Christmas in Italy: 8 Best Christmas Markets in Italy


Looking for destinations where you can celebrate the holidays with culture and tradition? Make sure not to miss out on some of the best Christmas markets in Italy!

The Christmas season is just around the corner. The biggest Christmas markets in Italy start to open from early December and more start following as Advent goes.

Most of the already established Christmas markets in Italy 2019 are located in South Tyrol in the proximity to Austria. You can always find the festive delights across the whole country.

Whether it’s a spectacle or local specialties, or Santa you are looking for, we have listed some of the biggest and best Christmas markets in Italy. As Christmas arrives, planning a winter trip is one of the best things to do.

During winter, Italy becomes more romantic and magical with windy winter markets, which are worth a while. When planning your itinerary for Christmas in Italy, you may want to stop by this year!

No matter how busy, small, quaint, or active, these markets can definitely delight your visit. They offer the right shopping scene and in-depth exposure to Italian culture.

Listed here are some of the best winter and Christmas markets in Italy.

8 Best Christmas Markets in Italy

Trento christmas market italy


Christmas lights add a great festive charm to the city. Trento is one of the famous and one of the best Christmas markets in Italy. The Christmas market here strings beautiful lights and various traditional decorations between the Piazza Cesare Battisti and the Piazza Fiera, filling it with quiet glow and warmth.

Then, wooden huts are located around two locations, and they become the stalls offering local products and famous arts. You can buy handicrafts from local artisans, famous Trentino dishes, and Christmas decorations. Due to this reason, Trento has become beautifully known as the “Christmas Town.”

One thing, which makes this Christmas market stand out in Italy, is its green market. Like other markets, it also houses a unique environment, lights, and local handicrafts. Sustainability is one of the best features of this market, and the government has taken a lot of measures to avoid adverse impacts on the environment.

Trento sells only local products and uses only certified Dolomiti Engeria paper bags instead of single-use plastic. Hence, it is one of the most eco-friendly Christmas markets in Italy.

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Bolzano Italy Christmas market


Bolzano is among the best Christmas markets in Italy for its family traditions. This market is themed with the traditions of the past every year and celebrates the history by presenting and setting up the nativity, designing a white tree, selling confectionary and scented cakes which are freshly made, and a lot of other traditions.

Christmas markets in Bolzano Italy is well known for their epic nativity scene under the vast Christmas tree in the heart of the market.

It is a tribute to the Holy family, the rustic alpine tradition, and cows inside a mini stable. There are stalls making it among the best Christmas markets in the country.

These markets become even more beautiful when locals exchange gifts with each other. Both youth and adults adorn this tradition. They have a great chance to focus on details when it comes to decorating their homes and arranging a festive table.

These stalls offer local products like hats, slippers, stationery, confectionery cakes, candles, musical instruments, and handmade Christmas balls. There are also designated indoor spaces where craftsmen produce their art, and visitors can check out their process and design.

It is the best place to feel the true holiday spirit. The Christmas feels magical in Italy. The Christmas market in Bolzano opens November 29, and it will surely be a must-see of all the Christmas markets in Italy.

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Bologna Christmas market


The Christmas market in Bologna, Italy, is one of the famous and the oldest in Italy. It is stretched over the Antica Fiera di santa Lucia in the Santa Maria dei Servi church since 1796. And the Fiera di Natale Market is facing the San Pietro Cathedral, which dates back to the 12th century.

The gastronomy of La Grassa is an essential part of the market in Bologna, especially marzipan fruit creations and the festive nougat (torrone).

The Nativity scene of Bologna stands out with two features – Sleeper (the male slumbering in the back) and the Wonder (a woman standing in awe at the infant form of Jesus Christ.

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iPiazza Navona Christmas market rome italy


Due to the central location and large population, Rome may be one of the best Christmas markets to visit. The Christmas markets in Rome Italy are represented as one of the best places to visit. If you are getting there, it is highly recommended to visit the Piazza Navona Christmas market.

It is one of the well-known Christmas markets in the capital as well as Italy. The local vendors sell traditional decorations like Advent wreaths and calendars, wooden toys, children’s books, and cribs as well as sweet treats.

The Pizza Novana Christmas market is well regarded for a lot of artists and musicians and rides in its amusement park, offering endless fun for travelers and families of all ages.

The native scenes in the Christmas markets here truly light up ahead of the Four Rivers with the Bernini’s Fountain. A lot of bus lines stop by this winter market.

Therefore, it is worth to visit this market. It usually runs from December 8 to early January.

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The Oh, Bej! Oh, Bej! Fair Christmas markets in Milan Italy is held around the date when Saint Ambrose’s Day is observed, who was known as the patron Saint of Milan. In front of Sforza Castle, this fair is held every year to appeal to a lot of tourists. Hence, it is one of the most sees tourist attractions in Italy.

A lot of stands and kiosks sell clothes, antiques, toys, winter delicacies, and a lot of ornaments and trinkets here. It is one of the oldest fair traditions which date the way back in 1288. It was first celebrated to pay tribute to the Patron Saint.

The fair is named after a delegate of Pope Pius, Giannetto Castiglion, who have been in Milan in the year 1510.
He visited the city with boxes of toys and sweets for kids. This market is truly beautiful and is full of rich culture, history, and cheerful ambiance.

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Stroll through the Mazzini to visit the Verona Christmas markets and stop by the Piazza delle Ebre and cross by the arch of Lamberti Tower. You can take pictures while traveling and enjoying the short trip to the centrally-located Christmas market, Piazza Dei Signori.

It has a cozy and warm environment where kiosks are offering heart-shaped choco snacks, traditional warm and cozy slippers, soaps, mulled wine, and St. Nicks.

This Christmas market is itself located in a promising location. First of all, it is covered in the Piazza and is easy to access. It is all located and enclosed in a small area. You will love all the amazing architecture while shopping, and the holiday spirit is full of flair here.

Some of the beautiful buildings located here are Loggia del Consiglio, Palazzo Della Region, Arche Scaligere, and Palazzo del Podesta.

You can enjoy some cheese and wrap a new scarf to warm up your chilly neck. It is a must-see winter market in Italy as the kiosks also sell teddy bears adorned in traditional Christmas clothes as well as crystal blown ornaments.

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Christmas markets have long been running from the last week of November until the first week of January in Italy. Nevertheless, it is not the case with Christmas markets in Venice. It usually opens only three weeks until Christmas Eve. However, it is one of Italy’s best Christmas markets despite its short period.

The Campo Santo Stefano also turns into a traditional Christmas village this season. The area is covered by the local kiosks operated by locals and craftsmen selling food and art. This market is located in the backdrop of serene Venetian palaces.

The market is well regarded as it is devoted to offering Murano glass, which is used in making ornaments, jewelry, and designs accentuated with gold and silver.

The Christmas market of Venice also offers balsamic vinaigrettes and traditional sweets. These gourmet products are made locally and sold at the best prices.

Don’t miss the white truffles here. Above all the amazing aspects of the Christmas market in Venice, there are several entertainment scenes, concerts, and special programs designed for kids to make it fun for travelers of all ages.

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Santa Maria Maggiore

As discussed earlier, the Christmas markets in Venice are among the shortest winter markets in the country, but Santa Maria Maggiore indeed proves us wrong.

It opens only from December 9 to December 11, making it Italy’s quickest Christmas market. Therefore, you should get here to experience the real Christmas vibes of Italy.

This traditional market fills the Vigezzo Valley and greets the visitors with convenience. The bus trips are specially organized to provide convenience to the travelers to visit the market, and Vigezzina Railway also drops them off by the valley.

The workshops are also opened by the craftsmen to show the process of art and culture and local craft traditions in the Vigezzo Valley area.

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Christmas markets in Italy | If you're planning your Christmas holidays for this year and is looking at visiting Italy then make sure you don't miss the time when it have all of its Christmas markets up! #italy #europe #christmas #traveldestinations #traveltips #bucketlisttravel #travelideas #travelguide #amazingdestinations #traveltheworld

Christmas markets in Italy | If you're planning your Christmas holidays for this year and is looking at visiting Italy then make sure you don't miss the time when it have all of its Christmas markets up! #italy #europe #christmas #traveldestinations #traveltips #bucketlisttravel #travelideas #travelguide #amazingdestinations #traveltheworld


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