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Top 10 Beautiful Islands in Finland to Visit

Planning to check out the best islands in Finland?

Finland can be called the most dreamy destination of Northern Europe where imaginations shake hands with the real world. It is the prominent North European country bordered by Baltic Sea, Gulf of Bothnia, and the Gulf of Finland. Starting from its architectural capital city Helsinki to the wild arctic forests of Lapland, Finland never fails to take the visitors breath away with its heavenly beauty.

You get to experience all the unusual phenomena here like the Midnight Sun and Northern Lights, which seems to belong out of this world. The frozen ice lakes, the irresistible Finnish saunas, the lovely coastlines, and the dense wild forests everything makes Finland a mesmerizing holiday destination.

However, apart from its alluring scenic beauty and eye-arresting tourist attractions, the islands in Finland is another gorgeous part of the country that leaves the visitors speechless with its scenic beauty.

If you are wondering how many lakes and islands in Finland or how many islands does Finland claim to? Well, there are around 789 islands in Finland and its nearby areas of which 455 have been inhabited by the local population, and the rest remains unexplored. For the lakes, the count comes to approximately 187,888.

So if you are planning your holiday trip to Finland, don’t miss these 10 beautiful islands that will give you the experience of a lifetime in the beautiful islands in Finland.


Top 10 Beautiful Islands in Finland to Visit

Suomenlinna Helsinki Finland


Suomenlinna is an ancient fortress in Finland which is also a major tourist attraction and lies on six islands- Kustaanmiekka, Suisaari, Iso-Mustasaari, Pikku Mustasaari, Lansi-Mustasaari, and Langoren. The destination also ranks in the UNESCO world heritage site list due to its rich historical importance.

The island archipelago can be best explored by ferry ride from Helsinki having vivid environmental beauty in six different areas. The fortress was built in the 18th century and used to be a significant part of the European military architecture.

The fortress witnessed many ferocious battles over the years and was made to protect the Kingdom of Sweden from the Russia Empire. The island now is the most famous attraction in Finland due to its rich historical background and houses six museum with 13 restaurants and cafes for the visitors.

You can go for a walking tour of the island or take a ferry ride for a conducted tour of Suomenlinna, Lonna, and Vallisaari from the island.

It is a must-visit site for all tourists whether you are going for an island tour or just want to explore the heritage sites of Finland.

Åland Island Finland


Åland islands are a group of islands lying at the mouth of the Gulf of Bothnia in the Baltic Sea in Finland.

The archipelago covers a tiny part of Finland being the smallest group of islands. The island group includes 6,700 islands approximately.

It is a hub of adventure offering activities for the tourists like fishing, boating, golfing, island hopping with the help of connected bridges and ferries, sightseeing and various other activities.

The island is the largest one in its group, and its highest point is known as Orrdals Hill standing at an elevation of 423 feet from sea level.

The island connects Sweden to Finland and follows the Swedish culture. You can reach this island by a ferry ride from Helsinki or Stockholm to explore its gorgeous scenic beauty and tons of hidden secret locations that are beyond beautiful.

The island houses the best museum of Finland known as Åland Maritime Museum which is a major attraction of the destination.

Vartiosaari island in Helsinki Finland


It is a beautiful and unspoiled island located in the inner group of islands in Eastern Helsinki between Laajasalo and Tammisalo covering an area of 1

The island has awe-inspiring scenic beauty, the most exciting part is its kayak, and ferry ride as the island in no way is connected to any bridges to be walked by foot or be traveled by any vehicle.

The most beautiful attraction of the island is the Viikinkikallio cliff that offers a breathtaking view of the entire island.

The island is blessed with diverse natural beauty being covered with dense forests, foraging grounds, rocky cliffs, meadows and various attractive rock formations that make it look straight out of this world. You can just sit and admire its natural beauty or even go for cycling in its landscapes to feel the soulful scenic beauty.

The boat trip of the island is an amazing one that is conducted from Anttolanhovi port all the way to the island covering the duration of 4 to 5 hours approximately.

The island presents an excellent nature trail to for the visitors stretching over a length of 2.5 km and covered in wood, boreal forests and moss-colored rocks, which enhances the beauty of the trail.

You can also spot different animal species in the island-like sheep, resident goat, raccoon dogs, bats, thousands of birds, rodents, hares, moose and beautiful colorful butterflies making the island look magical.

It is among the most beautiful islands in Finland, which can be called a paradise as well.

Replot Bridge in Korsholm Finland


This island lies in the narrowest region of Gulf of Bothnia to the north of Baltic Sea, and it is the famous island in Finland for its cable-stayed tuft form bridge known as Replot Bridge.

It has a population of 2,100 residents and covers an area of 150 sq.kilometer. The Replot Bridge is considered the longest bridge in Finland stretching over a length of 1,045 meters which connects the island with Korsholm in Finland located close to Vaasa.

The bridge looks extraordinarily beautiful and gives panoramic views of the Replot Island when looked from it. You can opt for a car dive in the bridge, take a stroll, or even go for a cyclic tour.

Visitors can go for a beautiful ferry ride exploring the entire Replot Island as well as also take a tour of the Kvarken Archipelago by kayaking.

The archipelago offers plenty of activities like fishing, sailing, boating, underwater diving, and bird watching. The island serves as an ultimate source of relaxation for all visitors.

Old wooden mill in Seurasaari Helsinki


Seurasaari is a famous island come district of Helsinki in Finland widely known for its open-air museum which houses 87 distinct buildings from the historical period belonging to various parts of Finland that have been well preserved till date.

Along with being an accessible coastline, it is also a famous tourist attraction in Finland. The island with this museum reveals the best of Finland’s history to the tourists.

The oldest building among these is the Karuna Church built in the year 1685, which is a rich historical heritage site and serves as a visual treat for the visitors. Not just the age-old buildings to represent you the picture of Finland’s history, the museum also conducts a performance by actors in ancient historical costumes, has stalls selling the antique souvenirs and various other recreational stuff for the visitors.

Apart from the open-air museum, the island also boasts of having stunning natural beauty with varieties of wildlife species like hares, birds, squirrels, ducks, Finnish fox, etc.

The island looks vibrant green dominated with plenty of plant species and colorful flowering plants that extremely eye arresting for the visitors. The island is a great family picnic sport with having attractive opportunities for a boat ride and swimming in h crystal clear blue seawater.

Village in Kaunissaari Pyhtää Island Finland


It is situated at a distance of 22kms from Helsinki and can be reached by a ferry ride from Vuosaari. As the name suggests here, Saari refers to the word for island in Finnish.

The island stretches over a length of 2kms and a breadth of 800 meters. The scenic beauty of the island is impressive, having a gorgeous setting of stony and sandy beaches with different types of flora and fauna.

It is also a recreational hub for the tourists where they can go camping, have the fun of self-cooking in coking shelters, which are an adventure activity for many tourists during their stay on the island.

They can also rent boats and cabins for water trips and take a stroll in the beautiful nature trail of the island to discover the wonders of Mother Nature.

The island boasts of a recreational park that was created in 1959 and also housed an archipelago museum displaying exhibits about the lifestyle of the people in the island. Visitors can also have a lot of fun indulging in the fishing activity on the island.

Lonna Island


This is a pretty small island compared to the other ones in Finland that lie between the market square area of Helsinki and Suomenlinna Island. It is also called as the sister island of Suomenlinna.

The island is perfect for enjoying summer holidays that along with its picturesque scenic beauty, have excellent luxury accommodations for the tourists in the form of bars, restaurant, sauna and even banquets for special events.

Lonna can be reached from Helsinki within only 7 minutes in a ferry ride. The ambiance of the island is very casual and relaxing having beautiful rocky shores and has one of the best sunset views in Helsinki.

It even houses a museum displaying exhibits regarding the history of Helsinki city.

The island is a perfect weekend gateway offering lip-smacking food, waffles, drinks, and mesmerizing scenic beauty to cherish for.

Finland is also an amazing winter destination. You’ll find different winter activities such as skiing, skating, and cross-country quite easily. If you happen to visit around the holiday season, you might even witness its Christmas fairs!

Uunisaari Helsinki Finland


It is one of the gorgeous islands of Helsinki Archipelago situated very close to Kaivopuisto Park near the city of Helsinki. The island can be reached by ferry ride from Kompassitori Square in Kaivopuisto.

The island is a perfect one to spend some quality time away from the crowded life in the tranquillity of nature.

It is also a good picnic spot having a fresh, relaxing ambiance accompanied by saunas and Jacuzzi along with restaurants with food and drinks to have the ultimate source of rejuvenation at the seaside. In the winter season, the seawater here completely freezes into ice, and the island gets connected by a bridge for the convenience of the visitors.

The island due to its perfect scenic beauty and lovely long beach is often being used for special events and corporate occasions. The island is ideal for spending a fantastic time at the beach.

If you’re visiting Helsinki, make sure to take a day and visit Estonia‘s capital of Tallinn and perhaps take a day trip to other surrounding towns and cities!

top tourist attractions in tampere finland viikinsaari island


This is another gorgeous summer retreat and a great family destination lying very close to Tampere city center. Be it exploring the beautiful nature trails, having a great experience in the Finnish sauna, go for a summer dive in the stunning swimming spots of the island or just play a shot of golf in the velvety landscapes, the island has got everything in terms of recreation for its visitors.

Not just the adult, the kids can also have a great time playing at the Kid’s Park. The adults can engage in different types of games by renting balls and other game items from the island and go for water sports activities, which are very much popular in this region.

The island consists of a local restaurant with mouth-watering delicious Finnish food to make your day and houses a summer theatre with entertaining shows.

Besides, the island during summertime is a hub of hosting special events starting from music concerts, summer dances to various events and summer festivals. It is a love recreation zone in Finland.

Pihlajasaari Island Helsinki Finland


Popularly known as the Villa Island, Pihlajasaari is a grand outdoor recreational island in Helsinki. It comprises of two different islands that are connected by a bridge.

The island doesn’t have any residential population in that way and completely dedicated to the visitors being an excellent holiday resort in the summertime.

The island features lovely sandy beaches accompanied by dense forests, coastal meadows, and beautiful landscapes.

It is a beautiful destination for the bird watchers having different kinds of bird species like waterfowls, eiders, Arctic terns, and many others.

The nature trail of the island stretches 2km long giving visitors a fantastic opportunity to explore its scenic beauty. Visitors can camp on the island and even have the adventure of cooking in the island’s cooking shelters.

There are also jogging tracks, restaurants, and sauna for the tourist’ recreation. Pihlajasaari serves as the perfect seaside family resort. While browsing through the query how many islands are there in Finland, Pihlajasaari is the popular name to be found in the list.

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