Top 12 Best Day Trips from Budapest (Hungary)

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Planning a trip to Hungary works out affordable. Budapest is one place that cannot be overlooked, and there are many reasons for traveling to this beautiful place. Besides it being one of the most historic cities in Europe (and not to mention, one of the cheapest destinations in Europe), the sights here are enchanting too, making it an excellent city getaway. This place is apt for all from foodies to history buffs as it becomes a playground for those who are interested in cuisine and culture.

Apart from these all and the fact that it is well known for the heritage sites residing within the limits of the city, Budapest is an architectural wonder that offers great things within its walls making it one of the major cities in Europe where you’ll find flocks of tourists visiting each year.

However, if you want to get away from these, then make sure to take the time to visit the surrounding cities and villages outside and go on day trips from Budapest where you’ll find more historical places and as well enjoy its beautiful nature.

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Day Trips from Budapest: Weekend Trips from Budapest (Hungary)

top day trips from budapest hungary esztergom cathedral


Few people know that Esztergom was the capital of Hungary once upon a time, around almost 1000 years ago. It makes it an ideal place for all those who love history and would love all the information about this place. Besides visiting the different sites, there are multiple activities that one can take up when opting for a day trip from Budapest.

Esztergom is only 60km from Budapest in the north-west. It is located where the Country’s Central Uplands coincide with the Danube, and the scenery you witness can be termed as ‘spectacular.’

This place is definitely worth an overnight stay, but in case of lack of time, it is essential to ensure that you pay a visit to the Castle Hill area. It is well known for the ruins of the Royal Palace of Hungary and also for the Cathedral.

Pilis Mountains is a ‘must’ visit if there is enough time. The oak forests and the beach are a treat to witness.

The most ideal mode of transport to get to Esztergom from Budapest is via train, especially for those looking for affordable travel to Esztergom. The second one is via renting a car or by bus as driving down here is equally fast as this takes only around 49 minutes.

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top day trips from budapest hungary eger basilica


Day trip from Budapest to Eger takes only around a couple of hours and thus is comfortable for most. The serenity of the Central Plaza and the picturesque Cathedral is a temptation not many can resist.

Considered as one of the attractive towns in Europe, Eger has 17 Churches and thermal baths to offer tourists. Some see-sights worth visiting are Eger Basilica and the medieval castle with an unbeatable view.

top day trips from budapest hungary vac

Danube and Vac

Boat trips in Budapest are apt for all those who are in love with the waters. One must take a day trip from Budapest to Danube and Vac for such reasons. The gorgeous Danube River extends close to Esztergom in western Hungary.

Vac, a town that is small but charming, is on the bend of this river in the south. It was a Baroque settlement once upon a time. A river cruise offers you an opportunity to marvel at the beautiful skyline of this town. You also have the freedom to dive in and explore.

The Baroque churches, plazas, and the bridges of the 18th century are romantic and fascinating. You can find multiple options for boat trips in Budapest, which work out comfortable for this travel to the Danube and Vac. There are voyages planned for round trips and more.

top day trips from budapest hungary godollo palace

Godollo Palace

Considered as one of the most elegant palaces in Europe, the Godollo Palace is located only 30km from Budapest to the northeast.

This palace was once a summer getaway for Emperor Franz Joseph. This palace has been impeccably preserved, and thus a trip here tends to be going back into the past.

This palace is known for its architecture and has a rich history full of counts who were infamous, and also of the reigning monarchs.

Different tours here can help you explore the many gardens and the stables. Budapest to Godollo Palace is a short distance and takes not more than 30 minutes or so. It can be listed as one of the most day trips from Budapest.

top day trips from budapest hungary szentendre


Szentendre is one of the most vibrant places since you have creatives and artists’ settling in this town since 1930. The colorful and cozy streets of Szentendre make it a fascinating day trip from Budapest.

Check out this history at the Blagoveshchensk Church, which has frescoes and archways that are impeccable and will surely awe you.

The town market caters to the shopping requirement. Traveling to Szentendre from Budapest does not take long. This distance can be covered by train in 44 minutes approximately.

top day trips from budapest hungary kecskemet


Kecskemet is a city that epitomizes what life can be away from the hustle-bustle of the one in Budapest. A day trip from Budapest to Kecskemet must include a tour of the Great Plains and also do not miss the horse shows, which are held at Bugac.

This city, filled with colorful buildings, offers a feel of isolation, which is vital to many. It works out a ‘perfect’ trip for all those who wish to opt for a day trip from Budapest and are looking for some peace.

Kecskemet is at a distance of 93.2 km from Budapest. The journey can take around 1 hour and 10 minutes or so approximately.

top day trips from budapest hungary holloko


A day trip from Budapest to Holloko takes about 1 hour by road. One of the most spellbinding places, Holloko, is the last town to be inhabited.

This town is a celebration of the Hungarian lifestyle and gives an insight into the rural communication of ancient times.

For an authentic taste of food, clothes, and other crafts, Easter is the apt time to plan this day trip from Budapest.

top day trips from budapest hungary gyor town hall


Gyor is a town in a plain in Hungary. Traveling here takes around an hour or so by train. This town is located between the Danube, Rabca, and Raba.

The Borque styled buildings only add charm to this small town. It has townscapes considered as the ‘most beautiful’ in the country.

It is one place that offers an opportunity to marvel at the different types of architecture. Gyor day trip from Budapest is a must.

top day trips from budapest hungary miskolc thermal bath spa


Though a trip to Miskolc works well with only a day trip from Budapest, it is better to leave options open for an overnight stay. Surrounded by nature reserves, Miskolc is one place that requires enough and more time to enjoy.

The thermal baths are the primary attractions of this place. These are built into a cave, adding more charm to the total concept. Besides this, you can venture into the forests for a new adventure.

Sharing a ride is an affordable option for traveling here, and the journey takes around 2 hours and 24 minutes, and its distance from Budapest is around 146km.

top day trips from budapest hungary sarajevo

Budapest to Sarajevo by Train

The train from Budapest to Sarajevo works out to be one of the most appropriate options available. The main route from Budapest in Hungary to Sarajevo in Bosnia is via Croatia. You need to buy more than one ticket as this route consists of more stops.

To travel to Croatia from Hungary, you can buy the ticket online from the Hungarian Railways or probably from any station in Hungary. As there are multiple offers available, you can opt for the one which works out most reasonable to you.

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top day trips from budapest hungary pecs national theater


This small town is at a distance of only two hours from Budapest. It is an ideal day trip from Budapest, even if there is a need to return in half a day.

The location of Pecs has helped it gain its popularity as its tempting factor is the climate, which is mild and thus enjoyed by many. Pecs is located on the Mecsek mountains slopes.

History is prevalent in Pecs with attractions leading back to the 11th century, making it a hotbed for exciting sites.

top day trips from budapest hungary vienna


Why stay in Hungary if you can get away and visit another country on the same trip? Taking a day trip from Vienna to Budapest by train takes just a bit over 2-3 hours and is an easy ride.

You can also rent a car and drive yourself, and it will take you only about 2 hours to reach Vienna from Budapest. Make sure not to miss visiting Schönbrunn if you visit Vienna and as well Museums Quartier district where you’ll find works by famous artists such as Gustav Klimt.

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Most of these locations sure are more exciting than they sound. After all the excitement these places offer, you can plan on ending your day and relaxing in a spa or a bathhouse in Budapest itself. Each day trip will surely take most of your day, but we can assure you that visiting another place during your visit will just add that extra cherry on top of your fabulous holiday.

Also, make sure to eat through your way around Hungary! Here’s our list of what you must eat in Budapest when you visit and where.

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