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Top 10 Best Day Trips from Tallinn (Estonia)

Tallinn is one of the best tourist attractions in Estonia. Being the capital city, it has a true country feeling with a modern touch. Stroll through the paved streets of Old Town or visit the Rotermann Quarter, which is truly sparkling. It is a national treasure and cultural hub of Estonia.

Tallinn has no lack of unique and exciting architecture, lively bars, and beautiful people. There is no lack of spectacular destinations to see and do, which are stone-throw away from all the major landmarks. In this post, we are going to talk about day trips from Tallinn to match your taste.

Tallinn welcomes tourists all year round with its tranquil beauty. However, you should plan for specific weather. For example, during autumn, the city remains an exciting snowy Winterland, and markets are flooded during Christmas.

Be sure to carry warm clothes as days are short during winter. Plan your trip in the summer months if you love sunnier days. Here, tourist attractions always greet the tourists, but you shouldn’t miss the medieval forests.

Is visiting Tallinn costly?

You don’t have to worry about the budget if you are visiting Tallinn. Tours, accommodation, and sightseeing won’t cost you dearly. However, care must be taken because taxi charges and some high-end restaurants are often expensive.

Best Day Trips from Tallinn: National Parks & Nearby Towns (Estonia)

top day trips from tallin estonia tallinn town hall

Explore Tallinn’s Old Town and Tallinn Town Hall

The oldest city hall in North-Europe, Tallinn Town Hall, is the only preserved town hall built lavishly in the Gothic style. The building is known to have a rich and long-back history of the 13th century. The construction of the town hall was finished in 1404. It is the official seating place for the rulers for over 700 years.

The Town Hall still enjoys the great historical significance of being the representative hall. Today, many concerts and receptions are organized. The Town Hall is open to the visitors in July and August. The visitors can easily explore everything, whether it is an attic or basement. The pre-historic art and Gothic arches are the true reflections of ideas and wealth of Hanseatic town.

What to expect?

  • Guide services available in English and Estonian languages
  • Exhibitions and souvenirs

→ Where to stay: Best hotels in Tallinn

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top day trips from tallin estonia kumu art museum

KUMU Art Museum

Since 2006, KUMU has been serving as a hub for the Art Museum of Estonia for different purposes. It preserves most of the collections of the Art Museum of Estonia and serves the restoration and conservation department. Entry is now available to all visitors. One can now visit the gallery of modern art, variable and old exhibitions, education center, and auditorium.

Some of the oldest collections in the Kumu Art Museum include the 18th century-old Estonian Art, and variable collections include modern and international art.

What to Expect?

  • Amenities like free parking, toilet, information point, Wi-Fi, wheelchair, etc.
  • Services like audio guide, meals, seminar, souvenirs, workshops
  • Guide available in English and Estonian

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top day trips from tallin estonia lahemaa national park jagala waterfall

Lahemaa National Park

Accessible only 50km from Tallinn, Lahemaa National Park is indeed worth a visit in Estonia, where several wildlife species are awaiting you, such as lynxes, moose, and brown bears.

In Lahemaa National Park, you will witness the diversity of nature at its best. You can also trek through bogs, forests, and even stroll on sandy beaches. For a day trip in Tallinn, Lahemaa National Park is the best choice. Stay in Lahemaa if your wanderlust is still in your mind.

What to Expect?

  • Wildlife excursions and explore wild animals like moose, brown bears, wild boars, foxes, etc.
  • Stroll through sandy beaches, picture-perfect cliffs, and pine forests, etc.

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top day trips from tallin estonia haapsalu kuursaal


Located in the west of Estonia, Haapsalu is a beautiful resort village, which is just 1 hour and 20 minutes from Tallinn. This small town is worth a visit to learn something about Estonia’s rich history and pamper at some of the most exotic seashores.

Don’t forget the Estonian train museum at Haapsalu train station if you want deep insight into the ancient engineering and mechanics.

What to Expect?

Haapsalu is an exotic and sleepy small town with a small town hall, narrow streets, and rustic wooden houses for a perfect romantic getaway. Kuursaal is the best wooden dwelling house positioned on the sea-facing promenade stands. Explore the spa culture, which is deeply rooted here.

→ Where to stay: Best hotels in Haapsalu

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top day trips from tallin estonia helsinki senate square


Located only around two hours from Tallinn, Helsinki is the most anticipated municipality and the capital city of Finland. If you want to explore the best urban living standards in the world, be sure not to miss a day trip to Helsinki from Tallinn. It is ranked as one of the most livable cities in the world by Monocle, a British magazine, in 2011.

For a Tallinn day trip from Helsinki, you can take a ferry to Tallinn from Helsinki and vice versa. You can enjoy so many things to explore within a day trip to Tallinn from Helsinki. You can always find something you have ever desired in this town, be it local bars or ancient museums, or even Finnish saunas and stunning streets.

What to Expect?

Helsinki might seem reserved and calm at first. But you will discover the whole new edge of the city when you start mingling the locals in the bar or any public venues. Finns are crazy about weekend nights and parties. There’s a lot to explore than you expect.

→ Where to stay: Best hotels in Helsinki, Finland

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top day trips from tallin estonia prangli island light beacon

Prangli Island

The only island in the north of Estonia, which is densely populated, Prangli Island, has a memorable and unique experience for everyone who visits there.

You can enjoy local seafood, stroll through the nearest fishermen villages, pine forests, and sandy beaches, and even get along with locals to get more in-depth insight into their culture and customs.

It is the nearest island to Tallinn and the best option to explore the serene beaches and tranquil nature. This 13th-century old island has unique stories of the locals to share and some of the vivid places to make your day trip.

What to Expect?

You may expect to enjoy traditional seafood at Restaurant Prangli saare-resto and visit St. Laurentius Church and Noor Kaardivagi harbor shed on Prangli Island.

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top day trips from tallin estonia tartu university


The students’ capital in Estonia, Tartu, has the oldest university in the country. Every year, students prepare for their new academic session, and it is when the city comes alive. You can get more detailed insight into the dramatic past of the country in the KGB museum.

If you have kids, you may bring them to Tartu toy museum where they can explore some of the old toys. One can also try some of the traditional and mouth-watering Estonian food at various wonderful bars and restaurants.

What to Expect?

Tartu is a very small town, which is packed with more restaurants, sights, and nightlife nestled around a few parallel streets.

The hotbed for scientific and creative culture and the second largest town in Estonia, Tartu has something for everyone, be it festivals or concerts and theatre performances. To get there, you may take a bus from Tallinn to Tartu.

→ Where to stay: Best hotels in Tartu

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top day trips from tallin estonia parnu


Parnu is a wonderful destination for a refreshing and romantic getaway. It has various activities to do, such as mini-golf and windsurfing, exotic beaches, and whatnot. You will also find some of the delicious Parnu specialties to try, along with the best pizza in Estonia.

What to expect?

Parnu is the ultimate destination to enjoy the summer holidays in Estonia. It is the ultimate holidaymaking heaven, thanks to its restaurants, sandy beach, cocktail bars, well-laid back vibe, and spas.

With a romantic and relaxing flair, this medieval town is the largest resort in the country. It houses different spas, i.e., from lavish water parks to historical and cherished bathhouses. White sandy beaches, Sun in Estonia, and shallow waters are attractive to both visitors and Estonians.

The exotic beach promenade is best for cycling, a relaxing walk, and roller skating. The play areas, water fountains, and playgrounds are full of joy and fun for kids. Also, try yachting, water skiing, or kayaking or canoeing down the River Parnu to closest islets and the open sea.

→ Where to stay: Best hotels in Pärnu

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top day trips from tallin estonia narva castle


Want to get back in the era of the Soviet Union? Don’t forget to visit Narva. It is the best destination to explore the best of Russian and Estonian cultures and to stop by when going to St. Petersburg. In Narva, the oldest spa was established in the 19th century, starting a well-established tradition.

Most of the buildings were constructed during the reign of the Soviet Union, and you won’t find any change here. You will find the complete experience of older times.

What to Expect?

Be sure to witness two giant fortresses split by Narva River. The Narva Fortress is located in Narva, and it is an Estonian fort. Another stronghold is Ivangorod, which is located in Russian territory.

→ Where to stay: Best hotels in Narva

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top day trips from tallin estonia soomaa national park

Soomaa National Park

Expect to witness the unmatched infrastructure in Soomna National Park, including open trails that are open all year-round. The park floods during the rainy season, and it can be accessed only by boats and canoes. Instead of being closed, it adds even more grace to the overall experience.

What to Expect?

If you are visiting Narva, expect to witness the classical architecture of Soviet-era with some modern and exciting developments, including an ultra-lavish complex, Narva College on town square paying tribute to the historical significance of the town.

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