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Top 10 BEST Hikes in Finland for the Outdoor Lovers

Do you want to know which trails provide the best hikes in Finland? Hiking is a beautiful activity to perform. It rejuvenates and refreshes your mind.

However, there are different kinds of trips available based on the destination. Some like adventure, while some like relaxing at the beach. Some destinations have it all, while some are popular for a peculiar thing.

Finland is one destination that is famous for its natural beauty. A lot of travelers visit to witness the northern lights and magnificent landscapes. The country has around 300 National Parks. Each of them has a beauty of its own. You can perform a lot of different activities in all these parks. One of them is hiking.

Finland hiking trails are popular among adventure enthusiasts. You can spend an entire day hiking in the bog. If you love camping, then it is possible to spend multiple days in the wilderness. You can stay in a tent and even go fishing in all these forests.

Apart from that, Finland has some of the best views of Europe. Hiking just to witness particular views is worth it. Your adrenaline will surely start pumping once you get into the country.

These landscapes are really far away from human settlements. Thus, you might have to undergo a tedious hike. However, the view makes it worth it.

Read on to find out the best hikes in Finland. You will surely feel like packing your bag and leaving right away.


Top 10 BEST Hikes in Finland for the Outdoor Lovers


It is located in a national park in North Karelia. It has forested hills which look very beautiful. The national park has various attractions. One of the popular vantage points is Ukko-Koli.

It offers a majestic view on the eastern side of the park over Lake Pielinen. The top of this hill also has Heritage center Ukko and hotel Koli.

The national park has some easy hiking trails, as well. However, those are only up till the top of the three covered hills and  Ukko-Koli is the highest point of the range. It is at a height of 347 meters.

It is one of the most popular landscaped in Finland. The view has also inspired various Finnish artists and photographers.

The trail is 0.8 km long, and it takes a half-hour to reach the peak if there is no snow.

Pyhä mountain peak

Pyhä Luosto national park is lovely. It has a lot of different trails available. You can even perform snowshoeing here. To reach this particular mountain peak, you will have to pass through miles of forests.

You will also cross certain stone gorges as well. They look gorgeous and add on to the view of the trail. However, you will find the gorges in particular seasons only.

After reaching the summit, you will love the view of the whole park. Also, if you plan to hike during winters, you will be able to witness the Northern lights as well. However, the trail is quite tricky during winters because of the snow.

The Pyhä-Luosto trail is 30 km away. It is easy to walk when the ground is unfrozen. However, if you are trekking during winter, then it might take 2-3 days.

Punkaharju ridge

Punkaharju ridge is a top-rated tourist destination. People all around the globe are aware of it for a very long time. It is known for its mesmerizing landscape. The area falls in one of the national parks in Finland. The lake view amidst the pines is a major attraction there.

The hiking trail crosses the ridge, and thus, it is famous. It offers the view of the Lake Saimaa with thousands of tiny islands dotted through the waters. You will find a lot of hikers here. Although you will find the location peaceful as well.

The trail is 4 km long and takes half a day.

Ukselmapää fell

This beautiful trail is located in Urho Kekkonen national park. The Ukselmapää fell provides the best view of the park and it is also the second-highest fell in Finland. It is located at a height of 698 meters. The trail is exactly located in the Saariselkä Wilderness Area of Lapland. This hike is for experts only.

It is quite tricky and tedious. You might have to take breaks at regular intervals while hiking. Although once you set on this trail, you will understand its beauty. It contains one of the best views of the area. It has sights with rolling hills, luscious trees, and clear blue skies.

The trail is 14b km long, and when there is no snow on the ground, you will be able to finish it in around 4 to 6 hours.

Tuntsa wilderness area

This trail is located in the eastern Lapland region of Salla and Savukoski. It has a smooth travel terrain, and thus, it is perfect for hiking. Even beginners can try and hike for certain kilometers. Many travelers believe that it is Europe’s most beautiful outdoor recreation. The hiking trail is known as the UKK trail. It passes through the wilderness area.

It is one of the best hikes in Finland. The flat terrain attracts a lot of travelers. It is in a remote location, and thus, you can have a peaceful hike. You will be able to witness the unspoiled tundra, damaged areas due to forest fire, and scintillating wildlife.

The complete UKK hiking trail is 112 km long, and it can take you 2 to 3 days to finish it completely.

Lemmenjoki National Park

The national park is a beautiful place to visit. There are various activities that you can do. One of them is undoubtedly hiking as it contains 60 km of marked trails. One of the popular ones is the Lemmenjoki Nature trail.

The starting point is Njurkulahti. The trail follows the Lemmenjoki River on the other side. This trail is fascinating as you will find old pitfalls for the reindeers. You can even witness the esker formations near the course of the river.

The national park has a lot of other trails as well. Some of them are fit for beginners, while some of them are for experts. The nature trail is for intermediates.

This trail is 4.1 km long, and it will take an hour for you to complete it.


It is the most popular Finland hiking trail. This trail is also known as the bear’s trail or the bear’s ring. It will take you to some of the best locations where you will witness the roaring of the waters.

It is a trail that starts from Salla and goes up till Kuusamo. The whole trail is located in north-eastern Finland. This route was initially marked in 1955.

The whole trail can be divided into various sections. It will take a couple of days to finish the entire stretch. The starting point of the trail is quite easy. However, the terrain starts getting tedious after every section. You will witness cliffs, dry pine forests, meadows, and other scenic spots on your way.

The complete Karhunkierros trail is 80 km long. It will almost take a week to finish the whole thing.

Aulangonvuori hill

This majestic hill is located in the Aulanko Nature Reserve. It is a top-rated destination in Finland as it is 100 years old. The reserve has some mesmerizing sights with the forest park and Aulangonvuori hill. The hill has a pretty lookout tower. The reserve has various trails available.

Although, the best hiking trail is up the hill. The observation tower on the hill looks like a castle tower. You will be able to see the whole valley of forests form there. Apart from that, you can also witness the Joutsenlampi known as Swan Lake.

The nature trail is about 1000 meters. However, after climbing the hill, you will find the tower. The tower has almost 200 steps to climb.

Pallas hilltops

The hilltops are located in the Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park. You can trek from one hilltop to another. The Pallas hilltops consist of seven hilltops. There are various trails and lodges between them. You can climb on any one of them and witness the magnificent view.

You should try hiking in the autumn. The view is magical as the hills have bright orange colors. At the same time, you will be able to see the northern lights in winter. You will also find peace and tranquillity on these hills.

The entire hiking trail is 55 km from Hetta. There are various lodges on the way, as it might take 3 to 4 days to complete the trail.

Mount Halti

Mount Halti is a fell between Norway and Finland. They share their borders with Halti. It is one of the most challenging hiking routes in Finland. However, the whole trail is worth it. If you love trekking, then you must choose this Finland hiking trail.

Once you reach up the hill, you will also reach the highest point in Finland. However, the actual peak falls in Norway. Although it is epic to see both the countries at the same time.

The trail is 14 km long, and it takes about 5 to 6 hours to reach the peak.

Final Thoughts

These were some of the best hikes in Finland. If you are an adventure enthusiast, then make sure to visit at least one of them. You will love the scenery and the rough terrain. Try doing it in winters as you can witness the northern lights at that time.

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