How to Buy Gifts for People Who Love to Travel


Do you know how to buy gifts for people who love to travel? This guide helps you how to pick out the best gift for your friends and family who have itchy feet!

Are you currently writing your gift lists for this upcoming holiday? If one of your loved ones enjoys traveling or is a frequent traveler and you’re curious about what would be the best gifts for people who love to travel, then this gift guide is for you!

We all have that one person who always gives us a minor headache as to what to gift them during the merry holidays or their birthdays. I feel you; My family feels the same way for me (because I, too, love to travel).

Nonetheless, it is not an impossible task, and this guide is meant to help you determine the best and most useful gift you can give them.

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How to Buy Gifts for People Who Love to Travel

Step 1: First things first – determine what type of traveler they are

This is perhaps one of the most important steps as your gift will depend on what type of traveler your loved one is

Seasonal traveler

If your loved one is a seasonal traveler or a.k.a, only travels during work holidays and offs from work (and not more than 3-4 times a year), then this means your gift can be something they can use when they are not traveling, as well.

A scratch-off map


It is Nice to have a little reminder of your previous travels. This is something they can put on their wall and scratch off place they’ve already visited. This is always one of the good gifts for people who love to travel!

Reusable water bottle


Apart from reducing waste while they are traveling, they can also use this to minimize waste while they are not traveling.

Read our detailed post about water bottles here.



If your loved one is a music lover, then they will appreciate having good quality noise-canceling headphones during their commute to work.

Read our detailed guide on what headphones to buy, click it here.

Travel adapter


Depending on where your loved ones travel, it is always best to bring a travel electric plug converter with them as it is still cheaper to get them from home rather than from abroad.
Frequent traveler

By this, we are asking if your loved ones travel more than five times per year and/or does travel for a living, i.e., he/she is a flight attendant, a pilot, or just like me, a remote worker.

If he/she travels often and is almost never at home, then this means your gift needs to be something that will come useful for them at all times or in the long run.

We have written a guide on what adapters to buy, check it here.

Frequent traveler

By this, we are asking if your loved ones travel more than five times per year and/or does travel for a living, i.e., he/she is a flight attendant, a pilot, or just like me, a remote worker.

If he/she travels often and is almost never at home, then this means your gift needs to be something that will come useful for them at all times or in the long run.

A portable power bank


Surprisingly, electronics do play a significant role nowadays when it comes to travel, and sometimes it is essential to travel with a full battery phone in case of emergency.

Having a fully charged power bank at all times is very important, especially if they have a long journey ahead of them.

Read this post to learn more about what power banks to buy.

Lightweight foldable warm jacket


If you know that they are heading somewhere where it can be chilly at nights or perhaps winter is coming, you can gift your loved one something they can use but won’t necessarily take up considerable space in their luggage.

A foldable light jacket is always a good idea, even if they think they won’t need it.

This post details more about what jackets you should look after.

A quick-dry microfibre towel


This is useful to frequent travelers who travel on a budget and mostly stay at hostels. Microfibre towels dry fast and can be compressed small, so it doesn’t take a lot of space in their luggage.

Read our detailed reviews about quick dry towels here.

A foldable water bottle


This is awesome for frequent travelers and as well for the planet as your loved one will be traveling the world, reducing waste at the same time.

A foldable water bottle is always a good gift idea and as well a way to remind everyone that we have to be mindful of our environment.

Long-term traveler or is planning a long journey abroad

I was once one of those people who have to leave home so I can work remotely all over the world. I do sometimes wish I’ve written this guide earlier to tell people what gift to give me, so I didn’t have to sell or give away their presence when I was packing my whole in a 20L hard case luggage.

If I would do it all over again, here are a few of the things I wish people have given me during my birthdays or the holidays.

Reusable cutleries


I know this is an odd one. However, I did ended up buying one for myself to bring with me everywhere. At first, I did think that it is a waste of space, but whenever I look back and count the amount of plastic I said no to, it is all worth it.

Packable windproof and waterproof jacket shell


I do have one which I bought years ago for hiking and trekking in Finland, but it is not packable into a small size by any chance. If I would ask friends what to give me, I’ll probably ask for one of these and keep my North Face windproof jacket back in my storage in Helsinki

This jacket can be useful during the rain and as well for laying if your loved one is heading somewhere where it can get cold.

Packable fleece jacket


I’m planning to head to central Asia very soon and as well to Europe (Georgia, Albania, Hungary, and Montenegro to be exact) and all places I’m going to visit can have harsh winters and I always like to be prepared when I know I have to live out of a 20L suitcase.

Having layers of clothing that can be packed into smaller cubes that won’t takes so much space in the luggage and as well won’t weight much is a big plus for long-term travelers.

A small medical kit box


This is something either you do yourself or perhaps something you bought. Either way, making sure that your loved ones have something to relieve pain or medicines that can help them get over some viruses goes a long way.

Sewing kit box


Honestly, I had a sewing kit box in my packing list before I left Finland, yet I made myself believe that I won’t need it.

Truth be told, I needed it so many times that I decided to get a small sewing kit with me on this long term journey all over the world.

That said, not all long-term travelers are frugal that we rather fix broken clothing than buying a new one. Sometimes these pieces of clothing are our reminder of home; thus, we rather repair it than get rid of it.

A sewing kit saved me a lot of time and not just mending old broken clothes, but also it helped me fix bags and several other things. This really makes one of those good gifts for people who love to travel.

Step 2: Is your gift sustainable and ecological?

In today’s world, we tend to forget that as gift-givers, we are responsible for our purchasing power and as well what kind of impact our gifts can give not only to the people we love but also to the world.

That said, be mindful of the products you’ll be buying for this coming holiday or your loved one’s birthday.

Make sure that it is as follows:

  • It is something your friends and family can use for a long time.
  • They can sell it years later so it won’t end up in garbage fields.
  • It is not toxic to the environment.
  • The product is made out of recyclable materials.

Remember: Just because something is cute and fits your friend’s personality doesn’t mean it is good for them or the environment. It is best to be reminded of this as most gift guides out there advertise products that are both useless and bad for the environment.

That said, for gifts such as the portable power bank or headphones, make sure to write a little note on how they can dispose of these products once they are no longer working.

Step 3: If you’re still having thoughts on what to buy them – here are few of our bulletproof suggestions on what gifts to buy people who love to travel

Shampoo bar


You’ll seriously not going to go wrong on this one. Your loved one can either be seasonal, frequent, or long term traveler – shampoo bars don’t go to waste! They can use this year on end.

Toiletry bag


Everybody needs one, you need one, and I have one. It is honestly awesome to open a well-organized suitcase. That said, they can use a toiletry bag for many other things besides, well, their toiletries.

For example, they can use a toiletry bag to organize their bathrooms, or perhaps they can stuff in some medical supplies or whatever they wish. It is a versatile gift, and you can be sure that they’ll use it at one point.

Packing cubes


Again, the same as the toiletry bag, this can be used for organizational purposes either for travel or for home.

I used mine as a way to organize my clothes seasonally when I was just a frequent traveler.

Resistant band for exercise


I know this is an odd addition, but I have to add it. Last Christmas, my brother in law got me a resistant band, and at first, I thought it was such a weird gift, especially the fact that he knows I’ll be traveling long term.

I still stuffed it in my luggage because it only weighed less than 50g, and it takes as much space as one shoe, so I kept it.

Now, fast forward to six months later in Chiang Mai, Thailand – I’ve been using that resistant band almost every day to help me break a sweat without going or paying for a gym.

There are so many tutorials on Youtube using these bands, and they are all good. With all that said, this is also they can use at their homes if they are not traveling so… win-win.

Plus, this makes a good gifts for people who love to travel!

Sleep mask


Again, this is perhaps an odd addition to this list. However, I found myself bring my sleep mask in the plane whenever I fly, and I also use it often when I’m a new apartment as it blocks all possible light and helps me recover from jetlag.

Also, whenever I’m back in Finland around summer time – the midnight sun is not a joke. Sometimes blinders don’t help.

So, a good sleeping mask is an excellent thing to have, even if you’re not traveling.

This post details what sleep masks we recommend!

Step 4: If you’re in doubt, get them this instead

A plane ticket to somewhere. They’ll love you forever. 

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