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Top 10 BEST Day Trips from Ljubljana (Slovenia)

Ljubljana may not be the first city in Central Europe you have ever desired to visit. But there is nothing wrong to visit Slovenia’s capital. Ljubljana is positioned in the heart of a pint-sized country Slovenia and is one of the lesser-known yet beautiful European capitals.

It is hard to pin down day trips from Ljubljana. You might be in the Julien Alps one day, while you might be enjoying the Adriatic’s cocktail the next day. From outdoor activities and public outings under the sun and by the beaches, we have tried to cover day trips for almost every taste.

camping is the best outdoor activity out of the following day trips from Ljubljana. Slovenia is one of the best tourist destinations in Europe. You may get here at any time of the year. You only have to embark on one of these journeys.

Whether it is deep blues and turquoises of Lake Bohinj and Lake Bled or the puzzling Škocjan and Postojna caves, the natural beauty of Slovenia will captivate your eyes. If you are visiting a small country like Slovenia, keep in mind that you will always remain close to international borders. So, let’s get started.



Top Day Trips from Ljubljana, Slovenia

top day trips from ljubljana slovenia lake bled

Lake Bled and Lake Bohinj

If you can visit only one destination of Ljubljana, board to train from Ljubljana to Bled. There is no lack of reasons to get in Lake Bled. But there is no match of walking around the lake, feasting your eyes to the crystal clear waters among the snowy Julian Alps.

It is easy to trek along this 2km long circuit to experience Lake Bled, as well as its magically changing hues in each angle. And getting back from Bled to Ljubljana is also very easy.

Located only 26km southwest of Lake Bled in the Julian Alps, Lake Bohinj doubles the beauty of the region. It is bigger than Bled and a lot less crowded. Rather than pushing off of the always rising horde of tourists, the serenity of Lake Bohinj is within its quick reach. You never know how long it will last.

When it comes to getting there, the most accessible public transport is the bus to Lake Bled from Ljubljana. Buses depart every hour from Ljubljana Avtobusna Postaja from 6 am to 8 pm. It takes no more than two hours of bus ride to get there.

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top day trips from ljubljana slovenia piran


Piran is an all-time favorite of all towns on the Istrian coast of Slovenia. No one could blame for the beautiful day trip from Ljubljana to Piran. The port town of peninsular Venetia and one of the best hidden gems of Europe has always attracted visitors for centuries with sweeping views of the sea and the winding alleyways.

Start your day trip from Piran at Tartinijev Trg, the main square of the town, which is named after Giuseppe Tartini, a famous violinist. If you think his name doesn’t sound like Slovenian, you are right. Piran stunned off in the Venetian Republic from the 13th to the 18th century.

Even in the intra-war era, Pirano or Piran was the part of Italy. This influence of Italy is quickly noticeable as you can amble through the medieval streets decked with the architecture of Venetia. You may even forget that you are in Slovenia.

→ Where to stay: Best hotels in Piran

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top day trips from ljubljana slovenia predjama castle

Postojna Cave & Predjama Castle

If science lovers must visit Škojcan Caves, we can all visit Postojna Cave. Postojna Cave is spectacular, which is not that surprising, and no other cave in Europe can match its charm. This karst cave is spread over 20 km underground, and it transports you to the mysterious world in the way you have never witnessed. Start your day trip from Ljubljana to Postojna along the electric railway of the cave, which was initially built in the late 19th century to the Great Mountain.

You will be able to cover the rest of the way with guided tours through Postojna Cave in 15 languages, where the geological formations will dazzle you with the images of the parallel universe. It takes around 1.5 hours to complete the guided tour. The temperature inside the cave goes below 8-10˚C all the year-round, and be sure to wear warm clothes and wear shoes with proper grips to skip slips.

Even though you are castled out, Predjama Castle will be different as it is carved well into the side of a cliff. You will get to know this castle was about business at once from the outside. It also has a unique “Robin Hood” story behind.

It rose back in the 13th century, and the most famous inhabitant of the castle pop in after a few centuries. A 15th-century rebellious robber and knight assassinated a top-ranking official in Vienna and fled to this castle. Erazem kept on making mischief and attacked Habsburg estates and killed the kinsmen of the Austrian emperor.

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top day trips from ljubljana slovenia soca river

Soca River

The Soca River valley has towering trees, peaks, lakes, and rivers with 1000 shades of lush greens. You may travel a bit ahead of the West, and it is worth a long drive. You will witness the emerald color of Soca River when you drive down Soca Valley.

When you drive to the other side and go towards Bovec from Soca River, you may want to stop at several bridges to see this emerald river from different angles. It sometimes looks clear and wide, sometimes intense green, and narrow.

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top day trips from ljubljana slovenia idrija gewerkenegg castle


It is yet another UNESCO World Heritage Site in Slovenia. It is a lot fascinating and famous. You can quickly discover the world heritage of the region here with shafts opening to the tourists and a beautiful museum in the castle.

Gewerkenegg Castle, which dates back to the 16th century, is located uphill off the town center. Visit this beautiful building that has been transformed into a museum. The team will answer all the queries you have in mind. They will accompany your visit and offer all the documents you need. You will also visit the sections about mining, mercury, lace culture, war history, and industry. The droplets of Mercury were found in Anthony’s Shaft dug in the 16th century.

→ Where to stay: Best hotels in Idrija

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top day trips from ljubljana slovenia maribor

Maribor and Ptuj

It is difficult to get super psyched when you come from Ljubljana for the second biggest city of Slovenia, Maribor. You can enjoy a decent day trip from Ljubljana to Maribor to see another side of this pretty small capital. Like most of the day trips in old cities in Europe, you will also enjoy your day across the delightful and exciting Old Town.

If you think Ptuj had a rough history, you are wrong. Initially, settlers converged on Ptuj in the Stone Age. This small city has become the oldest and most historically prominent in Slovenia. There is nothing much left from the ancient history of Ptuj. The town has the charm of red-roofed natural surroundings and Medieval hub.

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top day trips from ljubljana slovenia logar valley

Logar Valley

Want to get the most of the hills? Logar Valley is a much pleasant and less touristic city. It is located near the Austria border in the North. You will be blown away by the shades of green and the mountain once again. You can also drive around the town and explore the lovely farms.

It is the most popular valley in the area. It is flat and wide at the bottom, and it ends at the wall of mountains. So, it becomes very photogenic. You can stop by the charming Kamnik town and explore the ruins of the old castle en route to Logar Valley.

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top day trips from ljubljana slovenia vintgar gorge

Vintgar Gorge

Vintgar Gorge has allured the visitors for more than a century. It just takes a look to keep you thrilled. Located only 3.5km outside of Bled, the beautiful Vintgar Gorge gives you yet another reason to hike in Slovenia and makes it one of the most exotic natural landmarks in Europe.

Here, you can stroll along the rocky terrains to spend your day trip along with the galleries and across the wooden bridges along the Radovna River. The path extends through the stretch of 1.6km, and it leads to the Vintgar Gorge.

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top day trips from ljubljana slovenia koper praetorian palace


Koper may not impress you as obviously as Piran, but it will surely beckon you to explore. You will spot the beautiful Praetorian Palace at the central square Tito Square (Titov Trg) of Koper’s Old City. It is an architectural landmark in Venetia dated back to the 15th century. Get the views of city’s skyline at the Campanile Bell Tower after completing your trip to the Cathedral of the Assumption.

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top day trips from ljubljana slovenia trieste


You can enjoy the ride of trains from Venice to Ljubljana, but you should stop at a small city Trieste. It is a small coastal city with the influence of Germanic, Latin, and Slavic cultures. When you take your train from Venice to Ljubljana, start your trip from here and visit the Old Town Citta Vecchia.

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top day trips from ljubljana slovenia zagreb


Start your journey by train from Ljubljana to Zagreb, a small Croatian coast, and an unexpected capital which is worth a break in its own will: with the classical grace of Central Europe as well as a bustling center of the city to prove its point. The museum scene is one of the best in Central Europe, especially if you are an art lover.

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