40 Secret Santa Gift Ideas for Travelers (Funny and Practical)


Looking for the best secret Santa gift ideas for travelers that are funny but practical? Read this post now and find out what to get your friends, coworkers, and loved ones!

Are you looking for secret Santa gift ideas for your travel-loving friends, loved ones, or coworkers? In this post, we have detailed some of the funky travel gifts you can give them!

Most of the items on this list are under $50 or less and are the excellent secret Santa gift ideas you can choose from. These products are all geared towards travelers or people who enjoy traveling.

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What is a secret Santa?

It is a type of exchange gift-giving that happens around Christmas time. It is a popular tradition amongst families, friends, and most workplaces. It is also one of the excellent ways to be creative with the gifts you’re going to give.

Why is it called secret Santa?

One of the fun things about secret Santa is the fact that you don’t know who is going to give you a gift nor the person you’ll give a gift to knows who you are. Hence, it is called a secret Santa.

What are the rules of secret Santa?

It is essential that everyone who decided to participate and put their names on the list of participants who want to be part of secret Santa knows the rules, here are the most important ones:

  • If they decide to join, they must participate and not back out of the game
  • If you don’t know much about the person you got, it is a good idea to know a little about them so you can easily decide what type of gifts to get that person
  • Set a price limit, so everyone gets a fair gift
  • Be a little wary of the gifts you’re going to buy. Be a little rational and sensitive, so don’t buy anything that may offend the person you’re going to give the gift to.
  • It is always a good idea to mix a little bit of humor when you’re choosing a gift. These post about secret Santa gift ideas are an awesome start for friends and coworkers who likes to travel, and we have a section below dedicated for funny, sarcastic gifts that your travel-loving friend will surely find funny
  • Enjoy the fun!
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40 Secret Santa Gift Ideas for Your Travelers (Funny and Practical)


Best secret Santa gifts under $30

Travel gift card

Does your friend travel often? Giving them a travel gift card for a hotel or Airbnb discount usually does the trick!


Travel eye mask set


This is one of the practical secret Santa gift ideas we have in this list as this is something they can also use even if they are not traveling.

Read our post about travel masks to find the best ones that your giftee will enjoy, read it here.


Toiletry bag


As a traveler, it is essential to stay organized. Keeping your toiletries in one place makes everything easier while traveling either short or long term.

We have a toiletry bag review you can take a look at, read it here.


Packing cubes


Yet another practical secret Santa gifts you can give your travel-loving giftee. Everyone needs packing cubes for travel. Also, this is something they can use even while not traveling! It is a good storage option if they are not traveling.

If you wish to buy your giftee some packing cubes, read our buying guide on what to get.


Shampoo bar


The one thing we all hate when traveling is the fact that sometimes liquids get out of hand and tend to leak during transportation and pressure from the airplane. A shampoo bar is one of the ecological ways to clean your scalp as it does not come with plastic.


Smartphone camera lens


As mentioned above, knowing your secret Santa giftee a little bit helps a lot when you’re choosing what present to get them. If you found out that he or she enjoys traveling and taking photos, giving them a small camera lens won’t take up so much space in their luggage, plus they can take amazing, memorable photos!


Magnetic globe


Every travel-loving individual will indeed enjoy this gift! It is cute, a good home decoration, and absolutely well-thought of.


Travelrest neck pillow


If your giftee is about to head off to a long journey ahead, getting them, a good neck pillow will make their lives comfortable during that long haul flight or ride.

Read our post about the best neck pillow there are in the market, read it here.


Anti-theft day bag


Keep your loved ones protected while they are traveling, and this day bag will certainly keep their belongings safe as they trot about the world.

We also have compiled the best day bags there are in the market, read it here.


Toiletry set


A toiletry set is every traveler would need during their holiday. All the necessities from shampoo to toothbrush are in here. Spare them the trouble of thinking about what to pack, by giving this gift, you’ll certainly cut a bit of their work.


Funny secret Santa gift ideas


Spice mix container

Does your secret Santa giftee enjoy cooking apart from traveling? This is the perfect gift you can give them so that wherever they are, they can whip up something tasting and amazing.


Cocktail kit


Now, this is perhaps one of the funniest secret Santa gift ideas you can give your giftee! It is what it is, a cocktail kit – wherever they are, and whatever situation they are in, they can always whip themselves a good tasty cocktail in a whim.


Public toilet survival kit


Have you found out that your coworker, friend, or loved one gets icky when it comes to using the public toilet? This gift is awesome for that type of germaphobes!


Portable espresso machine


Coffee lover giftee who also never stay put in one place? Get them a portable espresso machine so they can always make themselves a Nice warm cup of Joe before, during, or after their big adventure.


Sriracha keychain


Does your friend love Sriracha? This is a really good secret Santa gift for that type of people! Everyone needs a little bit of spice in their lives. This keychain is a good reminder that life is never bland.


Portable collapsible wine glass


This is a really fun gift to give to people who truly love their wine (or booze, in general). Not only it is portable, meaning they are always ready for types of situations in front of them, but it is also small and compact!


Hangover pills


After all the cocktails, booze, and wines that sometimes goes with traveling and meeting new people along the way comes with great responsibility. If you know that your buddy enjoys their occasional boozing too much, then these hangover pills are their perfect gift.


Emergency underwear


This gift is not exactly what you think it is. We added this under the funny list mainly because sometimes, when traveling, we often don’t have access to laundry, and when we do run out of clothes – it can be nasty. Having emergency underwear might actually save your friend from flipping their undies inside out for the nth time.


Portable blender


This is perhaps not the most practical, but people need their daily smoothie doze, and this portable blender is small enough, not to take so much space in their luggage. Plus, your friend is going to be happy now that he or she can have smoothie everywhere.


F*ck off eye mask

 Well, no need for further explanation. Everyone needs their proper sleep one way or another without any disturbances.


Secret Santa ideas for friends


Portable power bank


This is perhaps a pricier gift, but you can find power banks that within a reasonable price range that may meet your secret Santa price limit. This is a really good secret Santa gift idea as it is also useful even when not traveling.

You can read our top portable power bank choices in this post.


Wireless headphones


Again, nowadays, there are affordable wireless headphones, which would certainly fit your budget. Just like the power bank, this is something your giftee can use even when not traveling.


Travel inspired jewelry


If your giftee is a girl, she would certainly appreciate a piece of cute travel-inspired jewelry which she can wear it any time she pleases.


Dry bag


A dry bag is a pretty good gift to give to anyone who enjoys not just traveling but also exploring the outdoors. If the giftee is a commuter, this also comes in handy as it will keep their belongings safe and dry during the rainy, spring, and autumn season.


Selfie stick


This is perhaps a gift depending on the personality of your friend. Nevertheless, a selfie stick is always good to have when traveling solo.


Travel umbrella


An umbrella is perhaps an odd gift to give, but it still is a very useful one even when not traveling. There are also really good quality umbrellas that can be folded into smaller sizes to fit a small bag just in case of an emergency.


External hard drive


Sometimes we do tend to forget that it is important to keep our memories in a safe place. We take a lot of photos during our travel but by no means have any organizational ideas on how to curate them. Giving your friend an external hard drive will help them make sure that their travel experiences won’t get lost.


Quick-dry towel


Yet another practical gift to give anyone a quick-dry towel is one of the best travel gear one can bring with them during their journey, especially if your friend is more of a budget traveler who stays at hostels and guest houses.




A kindle is perhaps a pricier gift to give your friend for a secret Santa, but it still is a really good gift to give just about anyone who enjoys reading. Also, during long haul flights, a Kindle comes in absolutely handy to pass time.


Travel adapter


Perhaps another odd gift to give, but a travel adapter is a really important gear to bring when traveling abroad. Your friend will certainly appreciate this one (even if they don’t look like they would, it is a travel adapter after all).

Read our post here about the best adapter to give as gift.


Secret Santa gift ideas for coworkers

Reusable cutleries


It is always good to give reusable cutleries or dishes as it is a reminder to people that we should always refuse using plastic and another non-biodegradable packaging.

Plus, this is also something your coworker can use even when not traveling.


I’ve been here travel diary


Does your coworker enjoy writing? Why not give him or her a nice diary to document his or her travels? This book is really handy and useful for people who would love to write down their experiences.


Travel scratch map


A perfect gift for people who love ticking off destinations off their list!


Passport holder with a phone charger


This is a cool and useful gift for coworkers who can’t live without their phones.


Collapsible water bottle


Yet another gift you can give to remind people to refuse one-time use packaging! Plus, yet again, it is something they can use not just when traveling but also in their daily life.


Travel money belt


Help your coworker keep their important belongings safe by getting them a travel money belt.


Travel wallet organizer


A stress-free journey starts from a proper organization, thus having a travel wallet organizer, keeps all of your important documents in one place without worries of forgetting anything.


Luggage scale


This is the perfect gift for people who overpack, and it also comes in handy for moments when in doubt.


Travel purse or bag


Do you know if your coworker needs a new bag for his or her upcoming travels? If yes, then this is the perfect gift for him or her!

Check out our travel purse reviews to find out which is the best bag to get them.


Travel book


If your coworker is due to a nice relaxing holiday very soon, get them a book to keep them occupied while chilling by the pool or beach!

Check out our list of the top travel novels that are perfect for gift giving.


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Secret Santa Gift Ideas for Travelers | Looking for the best secret santa gifts for coworkers, for women, for teens, for guys, under under $10, DIY, under 25, for girls or funny gift ideas? Read this post now or pin it for later read! #giftideas #secretsanta #under10$ #giftideas #giftsforfriends #giftsforher #giftsforherchristmas #christmas #christmasgifts #christmasgiftideas #giftsfortravelers

Secret Santa Gift Ideas for Travelers | Looking for the best secret santa gifts for coworkers, for women, for teens, for guys, under under $10, DIY, under 25, for girls or funny gift ideas? Read this post now or pin it for later read! #giftideas #secretsanta #under10$ #giftideas #giftsforfriends #giftsforher #giftsforherchristmas #christmas #christmasgifts #christmasgiftideas #giftsfortravelers


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