in Capri

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top day trips from rome italy pompeii


Your visit to Rome won’t complete if you miss day trips in Italy from Rome to Pompeii. To reach the most popular tourist attraction in Italy, the fastest way is taking the train to Naples from Rome and then a route from Circumvesuviana to the prehistoric destination. Both rides may take up to 2 hours. But you will regret your decision to miss it after being so close.

What to expect?

With either an audio tour or guided tour, you will find the opportunity to walk through the streets of this abandoned metropolis to get a glimpse of its 2000 years old past. See how the ancient restaurants, shops, baths, residential homes, and brothels were like in the past, along with the ancient religious, political, and commercial centers.

You can also spot the casts of plastered bodies of people who died in the volcanic eruption, which took place in 79 AD. You will find the amazing collection of artworks and artifacts excavated from Pompeii at the National Archeological Museum of Pompeii.

That said, Pompeii is also a Nice city to visit for more than just a day. How to get from Pompeii to Rome and vice versa? It is as easy as just taking a train for such a short time, so make sure not to miss both places if you have more time!

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top day trips from rome italy villa d este fountain tivoli

Villa d’Este

Villa d’Este is a must-visit formal garden for every tourist. Positioned just opposite the Hadrian’s Villa, this breathtaking estate has a beautiful mansion, but most visitors get there to see the gardens. The way of integrating waterworks and artistic elements in this stunning landscape from the Renaissance make these gardens stand out.

What to expect?

You will fall in love with the maze-like walkways and winding paths, which have a great surprise for you at every turn, such as stunning statues, musical fountains, frescoed rooms, and exotic waterfalls. Also, visit the cozy boutiques and enjoy the delicacies at the restaurants after visiting the gardens.

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top day trips from rome italy hadrians villa tivoli

Hadrian’s Villa

It takes only one hour on a day trip from Rome to Tivoli. Villa d’Este and Hadrian’s Villa are two of the most exotic sites in Lazio region. Most tourists prefer to cover both of these villas on a day trip from Rome.

Hadrian’s Villa is such a paradise for a history lover. It has a sprawling and interesting complex which consists of 30 pre-historic Roman structures built by Emperor Hadrian during the second century.

What to expect?

Visitors can expect a glimpse of the ancient Rome when taking a walk through the 250 acres of palaces, marble pavements, libraries, theatres, temples, baths, and private quarters, where attendants, royal guardsman, and slaves once lived.

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top day trips from rome italy orvieto cathedral


You might also like the delightful town of Orvieto in the Umbria region located on the huge chunk of tuff or volcanic rock. The Duomo, an appealing and majestic cathedral, is one of the best in Italy with its pristine frescoes and mosaics, which influenced the Sistine Chapel of Michelangelo.

What to expect?

You should explore the maze of underground tunnels in the city. Carved by the Etruscans with volcanic rock around 3000 years ago to make escape route, these tunnels now have high-flying stairs, rooms, quarries, and cisterns.

San Giovenale, the oldest church in the city, is worth a while. St. Patrick’s well, which was built to supply water during the war period, and Albornoz Fortress, which was built in the 14th century, is worth a visit.

→ Where to stay: Best hotels in Orvieto

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top day trips from rome italy castelli romani castel gandolfo

Castelli Romani

If you are getting there for the first time, you might assume Castelli Romani, just a Roman castle, nothing else. You would be wrong. It is a collaboration of 13 beautiful towns in Alban Hills, only a few miles from Rome. It was a holiday destination for the Ancient Romans to get rid of daily stress, and the urban residents still follow this tradition.

What to expect?

Be ready to explore the lush forests and panoramic caldera lakes. These vineyards are some of the best regions in Italy. It is where red or white Frascati comes from, which is one of the well-known wines for the Romans. Also taste Frascati wine in its origin, the Frascati village.

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