Top 7 AWESOME Things to do in Salla (Finland)


If you're looking for the best things to do in Salla, here's our travel guide on the top things you should not miss if you visit this amazing place in Finland.

Salla is a beautiful municipality area of Finland. The location of Salla is basically in the eastern part of Lapland, having Kemijarvi, Kuusamo, Pelkosenniemi, Savukoski, and Posio as its nearby destinations. Salla covers an overall area of 5,873 with a population of only 3,485.

It is located on the Finland-Russia border with a significant military history background. In spite of being a remote location, it has easy accessibility for tourists. To reach Salla by train, get down at Kemijarvi station and from there, travel directly to Salla by bus. If you wish to travel by air, reach to Rovaniemi or Kuusamo airport. From there you can take a direct bus to Salla.

Away from the bustling city crowds and concrete jungles, Salla is like nature’s paradise in Finland with eye-feasting scenic beauty. From snowshoeing to reindeer sledding, playing with the fluffy huskies, exploring the panoramic snow-laden trails into the wild jungles to peaceful ice swimming, the Salla landmarks offer you dreamy winter adventures.

It also provides you the opportunity to travel to Santa’s Village and witness the Northern lights. Therefore, to prepare your travel bucket, the following Salla Travel guide provides you the list of best places to visit in Salla.


Top 7 AWESOME Things to do in Salla (Finland)

 Salla Ski Resort Finland
via Wikimedia Commons

Salla Ski Resort

This is the most sought after tourist attraction in Salla. The comfortable resort gives you a perfect winter break from the monotonous life in its dreamy land. It offers accommodations in the form of cozy cabins and apartments with delicious Lappish cuisines.

The resort offers the best provision for cross-country skiing in its 160 km snowy trail, among which 43 gets illuminated at night. It also provides wonderful opportunities for snow hiking, snowmobiling, and snowboarding. It houses both beginner level as well as challenging professional snow trails for skiing. The destination is pure bliss for all age groups.

Where to stay: Best hotels in Salla, Finland

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Salla border guest house in Salla Museum of War and Reconstruction
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Salla Museum of War and Reconstruction

This is among the best things to see in Salla that speaks of its history. The museum building dates back to the period of 1948. The different exhibits in the museum take you to the ancient historical period giving an age-old picture of Salla and Kuolajarvi. It showcases the life in Salla from 1900 to 1960s.

The museum has a vintage ambiance decorated with age-old ancient curtains and flowers. It showcases the dreadful war incidents from the historical era. It also throws light on the past railway history of Salla. It also houses a library having several books and films about Sallas’ history. The guided tour of the museum makes sure you do not miss anything.

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europe bucket list unusual places santa claus village lapland finland

Santa’s Village

santa Claus Village in Arctic Circle is a Salla Sightseeing hotspot. Almost everyone is fascinated by Santa Claus arriving at Christmas with gifts but, no one has seen him. In Santa’s village, you get the opportunity to meet real Santa Claus, visit his house, dance with the mysterious elves, and even post greetings from his official post office.

It is a place where all your childhood imaginations come true. You can take family photos with Santa and have a look at his reindeers. The entire village is decorated with Christmas trees, stalls, and beautiful lights like a painted picture. Other attractions in the village include- Elf University, St. Nicholas chapel, Waterpark, rides, shopping, and dining areas.

Where to stay: Best hotels in Salla, Finland

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Reindeer safari in Salla, Finnish Lapland

Salla Reindeer Park

One of the best things to do in Salla is meeting the Reindeers at Reindeer Park. It is a beautiful natural sanctuary preserving the reindeers in suitable environmental conditions and the right lifestyle. If you go in the summertime, you can enjoy a wonderful forest hike while in the wintertime, you can snowshoe through the gorgeous wilderness.

The park offers you a heartwarming opportunity to interact with the reindeers, feed them, cuddle them, and even go for a dreamy reindeer sled ride. The park also houses an art exhibition, a cafeteria, a souvenir shop, and snow scooter, and ski trails. It is a must-visit destination on your Salla trip.

Where to stay: Best hotels in Salla, Finland

northern lights in Ivalo Lapland Finland
via Flickr | Giuseppe Milo

Northern Lights

Visiting northern lights is one of the compulsory things to do in Salla while you are in Finland. You have seen nothing if you miss this beautiful out of the world aurora/northern lights. Northern lights are the breathtaking natural light phenomenon that is caused by the emission of photon lights by the electrons in the lower energy state.

The lights appear in the sky like a dazzling light show in different colors like green, blue, yellow, violet, red, and so on. The beauty of the lights is so heavenly and unreal that you will feel as if you are out of the world. It is not a sightseeing attraction but a once in a lifetime memory.

The best time to visit these lights is from September to March at northern Lapland in Finland. You can take conducted tours from Salla to Lapland to witness these breathtaking beauties with a delicious barbeque dinner.

Where to stay: Best hotels in Salla, Finland

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Snow lounge

The Arctic Snow lounge next to Salla Ski resort is among the best to do fun activities in Salla. It is located in the area of Sallatunturi and features a happening entry by skiing straight to the bar area. The interior of the lounge is completely built of ice. From decorative walls to tables, chairs, bar counters, and even dinner utensils, everything is made of ice.

It has got a glamorous winter-party like ambiance with dimly litted lights highlighting the ice details. It houses different kinds of celebrations like parties, weddings. It even features 6 luxurious ice bedrooms for a high-end, comfortable stay. It is the first snow lounge in Salla and a must-visit for every tourist.

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Things to do in Salla: Snowshoeing in finland
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Wondering what to do in Salla other than skiing, snowboarding, and snowmobiling, opt for Snowshoeing. It is a fantastic activity to spend the wonderful daytime in Salla, exploring its quiet trails. Snowshoeing refers to hiking in snow, but instead of any sled or skiing plates, you wear snow footwear gears here.

The advantage of snowshoeing is, it helps you reach destinations that snowmobiles and sleds cannot access. You can hike through the forest, mountains, and other gorgeous landscapes covered with snow. Salla features 12 snowshoe trails to make sure you explore all major areas of the breathtaking destinations with your footsteps. If you are an adventure enthusiast, go for it. This is one of the best things to do in Salla that you must try. 

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Reindeer safari in Salla, Finnish Lapland


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