If you’d like to take a journey through time while in Helsinki, travel to nearby Nuuksio National Park. The 55-square-kilometer park has yielded a number of Stone-Age archaeological finds, effectively dating it as one of the earliest settlements in what would eventually become modern-day Finland. (Today the park encompasses several lakes and forests which border the towns of Espoo, Kirkkonummi, and Vihti.) Yet the land’s history as a park is much more recent: it was officially established in 1994, making it one of the most recent additions to the country’s roster of national parks.

At a mere 35 kilometers from Helsinki, Nuuksio constitutes a refuge from the city’s rapid sprawl. It’s separated from the city by just a half-hour’s drive, and it can also be reached by several trains and/or bus lines. A word of caution: plan ahead if you’d like to take public transportation. The journey isn’t difficult, but some routes offer infrequent service and limited park accessibility. Once there, take advantage of the park’s many hiking trails. Several different levels of difficulty are available, which offers something for casual strollers and hardcore trekkers alike.

You can also take advantage of the many bicycle trails weaving through the park, or look into arranging a horse ride if you’re part of a small group. And speaking of animals: keep an eye peeled for Siberian flying squirrels! They’re plentiful in Nuuksio – so much so, they’re emblazoned on the park’s official logo. You need not feel rushed to experience the park in one day, as it’s open to campers. So much adventure, and at so little cost: admission to the park is free.

Nuuksio National Park Useful Info’s:

Webpage: www.nationalparks.fi/nuuksionp

Address: Nuuksio National Park, 03220 Espoo, Finland

Email[email protected]

Phone number: +35840 163 6200


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