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Top 10 STUNNING Lakes in Finland

Famous for its modern designs, most happening events, delicious food, coffee, saunas, skiing, safety, archipelago, unique language, and modest people and not to mention, the stunning lakes in Finland are also worth noting beyond all the great things this country have.

Finland is the land which will never fail to surprise you, whenever you visit here, one of them is Finland lakes.

It will be more meaningful if we call Finland, Lakeland as it has 1,87,888 lakes which is an interesting fact about the country. 

These lakes nourish, cultivates, and preserves the country’s land, people, and its tourism. Clean water, fresh air, sunlight, exciting activities, and lots of greenery creates a rejuvenating aura in their surroundings.

This aura attracts humans towards their charismatic feel. Visiting lakes is a mesmerizing experience for life, so it should be a perfect one whenever it occurs.

A person should not leave any stone unturned to make such an amazing experience, once in a lifetime one. If you are planning to explore these lakes, then you have infinitive choices.

Your budget, your choice, and appropriate weather make a perfect blend of having once in a lifetime experience. If you love to do snow and winter activities, then December to March will be the ideal time for you.

If you would like to be witnessed of springtime, sun, and the revival of nature, which comes after the winter, April to May is a perfect time. If you are interested in long and warm summer days and lots of events, then June, July and August will be your catch. If you visit in SeptemberOctober, then you can experience an autumn leaf color.

Some of the lakes in Finland are less explored, while others are famous. A well-researched plan fulfills expectations. This guide will surely help you plan your visit. This guide is filled with Finland Lakes that you will love to visit at least once.

Top 10 STUNNING Lakes in Finland

Lake Nasijarvi

See-through water with a lighthouse on a small island called Siilinkari, where you can walk while visiting this lake, a perfect set up for feeling nature so closely.

This lake gets frozen in the month of February and March, that time it serves cross-country skiing, Nordic walking, and everyday pleasure walking to the visitors. This lake is located in the Pirkanmaa region in Tampere City.

Lake Ruovesi

A lake with low depth, which is the best condition of fishes survival. Thus it is the best lake for fishing. If you are a fishing lover, then this can be on top of your visiting list. This lake is located in the municipalities of Ruovesi and Mänttä-Vilppula, which is in the Pirkanmaa region in Tampere City.

Lake Inari

This is one of the best lakes in Finland with beautiful and peaceful scenic sight. This lake has about 3000 islands. The most renowned island is Hautuumaasaari. This island served as a cemetery for the ancient inhabitant of this area.

This is the lake perfect for fishing in summers and in winters best for a snowmobile or husky sled across it to see the northern lights. Lake is famous for various species like Arctic Char, Trout, Whitefish, lake salmon, perch, grayling, and pike. This lake is frozen from November to June. This lake is located in Sápmi in the northern part of Lapland.

Lake Kulovesi

This lake is not so explored by tourists, so this is the perfect place for those who love peaceful and beautiful scenic sights to be close to mother nature. This is the best for nature lovers, kayakers, campers, and fishermen. It is located is in the Pirkanmaa region, which is near to Nokia and Sastamala.

rocky shores of Lake Saimaa

Lake Saimaa

The largest lake in Finland fills up with full of excitement. It is a source of pure natural freshwater because it is formed with the glacial melts at the ice age. A perfect blend of holidaying with beautiful scenic sights, peaks, islands, fishing, and cottages at the shores of the lake.

People love to do boating, fishing, and swimming here. It is located in Eastern Finland and flows between two cities Lappeenranta and Joensuu.

Lake Oulujärvi

This lake can give you an eye-pleasing feeling whenever you visit. If you are tired of your daily routine and want a revamping visit, then visit here. You will get fresh air, fresh environment, scenic beauty along with unforgettable fishing experience. This lake is located in the Kainuu region.

Lake Pielinen

Lake Pielinen

This lake has see-through water, which can give you a fantastic feeling of mother nature existence. This lake nourishes lots of fishes os it can be an excellent choice for fishing and swimming. It is located in the North Karelia region in eastern Finland.

Lake Pihlajavesi

Clean water, silk-like sand, and scenic beauty, what else one could wish for holidaying. This lake is less explored. This is a really lovely choice for nature lovers. This lake is located in Pihlajavesi (Keuruu).

Lake Orivesi

It offers you a peaceful environment. It has lots of cottages, saunas, and boating vendors. This lake is not explored more, so you have a chance to unleash its hidden treasures. It is located in Northern Karelia region in Finland.

Lake Kallavesi

Surroundings of this lake give a glance of Finnish culture. If you are interested to know about Finnish culture and Finnish designs, this can be the best spot to spend time. This lake is known for fishing and boating, which can be synchronized with the plan of visiting the surroundings and scenic beauty. This lake is located in eastern Finland, which is situated around the town of Kuopio.

Activities and experiences will change with different weather, surroundings will change with the period of time, but natural beauty will remain same and untouched. These moments will always be part of your cherishable memories. Hence it would definitely be giving you more fleeting moments in your Finland travel diary.

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